The beginning of the end?

Written By bryanboy

The beginning of the end?

I’m telling you, in this town, when it rains it pours. It’s all gonna be downhill from this point onwards unless someone rescues me.

I just had the most embarassing experience in my life. EVAR. I’d say tonight was one of the worst nights out and I’ve never, ever humiliated myself so much to the point where I wished the ground would split and swallow me alive. If you think you’ve had it bad, well, I had it REAAAAAAAALLY bad. I planned on having a really nice time out today but after what happened, it’s rather appropriate for me to temporarily wallow in shame.

Look at that face. LOL I’ve got a bald patch like Victoria Beckham ZOMG!


Jacket from Zara, shirt from CK Calvin Klein, jeans from Acne Jeans (Sweden), bag from Louis Vuitton, shoes from Louis Vuitton, brooch from Rustan’s (Manila).

UGH!!!!!! I really don’t want to talk about it but the hell. No one can help me forget about it unless I get it out of my system. Delete delete delete erase erase erase abort abort abort it out of my system. My blog is the best outlet I’ve ever had, it’s therapeutic and it’s better than going to the shrink.

I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years and I’ve never deleted an entry or regretted anything that I said on this blog. Until tonight.

You see, someone emailed me yesterday morning with a photo attachment. Apparently she got it from someone else’s photo album without their permission. I don’t know it was and I certainly didn’t recognize the other person is on the photo posing like me. Anyway, I immediately replied asking who it was. (BTW, by now you should know that I’m a complete sucker when it comes to these things.) I also wrote about it on my blog. I was gonna write about me channeling Gay Army and post pictures from last weekend but I was too lazy to do a long update.


Anyway, I blogged about it for fun and the comments poured in from people guessing who it was yaddi yaddi yadda. I commented saying I doubt it — which I REALLY do — because if that guy is who they said he was, I’d know in the first place because I’ve been introduced to him before. I seriously thought the guy on the picture was some random pundit who I probably won’t ever see again and it just happened to take a photo blah blah blah.

Whatever, right? Guess what happened tonight.

I went to a watch launch/event and I met up with a designer who’s currently working on some custom jeans and jacket for me. Out of nowhere, he came up to me (the one I’ve met/been introduced before) for a little chat. He asked me why I posted a photo of him online and why I said mean and derogatory things. I was shocked cause I honestly don’t recall saying anything about him on my site. There’s no reason for me to do so – he’s a genuinely nice guy that I’ve met maybe twice or thrice.

I can see my life flashing in front of my face now. He even recommended me a place to go to in Bangkok for shopping. Yeah, Siam Paragon or something, that’s it.

So I asked him when, what etc he was talking about and he referred to a post I made yesterday.

That’s when it hit me — HE was the one on the photo I published yesterday morning and I didn’t have any clue it was him because he looked sooo different!!!! IT WAS SOOOOOOOO EMBARASSING! You can tell he took what said on my blog seriously (which I really didn’t mean… hello) and it was obvious he was offended. Shit, had I known it was him, I wouldn’t be posting about it on my site cause he’s someone I *already* met before!

Man, those boys at Hintmag are right. I’m slowly turning myself into a chipmunk cheapmonk. I need to stop eating!!!


To cut the story short, he politely asked to take the entry off my site and I promised him I would. I’m surprised he was nice about it but he looked absolutely mortified. I know I would be feeling the same way too if that happened to me.

I don’t know about you but it was a definitely a time when I wished the ground would just split in half and swallow me alive. It was sooo friggin awkward I must have went to the toilets 200 times to piss my kidneys out… and I’m not joking.

I think it would take wayyy more than a lobotomy to forget what happened last night. ARGHHHHH!! It REALLY was the most humiliating experience EVER! How could I be soooo dumb and not recognize the guy in the photo?

Shit happens.

In my case, shit happens wayyyy too often.

To the guy I "offended", I’m so sorry. I swear to my granddad’s grave I didn’t recognize it was you. Shit, I wouldn’t be asking who you were if I knew it was you. I take back everything I said except the part where I think you have a nice watch. You do have a nice watch.

Oh, and someone please buy me Victoria Beckham’s Prada. I know it’s absolutely insane but I still want that bag nevertheless.

This whole thing really ruined it, I swear. It’s sooo embarassing!!!!!!!

I don’t know about y’all but can we not talk about it anymore? Consider this post as my final toilet flush. I cringe with utter embarassment the more I think about it. If you’re gonna comment, please keep it limited to Vicky’s Prada.

So where do I get that lobotomy?

Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all as always.

I’ll do the Gay Army post later when I wake up.


PS. Discuss this blog post on my Online Discussion Forum.

PPSS. Enough with this "Bossy" by Kelis bullcrap. I listened to it earlier and I won’t be able to sing it. I love the song and I love the video but come on, we all know I’m better off singing to cheesy, teeny bopper tunes.

PPPSSS. This is where I’m gonna say to everyone that there’s a fine line on what people should take whatever I write here seriously or not because this website is mostly cheeky fun. Anyway, I won’t say it anymore because it beats the purpose of writing this entry. LOL.

Oh and before I forget, you guys have got to watch this video. It’s absolutely hilarious! My Mexican friend Mauricio told me I sound like DeAundra Peek after hearing me sing.


