Not Safe For Work: Paris Hilton

Written By bryanboy

Not Safe For Work: Paris Hilton

I know we’ve all seen Paris Hilton’s pussy flaps many, many, many times but this is the first time I’ve seen REAL huge closeups.

I have fair reason to believe Paris Hilton IS A MAN! She’s got balls!!!!! Her clit looks like a scrotum it’s not funny at all.

Link is NOT safe for work (or school) so do not click the link below unless you’re a bugchaser willing to contract Herpes/Scabies/HIV/etc, do not click on the link.



Eeeewwwwwww! Someone please hand that lady some valtrex or whatever.

I still love Paris though.


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  1. Bryanboy's Lover

    I fucking LOVE you, but you should’ve been born a girl.

  2. linzki

    ahahaha…that’s so gross… i love her, anyway… ahahahahaha…

  3. Urgh! I think I need to go get the brain bleach now.
    Now I’m wondering how much the photographer made on this one…’tis the classic lucky shot!

  4. carlos celdran

    In fairness to her. At least it’s waxed. I don’t know if I could handle it if it was au naturel…

  5. renee

    Eeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk! Goodness gracious! Fuckin hilarious, Bryan,I didn’t know you have eye of an eagle!
    Ei Bryan, coz you have such a microscopic eye, do the honor of analyzing all the bacteria we had collected in our Lab. Of course you need to be dressed in your usual and unique fabulous body suit. Precision-wise, i’m fuckin sure its gonna be 100% accurate! Hahahahahahahhahaha

  6. the graphical representation of a pussy that has been used and abused…

  7. Props to you for posting Paris’s vajayjay. But I definitely think you should have titled the post “Paris Snatch.” Like Paris Match, the French newsmagazine.

  8. Ishnar

    It almost looks like a stick on vagina. She probably used the first one so much that it fell off, and she had to get a replacement!
    Plastic surgeon: What can I do for you today Paris?
    Paris: Um, my vagina fell off because I used to too much. PLEASE give me a new one. I didn’t get through all the guys from the lower southwest!
    okay I know I took that too far, but I couldn’t stop myself!

  9. ewww..we thought weve seen it all…go to (source of this pic)

  10. My pussy looks beautiful compared to hers! Her lips are extremely disproportionate! A little labiaplasty would straighten those puppies right out.

  11. how can she be so careless?..ahahaha! her strings arent in place! this is hilarious!

  12. looks more like a burger to me.. a quarter pounder burger that is..

  13. michelle

    the yellow string is her underwear……..she’s wearing a g-string…..

  14. actually, it’s one of those underwears that have the OPEN crotch effect.

  15. I have been visually assaulted by Paris Hilton’s disgrace of a vagina. Those meat curtains should be put away.. like now..

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