Nicole Richie has an Asian-sized hard-on!

I know y’all wet your pants when you saw Paris Hilton’s scrotum but wait till you see Nicole’s Asian-sized hard-on!!!! Hahahahahaha! I’m kidding. I love this girl. I really do. Sadasa saaaaaaa sa saaaa sa saaaaaaaa!


Ooooh is that Rachel Zoe behind her?

Is that Rachel Zoe, the one woman who is solely responsible for propelling anorexia back in mainstream POP culture?


I love Nicole Richie. She’s reaaally gorgeous, isn’t she? I’m lovin’ the stacked bracelets look. It’s sooo excessive!

Photo credits: Britboy in LA

Which reminds me, I need to hit the beach soon, too. I’m just sooo busy with work it’s not even funny. *sigh*.

Sing after me bitches… jealousy, jealousy, jealousy… is such an evil thing

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