I obviously have some explaining to do.

Written By bryanboy

I obviously have some explaining to do…

… and you too. For the life of god, is it really a RACIST thing for calling a man, who happens to be someone of a darker skin, a "monkey", simply because he looks like a monkey? Skin color is irrelevant cause there are a lot of other people out there who look like monkeys. In fact, even Mariah Carey once said that there’s this Filipina singer who also looks like a monkey.

Monkey Schmonkey. Whatever.

I WOILL NEVER APOLOGIZE for thinking/saying he kinda looks like a monkey.

OK… maybe I will, on three conditions:

  • he gives me a kiss on the cheek
  • he fondles my fat fanny
  • I’ll apologize to him in private provided that he buys me a couple of rounds of drink


Shit, he even collaborated with NIGO for a label called Bathing Ape/BAPE!

Some of you may need to get a life.

It’s funny cause the "correlation" and "similarities" between a "black man" and "monkeys" NEVER came across my mind until you people pointed it out.


These baseless accusations of me being racist are ludicrous, preposterous and absurd.


I even bought 5 copies of the Liya Kebede for Vogue cause it’s been ages since they last featured a model on the cover at that time!

I’m an equal opportunity lover. Promise. I’ll suck the cock of anyone with a pulse provided they’re legal.

Shit, I love everyone. Black, white, brown, albino, gingers, yellow, latinos, arabs, everyone! Even extraterrestrial creatures like me!


Saucer of milk please, maggots!

Now go fuck yourselves.

Almost naked at Brighton Beach, Brighton, UK 2001

Or better yet, fuck me cause I haven’t had sex in so long.

God I love my arms back in the dark ages. Take note how there are many, many razor-sharp edges on my body. My arms and my waist can give Nicole Richie a run for Lionel’s credit card.

I hate my hair though. Ugh. Lion hair. Hideous. Just hideous!

I love you all! Email bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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PPSS. I’m really not a racist. Promise! In fact, I’ve slept with a black guy before, in London, when I was 17. He was a cab driver and he was gorgeous as fuck. I had to sit on the front because I wanted some action and boy he was lovely.


  1. flotiz

    Hahaha, hey you crazy boy, you don’t have to justify anything you do on here, just keep on doing it .
    If people don’t like it?
    then keep doing it even MORE!
    hahaha, luv ya ;)

  2. it’s funny how your post about *just* pharrell turned people’s comments that were initially about him into generalizations about black people and racism etc… you can totally see how people feed of others’ comments and then twist it around to sound like it’s yours.
    whatevs, rock on BB! love!

  3. Maybe if you read up a little bit on society (and I don’t mean the social pages of beauty magazines) and culture you WOULD know that “monkey” is INDEED a racial slur. Maybe if when you travel next time, you should ACTUALLY explore the culture, learn about the people, find out their social taboos and not just go shopping like most uneducated, shallow and pretentious people do.Do not try to pass this off as nothing. You DID offend people. You could atleast try to be half decent and apologize or take down that post. Stop embarrasing yourself.
    PEOPLE! Maybe we should boycot this site for awhile. It’s getting boring anyway. Same old post about how awesome his life is and how beautiful he is…BAH!

  4. I didn’t either think about the “Pharell W. = monkey” as racial. Didn’t really cross my mind. Freud once said that: “… sometimes a cigar is just a smoke”. Let’s all think about that… ;p
    Stupid fact, but E.T’s face is based on Albert Einstein. Just crossed my mind when I saw the E.T pic.

  5. All these political correctness get to people’s heads already. Besides black people call themselves niggers and all sorts of names but when other races call them such, they go all dramatic and ride on the slave shit hoopla.
    But please don’t insult the monkeys. They’re way cuter than this piece of who knows what rock he crawled from.

  6. first off, i understand some of the people that were offended from the monkey comment. here in the states, it’s not as bad as the N word, but it’s such a loaded term for black americans because many words such as this one were historically used to insult & denigrate them. what’s ironic is that many filipinos and other brown minorities here were once called monkeys, too.
    BUT we all know that race is a social construct, as is language. context is very important to understand others on a global level. ie, “negro” in the philippines simply means black, whereas in the u.s., we all know what that means. another word that is needs to be understood within the right context is “chinky” as in, she has chinky eyes. in the phils, this means nothing more than small, beady or slanted eyes. in the u.s., you would be shot by intellectual chinese americans if you called their eyes chinky.
    anyway, getting off my soapbox now. bryan clearly didn’t have race as his backdrop when he described pharrell as a monkey. he was talking about his facial features, and when you think about it, he does look like one. did he say all african americans look like monkeys? if you believe that, then re-read the entry. now before any of you start calling me racist, know that i am my father is filipino and my mom is the generic american mutt: dutch, german, italian, irish, black and native american.
    and for crying out loud, this is bryanboy we’re talking about. admit it, you love reading this blog because he makes fun of everyone, upto and including himself. that’s why we love this (aside from his fabulous purses and clothes of course). you people really need to recalibrate your expectations, if you think for one second that this blog will have a discussion on the racial tensions in black and asian america, or the historical perspective of race development. it’s just not happening here.
    now: bryanboy dahhling, why haven’t you posted my we heart bryanboy photo? it’s not often that i give my love to someone else besides my gorgeous boyfriend, you know!

