1. ironically…he’s a straight man pretending to be gay, by exagerating what the world percieves to be the stereotypical gay behaviour. :|

  2. that is totally hillarious.. glad to see that japan is being open about it

  3. I love Hard Gay (HG Razor Ramon!), he’s so hilarious but, it seems that his popularity has gone down significantly in Japan.
    And yes, he is a straight man who likes wrestling. He’s also engaged to be married.

  4. i HATE HARD GAY soooo much despite of a GAY i am..
    i’ll turn off the tv everytime he’s on air.he’s the ost disgusting geinojin in japan..yhuck!

  5. ichaya

    i’ve been reading your blog for ages and only now i’ve been arsed to comment… sorry bryanboy! =P anyway, i love hard gay too! have you watched the ramen ep? that’s one of my very favourites!! =) whooooooooooo!!!

  6. HG is really famous comedienne here in japan… kids also love him coz hes really funny

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