Stand back, stand back!

Written By bryanboy

Stand back, stand back!

I love this old song and I have it on autoplay. It’s one of my favourite tracks of all time.

No one looked…as I walked by, just an invitation would’ve been just fine. Said no again and again, first he took my heart… then he ran.

No one knows how I feel, what I say unless you read between my lines. One man walked away from me, first he took my hand… take me home

Stand back…stand back, in the middle of my room, I did not hear from you. It’s alright…it’s alright. To be standing in a line (standing in a line)… la la la la la la la la la la la la la…

Do not turn away my friend, like a willow I can bend. No man calls my name, no man came

So I walked on down away from you, maybe your attention was more, than you could do. One man did not call… he asked me for my love and that was all.


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  1. This is quite possibly the best song ever written. Thank the Lord for Stevie Nicks! (BTW, I prefer her version, but that’s just me.)

  2. CleverGirl

    God…I love this song too! By the way, I fucking ADORE this site! I just found it yesterday and I’m going to come here everyday. LOVE YOUR STYLE, LOVE YOUR CLOTHES, LOVE YOU! Is this ass kissy enough?

  3. Hi BB… Love your site. It always brightens my day each time I read about your escapades. Keep up the fine work and stay glamorous…Dr. J from Indiana

  4. hi bryan.. =)
    your blog has really been a source of escape for me frm my daily life.heehee..
    reread ur post on obagi.. just wanted to ask you.. what type of skin do u have?
    cos i have oily and sensitive skin which causes my acne and was wondering if Obagi would help with that..
    im from singapore..and the humid weather here makes my acne even worse..
    if it wouldnt be too much of a trouble could u email me back? thanks so much.. =)

  5. Stevie is the BOMB!
    I knew she was it when she was trying to deduct her dresses from her income taxes by saying she sweated so badly that she had to throw them away!

  6. Oh my…someone covered Stevie Nicks’ classic “Stand Back”?? wow…I had no idea.
    I adore her and think you should give her version a spin. *smooch*

  7. Jake Fabulous

    Hah Hah Just read all the “monkey comments” I don’t understand the whole rascist thing you can call gay people fags,queer,homo. White people snowmen and ghosts and fat people a whole host of things. Other minoritys need to enter the 21st century if they are rascist so what they are ignorant a holes. ^.^ You however are not rascist and I think you have been treated unfairly. Much Love

  8. You can’t win them all,dba?(monkey issue) sigh* People should lighten up.
    Anywayz, you’re too too funny! I’m religiously browsing your blog. love you bryanboy!!! mwa mwa mwa

  9. I read that some guy in the parliament of the Philippines is proposing a ban to gay marriage – even between transsexual women and straight men.
    “Rep. Rozzano Rufino “Ruffy” Biazon (Lone District, Muntinlupa City) filed House Bill 1245 to amend the country’s Family Code to limit marriage to “natural born males and natural born females” only.”
    Aren’t you gonna do a report on that, Bryanboy? There needs to be a response.

  10. Cathryn

    I love this song! I think this version is so much better than the Stevie Nicks version.

  11. Hey Bryan boy. My Bro loves you lots and I think you are very funny. I love your sense of humor and your love for bags. You are original and thin! Bery thin! Keep up the funny shit!
    With much love,
    Me n my Bro Eddie.

  12. nogaro

    you always bring a smile to my face whenever i visit your site. keep it up.your love for bags rubbed off on my wife, now im broke most of the time.
    i agree about this song, it’s awesome. stevie nicks’ original version is great too. this version is updated tho. is this a movie soundtrack? what’s the name of the movie?

  13. boogiej

    hey BB
    Any chance you can put back up the Stand Back vid? It’s one of my favs of all time and I can’t locate it anywhere else!!!!!
    Love the site, easily the most interesting thing to do in the office..

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