  7. aya nagaki

    c’mon..these people are idiots! if you really wanted to make a racial comment towards that fag hater pharrel, you woulda called him a porch monkey or in the least, a nigger

  8. racist

    this is your blog
    dont be bothered
    just be yourself
    if they dont like what u say
    fine, they can go to other blogs
    lets see if they wont come back here
    keep the racial faggotry alive!

  9. vance

    I dont think he ment any harm by it, besides he lives over seas so that isnt considered a racial term over there, he had no idea, and didnt intend for it to come out that way. In the US Pharell is a status symbol or w/e, so they picked him.

  10. Well BrianBoy,
    As you know, people judge by their previous experiences. Plus! These is your blog. You pay for it and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.
    We love you BryanBoy!

  11. Fuck you bryan x2

    Bryan, was that supposed to be an apology? It wasn’t good enough!! Your nose looks like a foot with two toes and you have the nerves to call someone a monkey?!It’s quite obvious that you’re poor. You haven’t gone shopping in ages. You wear cheap brands like Zara and you almost NEVER leave your country. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a clef lip and nose. LMAO You should have done research on the Black dollar. Don’t expect anyone black to buy your cheap jewelry!

  12. Jake Fabulous

    People shut the fuck up Bryan Boy is hardly racist he just called someone who looks like a monkey a monkey. If I had a round head and a round body and you called me a snowman I wouldn’t be offended… I would commit suicide because I would be fatbut I wouldn’t call you racist. Bryanboy Why is their a towel in that photo?

  13. sueeann

    yes monkey is a racial term when you use it to describe a black man in comparison to a white man. there is no way of going around it. if anybody say anything else, they are in denial, besides there are other animals that pharrell looks like more than a monkey. He looks more like a turtle or rat to me. If you had said that then nobody would have said shit. Don’t be mad because people saw through your subliminal racism.
    p.s. just because you like some black models and sucked a black man’s cock doesnt mean that you are not racist. there are plenty of racists like the one US southern governer who had a black friend but he still thought blacks were inferior. so that doesnt mean shit.

  14. As a black woman living in North America, “monkey” as a racial slur did cross my mind when I read the Pharrel post. But I had to remember that in some places names and words hold different meanings- it’s all regional honey bunches. Bryanboy lives in the Philippines- how would he know the North American history of the term monkey in relation to black people? Plus HE’S BROWN- nuff said. As for the post below mine- sweetie get a life, your post is whack. Now less politics and more otfits!!! Peace and love everyone

  15. filipina

    people are funny.
    seeing that picture, I agree that guy really looks like that stuffed monkey. It was offensive only because it was an insult to that guy, and all insults are by definition offensive. it was not, however, an insult to the whole black race…or should i be saying african american? this whole PC thing is ridiculous.
    those who were offended were just reacting due THEIR preconception that monkey is some kind of demneaning word and therefore MUST have racial undertones.
    Bryanboy, on the other hand, has the preconception of what a monkey looks like and just happened to see a person who looks like that monkey and said so.
    it’s not a question of skin color or race. it only became one because you made it to be.
    honestly, the world is just obsessed with political correctness. i happen to think that we in the Philippines are too apathetic for that. Fine, we (i.e. Filipinos in general) love caucasians, but they love ALL foreigners. If anything, most Filipinos are “racist” against other Filipinos. (Service staff here are more cordial to foreigners the way any server is more attentive to someone they assume would give higher tip).
    You guys are just overreacting. I admire Bryanboy for not apologizing for something he DID NOT DO, (which is as you claim was be a racist).
    I think there is this little clique of filipino girls who hate bryan who just love to jump at every opportunity to flame him…how about that comment that all of Manila hated Bryan?…come on, i doubt that all of Manila even knows him.
    and vina, go boycott already. stop embarrassing yourself.

  16. If people are really getting pissed off over what someone puts on a fucking blog they need to get a life and grow a scrotum.

  17. Deej.

    Bryan…. we need more handbags n expensive jewelry!! we wanna see your extravagant obnoxious collection of bags!!!
    lets move on from that ugly homophobic pharell .
    who cares if he is a monkey or a polar bear. both r insult the cute animals.

