Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy

Written By bryanboy

Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy!

Paris Hilton – Jealousy

I was always happy… when I was watching you become a star. But you were only happy.. when the world was openin’ up my scars. And now I’m like the devil… well if I am then what does that make you? You sold yourself for your fame… You’ll still never walk a day in my shoes.

Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy… is such an evil thing. To watch someone have, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy… Nobody wins when you’re full of envy. La, la, la la.


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  1. Did you make that video as well? The lyrics hit the spot! ahahahaha

  2. hot bitch

    aka the “fuck you nicole” song!!!!! …i actually thought paris’ foray into music would make my ears bleed but her songs are quite tolerable…..but is still like nicole more coz she’s more fashionable and really skinny!!!!!

  3. omg that wasn’t to bad i think paris’s cd will probably be great i can’t wait to hear that song i hope one day they will be friends again P.s. i love BRYANBOY

  4. linzki

    omg! i missed seeing them together… having fun and still the best of friends… *sigh*

  5. CleverGirl

    Lord help me, I like this song. What the hell is up with Paris making good music? That must be one the signs of the Apocalypse. I wish to God Paris or Nicole would tell what happened between them. They should kiss and makeup already!!

  6. ronnie

    who the hell is mryanboy.I bet he is just another gay fag.Fuck bryan boy!

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