1. Ninjarina

    Oh Bryanboy, I love you. Those are my sentiments exactly.
    Also, I don’t go into large bodies of water unless there’s a 50 yacht involved.
    Dysentary FTW!

  2. your cons list made me laugh and laugh and laugh…
    especially #8 “SWEATING I HATE SWEATING!” – my sentiments exactly.
    also to be added: no showers. hygeine suffers A LOT. (imagine three days no showers, or just punas…NO WAYYYY!!!)
    perhaps you can do it halfway – go backpacking through europe? then ride your elephant in asia, but stay in a nice hotel with running water and lovely bath tubs.
    (having done it before, riding elephant + warm climate + nice pants = “YIIII WHAT IS THAT STAIN THAT’S ELEPHANT SWEAT.”)

  3. Extravaganza

    Yeah, diarrohea can make you lose weight but have you considered the possibilitly of not being able to wash your ass properly while backpacking???

  4. Tiffany

    hahah I love you
    backpacking can be fun, but I don’t think I’d be able to survive it that long.

  5. BB, I heart u, but backpacking is to you what sandwiches are to models….seriously. Don’t do it!
    My theory on backpacking/hostels/being low budget is that if you are like 20 and you don’t know any better then it might be ok. But once you have started to travel and stay at nice places and have conveniences, there is no way you could go back.

  6. Seriously, you forgot one big thing: the tons and tons of hotties backpacking and all the debauchery that leads to. Think about it Monday you could go for Lebanese, Tuesday for Indian, Wednesday for French- whats not to love, and even with all the minuses the big plus is that you will have some awsome stories no matter what happens. plus you seem like the type who can make any joint happen. look at it as your opportunity to bring some style to some far to reach places, who knows maybe next year with your influence tribes in the Amazon will be wearing chanel scarves LMAO
    Me thinks you are fabulous- and after all the world is your Oyster Bitches!

  7. haha lol i thought it said at nr. 13:
    Bushes . i am scared of bushes
    haha lol

  8. Sarah from Boston

    You’re wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.
    I say go for it.

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