  18. chilaxi

    sorry you screwballs but if you are saying someone looks like a monkey and they just so happen to have “black” features, you are indeed saying that blacks have “ape ish” features. Im not saying that all blacks look alike, but we would be lying to say that there aren’t features that are characteristics of the black race. And its not that looking like an animal is a bad thing, (because hell, lets face it white people look like dogs and pigs) but since the dominant(read: white) race says that monkeys are “ugly” and “dumb” creatures this makes it really offensive to be compared to them. And when they compare human beings with darker skin only to these creatures because they thought they were more closer to apes than actual “humans”. That is where it gets really offensive. so those who say stop with the pc bullshit, should take their own advice, because being in denial about the racial past and present only makes you appear ignorant.

  19. lindsay hogan

    i agree with the the “regional thang”.
    in the philippines, people use the N word all the time, but it does not relate to the old times where african american are treated as a second class citizen.
    go to any hispanic shops in the US. Find out how many times they used the N word to label there products, it just simply means black.
    i think that the comment was innocent but really wicked at the same time. I find it derragatory onyl because I wouldn’t call anyone a monkey, regardless of the race.

  20. dementia

    dayuuuuuuuum bryan that half nekkid is HAWT! u look like u modelin calogne or somethin lol
    hook us up with the uncencored! :-)

  21. Extravaganza

    LOL Bryanboy, don’t insult the monkeys! Even a gorilla is nicer than him!! LV should put their billboards at the zoos all over the world!!! I wonder why you can say anything about a white man but when you say the same thing about a black man you become a racist!! It’s this filthy world where gays are insulted on daily basis and nobody gives a flying f*** about that!
    Long live Bryanboy and f*off the narrow minded losers!!!

  22. Monkey may be a racist term, but did you also think for a second that a monkey is ALSO a term for an animal, whom he does ressemble? Relax people. You are all gettin’ too PC. Sheez.
    Anyway, WHERE did you get your shirt Bryan?! It’s simply great!

  23. fashionista

    two words to bryanboy: Donna Summer
    i don’t happen to think you’re a racist homosexual…i mean, it’s nearly an oxymoron…HOWEVER…the fact that you never meant to be racist shouldn’t save you from the fact that you do sound like one…if you choose not to be sensitive…and this is not simply a matter of political correctness…as a very visible member of the “pride” community…you somehow owe it to be sensitive…not to the point that you lose your flair and vulgarity….after all that is what people like myself expect from you…i guess this is the double standard for a celebrity…and i certainly hope you don’t do a Donna Summer yourself

  24. regina

    Hahahahahaha!!! ET? You are hilarious BB. But, I still think Pharrell is cute (c:

  25. Chelle

    I like your shirt, Bryan. That thing about Mariah calling Regine a monkey was just a stupid rumor, it wasn’t true.
    Oh, and lindsay hogan: what the heck are you talking about? People in the Philippines do NOT “use the N word all the time.” That word is not even part of most Filipinos’ vocabulary. Please get your facts straight and stop making things up.

  26. she bangs, she bangs

    “because hell, lets face it white people look like dogs and pigs” who’s the racist now chilaxi? please get over yourself-he said pharrel looked like a monkey-not that black people look like monkeys. george bush looks like a chimpanze-its not a race thing. And good on you bryan boy-why should you apologize for somthing you didn’t do? some people will read racism into anything they can-and before you people get on my case i happen to be 1/2 black (my dad’s fron kenya-moms english) and i’m sick of this same old argument!

  27. avenueQ

    geez people…
    everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes.
    You rock Bryan!
    Keep spreading your love.

  28. Jay McCarthy

    For one thing, I love reading your blog. You do have quite an audience that spans across continents and I could see that you’re smart and intelligent. UNTIL… that monkey thing.
    You are not smart. You are not intelligent Bryan. Because if you are, you would have known that the monkey comparison is a big no no. You’re not black. You don’t own the monkey word.
    You could advertise and buy the entire publication of the Wall Street Journal for all I care and plaster it with your APOLOGIES and I AM NOT A RACIST, but the truth of the matter is, there is a lot of traces of racism in you.
    So you’re a friend and even had sex with Naomi Campbell? Does that mean anything? Nothing. Your racist behavior is coming out on you without you knowing it.
    You will have to come to your senses and come to grips with your racist attitude. Trust me, I am not stopping you to be a racist. This is a free world and for all I care, use your racism in some proper venue. Not on your blog sweetheart coz the whole world is reading. Worst, he’s a popular guy and you are hitting some nerves. What do we see next? Bryanboy against the world? Are your the son of Kim Il Tsonngo who just fired a missile? You have your own missile. Monkey missile.
    That’s the reason why you’re being smart and intelligent is all a fake.
    Go back to your senses Bryan. You’re stepping out of the curve. Get back and apologize properly and stop telling the world you are not a racist because it’s unbelievable.
    There are just things in this world that you’re not supposed to touch. If you have not learned that yet, well, I may have to add immaturity as part of your being.
    You’re funny, that’s what we like and stop being a racist in front of us. Do it somewhere else.
    Jay McCarthy

  29. you are so right…
    These oh-YOU-are-RACIST people make me sick!

