Britannia Rules!

Written By bryanboy

Britannia Rules!

The Brits are at it again! Remember that Sex and the City episode when Carrie met two of her French fans at a bookshop in Paris and they decided to throw an improptu dinner party in her honor but Carrie showed up EXTREMELY late so when she arrived at the restaurant, the only thing left on the table are dirty silverwear and a copy of her book, stained with wine and smothered in cigarette ashes?

Well, the Brits threw a party last night at a pub in London and I was there in spirit. They ended up burning my sticker, shoot smack with my sticker, pissed on my sticker, etc. because I’m here in the third world. Haha!

Lots and lots and lots of photos after the jump.

All photos courtesy of the Zombie Coterie, a starving artist who paid a shitload of money for my stickers.

Be spontaneous! Be creative! Keep your photo submissions coming! I expect New Yorkers and Parisians beat the hell out of these Londoners but for now, these Brits are fabulous and they’re #1 on my books.

Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


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  1. You’re being pissed on! Next thing you know you’ll be dumped on too. Ewww

  2. ronaldbrian

    What a disgusting photo. What a nice dick. Good thing the nice fat head saved the photo. What a nice pink fat head. It’s not even hard. Ergo, “Britannia Rules.” Which Brit guy owns the nice pink fat head? I’m guessing not the black guy. Am hoping not the fat guy.

  3. …How come every time you come around
    My London London Bridge want to go down
    Like London London want you to go down
    Like London London be going down <3
    …Drinks start pouring
    And my speech start slowing
    Everybody start looking at you….

  4. manda! loves it bitch!!!

    brian boy…you are the best…keep it up saving the world one faggot at a time oh yea! peace bitch!!!

  5. they drank you, smoked you, bit you, pissed on you, dumped you in the candy bowl…i wonder what’s next for you?
    gaaaahd…you are so, SO good! :)

  6. Not telling whose winky that was! Doing this was a heap of fun, will have to get more guys to do it, it was so hilarious trying to explain to the people who didn’t know who bryanboy was what it was all about!
    Howard x

  7. That’s a pretty hefty sized penis head. We need the face to go with the penis head.

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