1. prettier than u

    you are just making those receits… pwede nga magaya ang pera resibo pa kaya… fake!!!!!!!

  2. >>Beautiful People LoveS Bryanboy
    You can’t write for sh*t Bryan. That’s basic grammar. Where did you go to school? Or did you go to school at all.
    And drop the faux valley girl accent. It’s irritating, and it sounds jarring coming from an Aeta.

  3. Did you see the Fendi print ad in Vogue Fall? The model’s holding the bag just like you. hehe. Just wanted to share.

  4. miss pretty

    oh cmon bitches!
    u are juz fuken jealous because BryanBoy is famous and u`r not.

  5. Why don’t you come here and exercise that prolific imagination of yours in person.
    Love, Elena

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