You know what I really miss?

Written By bryanboy

You know what I really miss?

Someone stole my childhood and I wish I could get it back.

Brighton, UK 2001

Why do I have this weird bollocking feeling inside me recently? In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been writing less and less. Instead, I’ve been extremely selective on what I’m saying and I found myself posting more and more photos, useless tripe and other bullcrap.

I used to be able to say anything that I want, air out my grievances, bitch, whine and whinge about people, experiences and situations but for some strange reason, it feels as if someone put a fucking gag order on me and now I have to fucking censor myself all the fucking time.


Fuck each and every one of you. The bollocking stops here and I’m gonna reclaim my old self back.

I should be able to say what I want and when I want it. Afterall, this is *MY* blog and you’re just a fuckin reader. You can always fuck off where the sun doesn’t shine *IF* you have problems because NOBODY’S GOT A FUCKIN SHOTGUN POINTED TO YOUR SCROTUM/LABIA/RECTUM TELLING YOU TO READ MY WEBSITE. I say live and let live… and don’t bother coming back if you got problems with what I have to say. You must be a masochist if you have to come back over and over again. Besides, none of my other 161,000+ (June 2006) readers are interested about you.

I repeat. I *should* be able to say what I want.

I’m sure you’re all gonna agree with me. Yes?

Even Bitchboy of the Washington Blade, who gave my little narcissistic shrine a mention (thanks doll) will agree with me.


PS. Discuss this blog post on my Online Discussion Forum.

PPSS. Alice from Myspace you can fuck off my case now. I’ll see you in hell. I suggest that you borrow your dad’s revolver, point it to your eyesockets and shoot em till the sheep cry bah-bah-bah-lah-lah-lah.


  1. totallymomy

    Hey Bryan, you should SAY and WRITE what you WANT!! and who the fuck is telling you that you cant express yourself freely?? damn those jealous bitches! ive noticed that ur posts has become lamer each day… better keep posting like before. i know ur not the kind of person who cares about what other people has to say about your opinions. we might be in the 3rd world but we should still have freedom of speech!

  2. SillyQitty

    bryanboy! why so mad? tsktsk that’s so not like you. keep your cool and your charm! wannabe’s are all over the place but dont let them stir you up. hahaha,right! go have a stick or sleep on it, tomorrow’s gonna be better. ;) smOochies!!

  3. SillyQitty

    **oh, and to that alice in fuckingland, you go to hell you fugly skank! why dont you stick up some elementary flag pole up your ass.**

  4. o oh.. someone didn’t have his/her/it cigarettes and happy pills today. But I agree with you bb.. go tell the world how nasty you are! peace out!

  5. Joanne

    I’m sure most of your readers, like me, surfed onto the site and stuck around because of your willingness to do/say what the rest of us could only imagine doing/saying ourselves. So be your “old self” again… Have a drink or five if it helps.

  6. I think you’re having a case of the fandom wank blues — because even the most sun-bright of personalities can feel burnt when the flamers turn the heat up on a journal. Then other folks start whaling on the flamers, and it’s one big bonfire, but you’re not even in it!
    So rock on, say what you like. The bloghost isn’t censoring you (which is good), the minors ain’t reading you (which is safe), get yourself some chill time to recover from the bad vibes, and get back to fighting form!

  7. red_pl8

    hey, you can bitch about me as much as i can bitch about you | it’s just fair | pandora’s box has long been opened | better make use of all the negativities that’re roaming this filthy planet | btw, i adore you, bb

  8. choola_bear

    I am NOT a lover of all these stereotypical flaming bloggers whose claim to fame consists of a few copied paparazzi photos and plaigarized celebrity gossip.
    BUT YOU, however, have caught my attention and captured my heart.
    You are a tasteless, filthy, vulgar bastard and I FUCKING LOVE YOU FOR IT!
    Keep it up, and say whatever you want to!

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