Stupid Question: Bryanboy = Backpacker?

I know this is a ridiculously stupid question because I’ve never "roughed it up" or gone "backpacking" before… but can I go "backpacking" with an LV trunk? I don’t have a real, real backpack like those hideous 5-foot high nylon-and-mesh bullcrap that a lot of young Brits and Australians seem to carry.

The Bryanboy Camel Pic: For some strange reason, many people all over the world LOVE this photo. I want to have another "kodak moment", this time, with another animal, like an elephant, tiger or orangutan. Click here to read the camel picture story.

I chatted to my Mexican buddy yesterday. I asked him the LV question and his reply was: "…………… no comment". I brought this whole backpacking subject to him a few months back and he told me I have to ditch biz/first class tickets, hotel suites and designer luggage if I’m really serious about backpacking.

Even one of my Brit friends told me it’s nice to keep things "REAL" by travelling via land (i.e. trains, buses, etc), stay at "youth" hostels, etc. The ocassional splurge is allowed, i.e. a fancy meal at a fabulous restaurant or the odd shopping here and there… but nothing outrageously excessive.

It all sounds appalling AND appealing at the same time. But when you think about it, maybe he’s right.

Almost every European person I’ve talked to seem to have all these amazing stories how they went to far-flung destinations on their own and ‘roughed it up’. You know what I’m talking about — $3 bungalows in Thailand, $10 youth hostels in India, sleeping in tents, go to "dive places", yaddi yaddi yadda. Heck, even this American guy Chad that I’ve been talking to on and off for the past few months (he goes to UPenn/Wharton but currently interning in China) took the train to bumfuck, Tibet (of all places) and met all sorts of random people and had a blast.


I’m soooooooon fucking JEALOUS! I kinda feel bad for myself because here I am, just a few more months to go before I turn into a pumpkin (a quarter of a century year old) and I haven’t experienced this whole backpacking at exotic places thing in all the years that I’ve travelled. I have no one else to blame really other than myself.

Contrary to what people think, I don’t travel a lot. Once or twice a year is simply not a lot. I like to plan things out, save a decent amount of dosh, take a long time off and just leave. I don’t like the whole 2 or 3 day bullshit trips — I like my vacations long, well-thought out and decadent. I’d rather work my ass off for quite awhile then splurge all out on premium plane seats, nice hotels and embark on a "no expense barred" holiday once a year. When I travel, I like to temporarily detach myself (escape is the right word) from reality, forget where I came from, meet new people, experience new things, live the life that I don’t have back "home" and overall, have a jolly good time. Afterall, "home" will always be there so it doesn’t make any sense to bring "home" with me when I’m travelling, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, so yeah. This whole "roughing up" bull crap fascinates me. It’s something I’ve never done before and it’s been quite awhile since I did something "new". I’ll never forget that Emirates Airline commercial (or was it Intercontinental Hotels?)… the one with the 2 black guys who went to some cold city and experienced snow… or that super old Japanese woman who rode a helicopter from the top of "Burj Al Arab" hotel. The one that said "when was the last time you did something for the first time?" … or something like that.

I really OWE myself a decent vacation after all the things I went through this year. I’m simply exhausted. One more day in this mundane life and I’m gonna snap into insanity… if I haven’t already. The thing is though, it’s too early for me to do one of those "big" high-voltage luxurious trips… I reckon I’ll do that later in the year during winter time. Brazil in October? Europe or North America in December? I don’t know. It’s too early to tell. Fuck the future. I’d rather focus on the "NOW"and that NOW is desperately gagging to get a vacation.

I could take some time off sometime soon but only for 2 weeks max… probably 10 days. I think I’ll give this backpacking thing a shot. I don’t think I can go backpacking in Europe with all the temptation — it’s pointless!

I figured, if I’m gonna give this thing a shot, I’ll do it closer to home where I can always evacuate to the nearest mall for some serious life-saving shopping.

