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They’re queer and they’re here. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Fantastic Fab Five are here in the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives!!!!

Photo credit: TheFashPack

Queer Eye for the Sweaty Betty Tip: it doesn’t hurt to wear a plain white or black tee under your shirt to prevent sweatmarks from appearing on your pit area. Undershirts act as a barrier.

I guess sweaty pits happen to the best of us. Shit, I’m the PRINCESS OF SWEATY BETTIES. That’s why I hate walking, crowded places and the heat. Remember this blog entry? Remember this embarassing photo of me and my sweaty pit (after prancing around the children’s playground) and one of my readers came up to me, etc. Sooooo embarassing. Hahahahahahah! Whatever. The good thing is, I can laugh about it now.


I love these guys though, sweaty pits or not! Their contributions in keeping the faggotry alive are amazing.

I was planning go to their book signing today but my local bookstore ran out of books. Oh well! =)


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  1. LOL. At least Thom had the good sense to wear a white shirt — you just know he’s the sweatiest! I love him and the rest of them.

  2. i love em too! I got to go to their meet and greet thanks to a friend who made arrangements. I sat in the front row of their interview/presscon. I had all 5 of them sign my CD (cuz I wasnt able to buy a book). I’m such a fag hag!

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