Angela Lindvall for Fendi and Bryanboy: Separated at Birth

Written By bryanboy

Angela Lindvall for Fendi and Bryanboy: Separated at Birth

It’s SO FUCKING OBVIOUS (click here for my previous post about Fendi) that Fendi used me as inspiration for their Fall/Winter ad campaign. Hahaha! I was just checking Mrs. T’s (who just got back from Singapore) blog and she took this photo of Angela Lindvall with one of the Fendi B-bags (perhaps B stands for Bryanboy instead of ‘buckle’? hahahhaa) and the infamous Bryanboy pose.

Photo credit: TheBagHag

Here are several pictures I took back on April 19, 2006.



Dammit, if I knew Fendi came out with this ad campaign, I would’ve don my infamous pose that day.

Oh well. Whatever. Fendi loves Bryanboy and Bryanboy loves Fendi!


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  1. i read your blogs, i think you’re so famous because you say what you think and you don’t care what everybody say and for that, you amaze me.. :)

  2. preston

    fendi should pay you because of you invented your pose, i’m waiting 4 fendi billboards in europe

  3. regina george

    god.! i lyk ur life. ur style.! ur fuckin unique.!!! love the bags too. wish i cud have those! how cud u get to afford them?!! u might be so filty rich..! thank god, earth has you..=p
    good luck on ur endeavors.! and cont’ spreading ur devilish attitude.!! =p
    mwah.! love u gay.!

  4. weh.. yes, fendi should have a bryanboy billboard. hehehe. :D
    ur so fukin famous na… you could actually run for president. wehehe.

  5. love angela lindvall..she was my fave during the victoria’s secret show last year..and when she opened the chanel show…fabuloh… you should be proud she did your pose..hehe

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