Reason #4,710 to visit Sweden: Bosnian Guys

Written By bryanboy

Reason #4,710 to visit Sweden: Bosnian Guys

Meet Adnan Osmanovic. A cutie Bosnian guy in Sweden.

I can’t get enough of Monkeys. I think it’s my obsession du jour. Isn’t he hot? I’d kill to have his "Lahme" up my bum. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Shit, I don’t even know where the fuck Bosnia is but whatever.


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  1. jeweladdict

    what the hell is that video about? and where the hell did you find it?

  2. i dunno if its just me, but he kinda reminds me a lil’ of Lee Ryan

  3. Antonio

    Are you running out of ideas your posts have been really crap lately
    that guy is ridiculous and the song is hideous


    That accent is disgusting holy shit.
    And his face is gross too.
    You have really odd taste in guys, and by odd I mean bad.

  5. jerena teo

    oh my gawd!!!
    he is sooooop friggin cute!!!
    wished he could dance for me~~ lol

  6. Jonathan

    I just read about 10 posts and can’t believe that so many of your readers think he is gross! What! He reeks of sex and is a total babe. So virile and young, full of cum. What is wrong with these people who don’t get it?

  7. lahme has the greatest smell

    just did some “googling” …. lahme is arabian for meat lol.
    adnan is sex on legs! i’d do him!

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