A Gift To You…

Written By bryanboy

Karaoke_logo_1A Gift To You…

Many of you have been wondering why I haven’t published a podcast or new karaoke songs recently.

Well, it just occured to me that if I’m gonna publicize my nasty voice online, I might as well go out with a BIG bang!

I am proud to present you…. BRYANBOY KARAOKE!

I’m currently recording a new track and I’ll upload it there later today. You can visit that site to download some of my previous tracks. Be sure to spread the word about my fucked-up voice AND add that URL to your bookmarks.

Let me know what you think. It’s Empire-Building-Branding-Galore-Hello-Internet-Whore at Bryanboy.com!

Tell me you love me, mother fuckers! Email bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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PPSS. Big shout out to by long-time buddy, Trent of PinkisTheNewBlog as well as the fabulous fags at Queerty.com.


  1. Sorry bryanboy, I’d rather read past posts from your archives than listen to that crap. No offense intended sweets.

  2. OMG!!! I know my voice sucks and I like to sing those songs of female artists. Im sad to say that was ridiculous but who cares it seems you had fun doing that shit. I love that garbage song of Paris lmao!!
    Ok maybe one of this days me and BB will have a duet together ala Mariah and Whitney.
    Its funny how we third world fag from the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives likes almost the same stuff. Paris,Scandinavians but BB is just way too fabulous.
    Kisses from dreadful Seoul!

  3. Ok, the Paris version of you and also the one together with the Swedish sucks big time. The french song was absolutely awful, stick to English and Tagalog hehehe. Your version of Wake Up was better, it suits your falseto voice (did i spell it right?)and you did justice to that. London, Paris maybe Tokyo..theres something going on everywhere BryanBoy go…

  4. I love camp and this is really campy. :-) I love the French song but your version of the Hillary and Paris songs were a blast! It’s too funny. Keep the Karaoke songs coming.

  5. GOSH!! is that how desperate u are? i guess u have nothing to post anymore that’s why u’re resorting to something that would distract your reader’s attention.
    how about your night-outs, fashion gigs & new purchases? we’ve been seeing your old stuffs over & over again? Have you lost your friends? …most especially your non-sexual wife HANNAH? why, oh, why?? tsk! tsk! tsk!

  6. catherine

    ur totally freaking me out bryan!!! hahaha!!! i love ur singing!! I muah muah muah bryanboy!!!!

  7. thank God, third world people has somebody to be proud of. :) got gay friends too, and their friggin fine just as you are. continue what you’re doing. :)

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