Pack your bags, we're going to Brazil!

Written By bryanboy

Pack your bags, we’re going to Brazil!

I’ve always wanted to go to Rio de Janeiro. It’s one of my dream destinations. Fuck New York, London, Paris or Milan. If you’re looking for guys galore, nothing beats Brazilian boy toys so get your lazy, fat ass to Rio!

I need a "proper" vacation and I can’t even remember the last time I had one. You know, no computers, no cellphones, no stress, no pressure, no emotional distress, no familia de horreur, no Eunice… ok.. what am I talking about, I need Eunice…

Tell me, don’t you just wanna hop on top of this guy and sit on his crotch… I mean, hop on a plane and catch up with your tan on the beaches of Ipanema?

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I checked some ROUNDTRIP airfares online and the cheapest first class fares in October 2006 are in the US$9,000 – US$12,000 range. There’s one from Singapore Airlines and it’s US$11,645 return, including taxes. It goes from Manila – Singapore – Frankfurt – Lisbon – Rio De Janeiro with a total flying time of 32 hours. Sooo friggin expensive. I think I may have to turn heterosexual, get some innocent, unsuspecting girl preggers, wait till she gives birth, kidnap our child and sell it to Angelina Jolie before I can afford it.

I checked some roundtrip business class fares and they’re also the same. WTF. That’s my fall/winter shopping spree right there. Business class fares are no different. They range from US$7,000 – US$9,000. The one from Singapore Airlines is US$8,781 return, including taxes. It goes from Manila – Singapore – Johannesburg, South Africa – Sao Paoulo – Rio De Janeiro.





I guess I have to say goodbye to Brazilian boys then. Oh well.


Do you think they’ll send me free plane tickets if I write them a letter?

I certainly wouldn’t mind blogging about all my expolits (or should I say all the Brazilian guys who exploited my gaping, revirginized void) in exchange for free tickets. Hahahahahahaha!

Screw it.

Surely there must be one of you out there who owns a fucking private jet.


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I love you all. You should know by now that your love is the only thing in this world (other than cocaine and Boli-Stoli) that keeps me hanging afloat.


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  1. Hi Bryan Boy
    Please email us your Brazilian stories and any cool gay travel related links so we can add them to our blog,GAYCATION.
    Thanks and have a blast in Brazil!
    and keep being FABULOUS!

  2. Get protection everytime you fuck (Or take the risk with a super hot guy , We’re gonna understand the situation, is almost a sin don’t fuck with a brazilian guy).
    HAVE A NICE TRAVEL BABY BOY!!!! post pics with hot guys when you get there you bitch!
    Love ya! shalom!

  3. Extravagana

    I thought you liked to go to the Scandic countries because it’s quite the opposite of the Philippines. Brazil is just another hot, humid and unsafe third world shithole! Did you choose it because it’s less hassle to get a visa? There are tonz of nicer places to go!!!

  4. i couldn’t care less about visas. i wanna go there cause it’s sex tourism galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brazilian guys are fucking HOT.

  5. I’m going to Brazil in March. I can’t wait. My boyfriend is from Sao Paolo. If you do go, be careful bc it can be dangerous for tourists…and you really can’t be flash. In fact, it might not be the place 4 u it’s kind of crime ridden and you can’t carry nice stuff or look like you have $$.

  6. Catherine

    Mmmm, Brazil. A best friend of mine, Raphael, is Brazilian. He’s not very tall, but he makes up for it plus some with his muscles, toned abs, tanned skin, etc.
    I say go there! Stowing away is the new black.

  7. ooooh the guys are so hot!!!! OMG!!!
    hahah singapore airlines is me i know.. :P
    anyways.. hope ur rio dreams come true bryan!!!
    if not haha..just sleep on it and take cold showers… =)

  8. Natalia

    Hi Bryan!!!
    I totally agree with you, brazillian boys are the best.
    ps: Here it’s dangerous, just like any other place in the world if you go to wrong places… you just have to keep distance of certain areas, where poor people live for example. And Im sure you will know to choose the best places and parties to go.
    xxx LOVE blog, love your style!!

  9. Carrie

    It’s not expensive to go to South America from Manila! You can try going using Aerolineas Argentinas (AR). They have an office in Manila,call 8926012. The fastest way to get to south america is via Australia. If you’re going through OZ, you don’t need a transit visa.
    AR flights leave from Sydney and may or may not have a stopover (for free) in Auckland, NZ and definite stopover in Buenos Aires. There are round trip fares going to Rio (same rate as going to Buenos Aires and you can also stop in Buenos Aires for free) from Sydney and you can just add the Mnl-Syd-Mnl sector on your preferred airline. You can use Pal (first stop is Melbourne before going to Sydney), Singapore Airlines, Qantas (which has low fares atm), Cathay Pacific(via HK) and there must be more with longer layovers.
    It’s low season now so the rates are cheap like, USD 3000 RT from Manila – Oz- South America – Oz – Manila. That’s on economy. Probably double the fare if it’s on business class.
    Starting November, it’s high season already so fares will be higher. Oh and Filipinos don’t need a visa for Brazil. We need one for Argentina and it’s easy to get one and it takes just 3 days!
    Email :-)
    So isn’t hot Brazilian boys and Aussie surfer guys incentive enough to travel?
    Oh the cheapest would be on Malaysian Airlines via Africa. Of course you could go via US and you’d be so tired by the time you get to Rio. Taking it via Europe (say Lufthansa) would be worse.

  10. erin jude

    Haha! I love those Brazilian hotties. They give me erection haha! But I love more the Italian gays and Spanish men…

  11. Firdaus

    Singapore Airlines is always expensive. They attract premium passengers willing to pay a premium. That’s why they charge like hell.
    But, if you have any relatives working at any of the airlines, you might get some discount or such. I’m sure there’s cheaper alternatives right? It mustn’t be Singapore Airlines.
    Maybe you can try Japan Airlines. I heard that they fly to Rio via New York.
    If you’re wondering who owns SIA, it’s Temasek Holdings.

  12. bryanboy i heart your site<3 its a guilty pleasure, lol haha, hott guys are in lisbon! like portuguese football star player cristiano ronaldo of manchester united, haha, check him out!!! he is perfection<3333

  13. delora

    i know someone working for singapore airlines(: my besties dad is the pilot to routes to america. my neighbour works there too. its all worth it. one of the top rated airline in the world. feel much safer in it. but i like cathy pacific more:) the food there is much better.

  14. love brazilian guys!

    Hi bryan go to Basil you gonna love it, been there several times Sau Paulo and Rio the cariocas with love you. And yes brazilian boys are so hot hot hot…..

  15. me again...

    Bryan Boy go to Brasil its easy for a Philippine Passport holder, you don’t need a visa to go there, same with brasilians they don’t need to a visa to visit PI its as agreement bet. brasil and PI i guess. Bring lots of Magnum Condom.

  16. Tathinha

    Hi Bryan..I am brazilian and I can show you the best things here specially the best places for shopping lol.
    So if you wanna help email me.

  17. red_pl8

    those brazilian boys are making me hot and wet all over | omg

  18. Bryanboy whos the guy top left in the red shorts??? Hes so hott!

  19. bryan i am dying! this is out of control! these pictures are amazing!
    san francisco loves bryanboy!

  20. hycee saatchi

    quick, bb.. lets pack our bags and go to brazil pronto!!! damn those hot hot men… *drool* *slurp* *ooohhh yum yum yummy*

  21. Poor Extravagana, does she or he really know what third world means? Brazil is one of the nicest country in this world. People there are friendly more than north american and european ones.You should go there write now!!

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