My head is telling me to go to Singapore for 2-3 days, take the train (something I’ve never done in Asia) to Kuala Lumpur for 2-3 days to visit friends, followed by another extensive train ride across Thailand. Another option is to skip Bangkok and fly to Mumbai/Bombay, India directly from Kuala Lumpur. I really want to go to India. I’ve never been there and I don’t care about all the stories people told me. I need a dose of culture in my system and India is a fabulous place to get it. I’ll do it 100% backpacker-style, no Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Globe-trotter or Prada luggage. I’ll also try to find a travel buddy online so I’ll have someone to keep my sanity intact while I’m slumming it.

However, my heart is telling me to go to Singapore for 2-3 days, stay at the Raffles or Ritz Carlton, followed by a shopping trip to Bangkok (Metropolitan Hotel) for another 2-3 days, then a 5-star 5-day indulgence galore in India — business class tickets all the way, fabulous hotels, shop till I drop and just spend spend spend until I declare bankruptcy. Great choice if I want to self-destruct and/or not take a vacation this winter.

Decisions decisions! It’s sooo fucking hard to decide what to do and where to go!

Is there a way I can "backpack" part time, like, during the day? Luxury is very addictive… once you get trapped it’s hard to stop. It beats the purpose of "backpacking" if I visited Fendi during the day and spend an exorbitant amount of money on booze at night. It doesn’t make any sense to go "backpacking" and then spend the night at a fabulous hotel where post-clubbing 4AM room service exists and Mercedes car transfers at my disposal anytime. Hahaha!

God dammit it’s soo hard! I really can’t decide what to do. If I was a rich girl, na na na na na na na na, I wouldn’t be worrying about decisions. I’d go backpacking BUT I’ll take daddy’s jet with me, along with my maid Eunice, a British butler, a dozen Mexican lumberjacks and Russian hookers to keep me company and carry my 17,803,504 kilos worth of luggage. I’m telling you all, I’ve been searching for a sugar daddy politician with ill-gotten wealth FOR THE LONGEST TIME to adopt me but all my efforts have gone to waste. I even had an adoption notice put up. Click here to read my old blog entry.

I think I’ll go through the "backpacking" route. What do you think? It should be a great learning experience for me, not to mention the extremely high chance of meeting smelly, scruffy but oh-so-fucking-hot fellow backpackers from bumfuck Europe, Australia or New Zealand. We’ll get drunk most of the time on cheap booze, think Contiki 18-35 holidays, yuck hahaha *kidding* before I’ll get sent to some dingy third world prison Bridget Jones-style because one of my fellow blond-haired, blue eyed backpackers will smuggle heroin or marijuana inside some cheap tourist trap souvenir I got from some dirty wet market.

Man, it sounds soooo fucking scary. But exciting at the same time.

Not the prison part. Hahahaha!

Here’s a photo of one of my Swedish loverboy Jakob’s best friend, Ola, on top of some camel in Beijing. I think that thing he’s riding is not the original Bryanboy camel but whatever. Haha!


Blah blah blah.

So I did the first step in shopping around for travel buddies — I posted an ad online. Before you ask, I don’t have many friends let alone find someone here who is willing to do such crazy thing as "backpacking".



I don’t know who’s gonna end up with me but I’m excited with the thought already!!!!!

It makes me wonder, has anyone here stayed at some youth hostel or whatever? Where do friggin backpackers stay? I mean, are there lots of sex going on? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

I spent almost 3 hours on the phone with one of my Australian friends earlier and she told me that those youth hostels are really scary because everyone shares 1 toilet and yaddi yaddi yadda. I can’t remember if I asked her about getting some anal action but she did tell me that I shouldn’t bring anything designer cause it would be stolen.

Bah! I don’t know what to do anymore. I figured I’ll just go with the flow, see what happens.

Whatever decision I make, you’ll definitely be the first person to know.

Until then.

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