The Queen of "LIKE, YOU KNOW"

Written By bryanboy

The Queen of "like, you know" is like, you know, back on TV!

I really need to work on like, you know, my English. I got interviewed on like, you know,, Mornings at ANC earlier this morning and like, you know, I had fun in spite of me saying like, you know,, the words "like, you know,", more than like, you know,, a thousand times. It’s sooo annoying! Where can I get like, you know, speech lessons in this town?


Coral necklaces from L’Obelisk, brown cardigan and black tank top from Zara, jeans from Acne, bag from Goyard, shoes from Dior Homme, sunglasses from Christian Dior.

It’s the fourth LIVE interview I did this year for the same media powerhouse so I guess they love me even if I stutter all the fucking time. Remember the mishap I did the last time I got interviewed? I still can’t get over the fact that I said "shit, I haven’t had sex in ages" on a friggin breakfast show for god’s sake… Ugh! I need speech lessons, voice lessons and a full-body massage… oh and a liposuction, rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal and chin implant too while we’re at it.

YouTube Video after the jump… Watch me get gangbanged by some of the hosts at ANC’s Morning News.

Here’s what my sis recorded earlier. If you can count how many times I said "like, you know" I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek and an oreo cookie.

I got at 7AM earlier this morning cauese I had to be in the studio by 9:30. It’s a long, 1.5 hour trek to the studios. Those sleeping pills came in handy… 6 hours of sleep is very, very good considering I usually get only 4 hours of sleep daily.


Everyone loves Ms. Eunice! I loooove her! She’s my best friend.

Anyway, I got interviewed for ABS-CBN’S "ANC Morning News". ANC is a Filipino cable news network that’s also broadcasted (I think) to viewers worldwide, especially in the USA and Middle East.

I was sooo nervous before the interview I must have smoked half a pack of cigarettes. One would think I’d still be calm and relaxed because I took a boatload of sleeping pills last night but no, I was anxious like a pregnant fat bitch in labor.


Smoking obviously didn’t work so one of my younger sisters, Eunice and moi did a little bit of posing, preening and pictionary at the studio.

Do I look fierce on this photo? Nah. My ass is sooo big I really need to get rid of it.


The first guy who got interviewed was Maxim Magazines Executive Editor. He was tall, hunky, articulate and eloquent. I thought "man, he knows how to speak well". His interview got cut off by some ‘breaking news’ press conference held by some soldiers. No, not gay soldiers like me (speaking of which, I still need to do my gay army entry later) hahahaha!


I love all of the hosts. I didn’t expect Ricky Carandang, the man in the suit, to be all light and bubbly. I swear to my grandfather’s grave that he was hard as a rock when he delivered today’s news. I suppose all news anchors have to be like that. But man, he was lovely…. same with the girls… and TJ!!!!!!!!


OH MY GOD!!!! I don’t usually watch TV but I remember TJ (the guy on the right) back in the dark ages and he used to go around markets, REAL smelly markets, you know, where you can buy fish and meat to interview people. I’m talking about real real real markets, not like supermarket ones where it’s all airconditioned and stuff. He was all charming while he talked to the fish, vegetable and meat vendors etc.

My interview was fun. I just wish I was more articulate and eloquent with the way I talk.

Like, you know.


Overall it was all clean fun… until Ricky brought up Paris Hilton.

I REEAAAALLLLY wanted to say her cunt looks like a fuckin old man’s scrotum but I managed to restrain myself and said "fruit" instead.


I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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PPSS. Bryanboy loves Randy, who just got back in Manila from a trip to Washington DC and of course, all the kids from Houston, Texas!





  1. michelle

    u should really make “i love bryanboy” bumper stickers.. im interested in them

  2. weeeeee

    hey bryan. why not putting up a site dedicated to i love bryanboy pics? so you can just upload everything. just a suggestion. :)

  3. OMG BB!!! I never saw you as a fat person but your picture with the reporters and Ms. Eunice just looks fat. I’m in full support with your career but you have to lose those fats fast! I think you need thinspiration. I’ll send you my pic once. Love yah! No hard feelings Bryan ok? mwah!

  4. jerena teo

    exxxcuse me~~~
    omfg~ u call that ass of urs big?!?!?!??!
    its not even big!!!!!

  5. hi bryan! Where is hannah??? Are you two fighting? We miss her!

  6. hey bryan, after reading this entry of yours, i blogged about it on my site. i would appreciate it if you can check it out. it would really mean a lot to me. pleaseee…thanks

  7. Hey Bryan…yup, we get ANC here in California thru TFC (The Filipino Channel)…btw, nxt time u have TV interviews and stuff, please post it here in ur blog so we can watch it live (or taped) on TV…cool blog! Rock On!

  8. i agree with peter, bryanboy! i was wondering where hannah has gone…are you two fighting? we really miss her too!
    fabulous post as always. =) i cant believe i missed that anc interview!!! when was it???

  9. Jessica

    I want that sticker!!! :D And I can’t hear your voice in the first part, the background music is annoying.
    You should have your own show!! I’d definitely watch it!

  10. hi, blog hopping. i heard about your site sa friend ko. i was making kwento about blogs last night sa kanya. and then he told me guest ka nga nila yesterday morning. he’s working at anc kase.
    i love your entries. katuwa :)

  11. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA you are hilarious! I love the Paris Hilton “fruit” comment.
    You know the bumper sticker idea is perfect… spread the fabulous faggotry of bryanboy.
    /me loves bryanboy!!!

  12. kriskross

    hey,put some clothes on eunice…you’re a man of style, spazz her up.don’t you like it? your asisstant looks presentable too?

  13. try calling this photographer: mr. jun barrameda 0917.3241941 …. bumper sticker is a brilliant idea. i make stickers … reflective (advertising mileage not limited at night), you might want to consider.
    more power!

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