Nicole Richie has an Asian-sized hard-on!

Written By bryanboy

Nicole Richie has an Asian-sized hard-on!

I know y’all wet your pants when you saw Paris Hilton’s scrotum but wait till you see Nicole’s Asian-sized hard-on!!!! Hahahahahaha! I’m kidding. I love this girl. I really do. Sadasa saaaaaaa sa saaaa sa saaaaaaaa!


Ooooh is that Rachel Zoe behind her?

Is that Rachel Zoe, the one woman who is solely responsible for propelling anorexia back in mainstream POP culture?


I love Nicole Richie. She’s reaaally gorgeous, isn’t she? I’m lovin’ the stacked bracelets look. It’s sooo excessive!

Photo credits: Britboy in LA

Which reminds me, I need to hit the beach soon, too. I’m just sooo busy with work it’s not even funny. *sigh*.

Sing after me bitches… jealousy, jealousy, jealousy… is such an evil thing

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  1. rachel zoe needs to get out of the sun. have you seen her face? she’s pretty, but the skin on her face looks like she’s in her 50s.

  2. I KNOW SO TRUE! As Rachel Zoe says it “My look is all baout tanned skin and honey colored hair” ooohh and yeah she forgot to mention about the skin and bones anorexic look. It is so true..Look at all the “IT” gals like Mischa B, Nicole R. and Keira Knightley is also transforming as well and Li.Lo. and all these girls. Once they hire Rachel Zoe they are really “ZOEFIED” from head to toe. I tell ya there starting to look like clones.

  3. Hey BB. What do you “work” as?? I always here about the stresses of work but have yet to find a post dedicated to what it is that you do…please tell.

  4. hot bitch

    FINALLY! Some people who appreciate Rachel Zoe!….Geezzz…i’d wish i was part of Rachel’s skinny-whore posse. She’d probably poke my eye out if i so much look at a candy bar….hmmm come to think of it…Rachel Zoe herself isnt that skinny. she just looks leathery…i do wish i could be part of her club during the holidays…that way i’d never gain weight. Nicole can teach me to purge. Lindsay can teach me to do drugs. And Rachel can teach me how to hide it using great clothes! Awesome! Snickers anyone??

  5. lisalisa

    one thing i noticed about nicole and ‘her hair’ is that she always wears these trendy head scarves….not becoz they are oh-so-trendy (lucky for her) but becoz she has a hairline problem. maybe from her lack of nutrients but she definatly has thinning hair up front, HA!….uh i mean AWW (poor thing)

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