I told you Hilary loves me…

Written By bryanboy

I told you Hilary loves me…

Remember the time when Fendi copied my infamous Bryanboy pose? This time it’s Hilary… with an old Fendi spy bag, no less.


Fine, it’s not exactly my pose but whatever. My pose is STILL going places, I’m telling you. Maybe not in Hollywood but it certainly has reached far flung places from New York City and Singapore to somewhere in bumfuck, Sweden and Krakow, Poland.

Shit, even my long-term Swedish loverboy Jakob, who just got back from a trip to Prague and keeps on getting blonde and blonder, borrowed some old, drunken street man’s bag and posed just to make me happy. I told him to hook me up with those Czech boys and he sent me this photo instead. Bah! I need hot sex with some east european fucker like pronto.


I"ll do a proper update later. I’m late for my doctor’s appointment. I’m having a chest x-ray, ECG and some blood tests done. I’ve been procrastinating and I just want to get this done and over with, once and for all.

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I love you all!


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  1. Brian Cua

    hope all goes well with your doctor’s appt! im a fan!! and i spread your gospel everywhere i go.
    shameless plug : come to my DJ gig – Giraffe Retro Night at Government July 14 Next Friday. Ill be playing around 11pm to 1am. Hope to see you. Sorry missed you at the Preview Mag Fashion Ball, i was the DJ till 9pm. Robbie Carmona wanted me to meet you!

  2. what happened to your fav site celebworld.org? has it been shut down??? where do i get my papparazzi shots now??!!!

  3. concerned gay

    Bryanboy, you’re a shame to your country men especially your fellow gay filipinos. we’re being discriminated against in our conservative society because the public thinks that gays are cock sucking hungry promiscuous classless hedonistic fags and don’t deserve respect and acceptance. that’s what you’re displaying in your Hedonistic shrine on the web and no, NOT ALL FILIPINOs, like you and not ALL gay Filipinos agree with your lifestyle because we don’t act and say things that you can say on ENGLISH in this site. im sure, you can’t say those nasty words you say here in FILIPINO cos they are DEGRADING and DISGUSTING in our culture. you’re an embarassment, shame, faggot that needs to be put away to an island where no one could see you… THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT, you’re making an asshole of yourself and you’re pretentioous ass is not doing any good to the advancement of you’re so called FAGGOTRY. you’re bring the gay agenda down to level of classless, shameful NASTY, members of society. WE WANT RESPECT and respect must come from gays themselves. we want to be treated NORMAL, but you’re lack of class is putting the gay agenda to shame. SHAME SHAME ON YOU FAGGOT!!! you make me feel ashamed of my skin and my sexuality.

  4. you are the ugliest person i have ever seen…
    you are sooo tacky dear Bryan.

  5. flotiz

    It’s good to see bryan is making people “feel” things, hahaha.
    Keep the faggotry alive!
    By the way, what are those white spots on the pic of the swedish boy??

  6. I dunno who wrote that up there – but someone needs a chill pill.
    This site is one of the funniest sites I’ve seen. It’s like a joke on a joke on a joke.
    And I think it’s great.
    Tnanks for tucking it away on blogclicker.
    I’m not gay – but had to laugh like heck – especially about the Hilary comments and stuff.
    Have a great day!
    And thanks for sharing all your pics and stuff.
    Wager Witch
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  7. Hello. I think Bryanboy is fabulous. He knows what he wants, and he’s not afraid to show the world who he really is. I am an ardent reader of this blog!!! And..Hilary must have felt a paparazzi coming so she innocently did that pose for you ta see!! wahahaha! tata!

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