Angela Lindvall for Fendi and Bryanboy: Separated at Birth

It’s SO FUCKING OBVIOUS (click here for my previous post about Fendi) that Fendi used me as inspiration for their Fall/Winter ad campaign. Hahaha! I was just checking Mrs. T’s (who just got back from Singapore) blog and she took this photo of Angela Lindvall with one of the Fendi B-bags (perhaps B stands for Bryanboy instead of ‘buckle’? hahahhaa) and the infamous Bryanboy pose.

Photo credit: TheBagHag

Here are several pictures I took back on April 19, 2006.



Dammit, if I knew Fendi came out with this ad campaign, I would’ve don my infamous pose that day.

Oh well. Whatever. Fendi loves Bryanboy and Bryanboy loves Fendi!


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