  1. you know why he got offended? cos your visitors named him and called him gay so he may have read the comments and got offended by those. it’s really offensive especially that there are rumours circulating that he’s really gay due to his demeanour.

  2. roseee

    that guy is just overacting… c’mon, he should be thankful for deserving a space on your fantastic website.

  3. Chelle

    I don’t think you said anything mean or derogatory…in fact all you were doing was gushing about how good he looked!

  4. nothing we do or say today will mean anything in the 100 years, most likely no one will remember any of it.

  5. jeweladdict

    why does de aundra peek remind me of john wayne gacy and a host of other serial killers

  6. Hun, I know this question is old news, but could you please tell me where on earth I can find those Obagi TE-Pads??? I’ve searched a few websites on google, and I can only find the toner. Please help me out! I’m sure a lot of your other readers are interested too. Thanks.

  7. erin jude

    ang arte naman. shit sya ha! he should thank you, bryanboy, for the publicity! anyway, haha….wala pa rin tatalo sa alindog mo…and your louis vuitton bags. I love reading your site. grabe to the max! :)

  8. coldstar

    yeah, take it as a good thing, bryan… Maybe if you continue saying you want “random” men to be your big gay sugar daddy, maybe you’ll meet one of ’em and, well, it goes the OTHER way.
    A girl can dream, right? ;)

  9. haay… ill make an apology too… that was a nasty rumor ive started.. i swear i saw him at G4 with that other boy but it was evil of me to even think that they’re an item… now some gossip writer is emailing me to confirm the “incident”… hmm.. to protect and not to intrude his private life any more, i humbly apologize to him (and not give any details bout that whatsoever)… and yeah, he does have a cute watch! i love you bryanboy!!!

  10. OMG I missed that post! Damn, can anybody tell me who was in the picture and what he was doing???? if it was ino caluza, good for him! he deserves it cos he’s a bitch.

  11. why the hell would he be offended? Seriously, you were just saying how cute he was in the pic and everything, nothing derogatory at all. People should be smart enough to tell the teasing humor from the malicious kind.
    Goodness, you shouldn’t hang around with people who have no sense of humour. And even if you did make suggestive remarks about him, it was in good fun that does not in any way suggest he was ‘homosexual’or any other negative things. If he is just shy that his pic has been posted in the web he shoud just say that he is not confy with it rather than to make you feel that you hurt him.

  12. cos bryan said to the effect, he wanted to know who the guy is and wanted him( the guy in the pic) to rape his fat ass or something like that. and in the comments made , they identified him and called him gay or said something derogatory about him.


    Then maybe he shouldn’t have been such a lame ass loser and taken a picture beside your poster. Someone who has that much humor in them to lovingly imitate your ad should have surely realized he’d be on the internet sooner or later if he is indeed some Filipino celebrity. Whatever – yalls is nuts.
    The prada bag looks like a giant turd.

  14. DUH, _ is gay anyway! that’s a fuking known fact in his family…as in DUHHHHHH…you can tell naman the way he’s acting, so fucking guilty! he reads this blog to begin with. my GOSSSh

  15. sorry its not _, my wrong! _ pala i mean. it’s obvious na, im sure hs is, look at that blacked image editing bryan did, there a _ and a _ hahaha.

  16. I’m not sure what you are! A girl or a boy? I’m not hating, just curious.. Thanks *peace*

  17. anonymous

    He is fucking gay. Wala siyang kasing bading. Mahinhin pa yan sa dahon ng makahiya.
    Seriously though, HE IS FUCKING GAY!
    Lagi ko nakakasalamuha yan abu-baddaf na yan. Mahilig yan pumunta sa mga STRAIGHT places pero puro kulay BERDE naman ang dugo mga kasama niyan.
    Ka- gym ko rin kase yan. 1000000000000 times ang palitan ng damit. Harsh. Hinihintay nga siya ng mga ka gym namen na gown ng isuot para maraming tela ang kumain ng pawis niya.
    He is so gay.
    Yan ay madilim pa sa gabi. Makati pa sa gabi at mas mabuhok pa sa higad.
    I thank you. Kung meron kokontra, ang pag pose lang niya ay natatanging proweba na bading siya.
    Kung ayaw pa din ng mga tao maniwala, paamoy niyo kay Hannal Matronic. Hindi naman pumapalya gaydar non. I think meron na rin si Hannah International Pink Satellite kase keri niya umamoy ng abu-baddaf ng taga ibang nayon.
    Magsama sila ni RR Herrera!!!!!!!

  18. poorbryan

    your website is so goddam funny! i can’t believe it! I never knew there could be someone as shallow and pathetic as you are! you’re so living the life. but THANK GOD i don’t have your life. I hope my kids grow up sane…! cheers

  19. Goodness! I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I do think you resemble Tim Yap really closely. Have you ever heard anyone else tell you that?
    anyway, I heart your site! Keep it up dear!

  20. clue naman jan o. alin dun? un ba ung nagpose sa tabi ng pic ni bryangay?

  21. urban_carousel

    OH bryan! my bryan! watcha doin with your f*kn life??? your website is very hilarious as you are..we keep on visiting your site…you’re a superstar!!!!

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