Marc Jacobs: Women We Love

Gotta love that Marc Jacobs guy. He never cease to amaze me.

Just like you and me, he’s one heck of an attention whore and I fucking love it. First it was the barebackin’, bugchashin’ rentboy he picked up at, then comes the gaudy galore fall/winter 06/07 Louis Vuitton bag collection that’s designed for nouveaux riche Russians and Asian matrons and then this…

Marc Jacobs’ "Women We Love" campaign in NYC.


More pics after the jump. I guarantee you’ll laugh at this one. Click click click!

Photo credit: TheShopHound

Photo credit: TheShopHound

Photo credit: TheShopHound

And here’s what Marc Jaocbs sent me PERSONALLY.

Photo credit: Marc Jacobs

Har har. I’ll update in a sec…  Email me and tell me you love me.


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