  30. gheaghea

    if bryanboy inflames you so much, then don’t read him. save yourself from heart attack! durrrr.

  31. chilaxi

    lol sorry like bryan, I don’t take shit back. lol, its true too.


    speaking as a black woman, i have to say that when i read this post, the whole “monkey/black-thing” didn’t even cross my mind. i pretty much knew that bryanboy was calling pharrell a monkey or saying that he looks like one cuz…well, pharrell looks like a monkey. ( i mean, seriously…just look at him. ) but honestly, as black people we have to seriously stop thinkin that everything and everyone is racist. its 2006 and there are still racist people out there, as sad as that is, but we HAVE to learn to let some shit go, u kno. for real. especially when we kno that the person obviously meant nothing by it. c’mon now people. its not that big a deal. now if i would have read this and it was obvious racism, well yeah, i would have gotten mad too, but this was a harmless post where bryanboy might have gotten a little too honest…even tho pharrell is monkey-ish. ha! b-boy, keep doin ur thing.

  33. (Aduuh so much animosity in the house..)OMG!! Bryan.. we, like, trampled on the same pebbled beach in Brighton. ME LIKES!!

  34. prettyinpink

    E.T? hindi ah! cute mo nga eh dun sa pic! no im not kidding..seriously now…=)

  35. sonja

    stop with the “I am black and I didnt care about it” shit. ugh, that means nothing, just because your black doesnt mean you dont have racist thoughts about your own people. anyway what some people dont realize is that other non-blacks think all black people look the same, so by saying pharrell looks like a monkey, you are saying black people looks like monkeys, because pharrell’s “black” features look apish. if he had a acquline nose and pinched lips and blue eyes there would be none of this monkey talk.

  36. Been a BB fan for ages. ^^
    I’d tell you not to worry about the entire thing, but you’re probably not worrying anyway.
    I feel that you shouldn’t be blamed for the lack of awareness of what may be construed as racial slurs in other countries. No one truly knows the entirety of every single culture and its related history. Although if you made a similar error later on, it would be terrible. I’m just saying.
    Keep the posts coming. I live vicariously through your luxury goods lifestyle. :P

  37. Lorenzo

    Thanks for the info, Bryan.
    Pharrell Williams is an asshole and deserved to be called a monkey, among other things, I hope.
    I contacted the store through their site and complained about it. I will boycott their products (yes, I am a faggot and a regular customer who spends lots of money at their store). That is OUTRAGEOUS.

  38. Malika

    As a Black Female I would say this is a big deal!! You shouldnt have used the term Monkey for a black person…….but then again you drag people in the dirt all the time. It just seems to me that you did know what you were doing this time and maybe you didnt know you had so many black readers. I’m sure ur blog wont fall apart over this ( as you know 2) but pls just dont use the terms listed below:
    Tar Baby
    I think that should cover it!!! Besides that keep doin your thing!! Your the best!!!………………..Besides Trent at Pink is the New Blog!!! I found him first that all!!You were the second blog I read ever!!!

  39. jeweladdict

    why does everyone consider making fun of pharell a no no? just because hes part black does that mean people cant say what they want? on tv we still see people making fun of asians, caucasians etc why should blacks be any different??? we arent americans and we didnt enslave the black people so chill the fuck out and patch up the chips on your shoulders! all you fuckin politically correct people are the real hippocrites!

  40. Conscious Scribe

    I was the first to comment about the Pharrel post and appreciate your acknowledging everyone’s concerns and comments…I figured you didn’t know that it was offensive to some black people and wanted to make you aware…
    All in all, this is your site and you can do as you damn well please. But just as you have the right to do and say what you want, others have the right to be offended or “hypersensitive” to racial issues…
    I’ll say this: Being aware of racism is not overeacting or nit-picky. Racism is real and those of us who are subjected to it everyday, overtly or subtly, know how hurtful and damaging it can be. Others, who enjoy white priviledge (especially the white trash commenting on your blog-yea, I said it), tend to not give a shit about what others are subjected to based on something as silly as skin color.
    Thank you for taking the time and space to revisit this topic. It is very much appreciated :)

  41. I think its like you say…very telling that a few readers would find it racist when you call one individual’s looks to be monkey-like.
    Why did their mind instantly make the connection btw monkeys and african amercians?? I heard someone have a similar thing involving a painting of a stuffed sock monkey doll of all things. The gallery got a complaint saying the painting of the monkey doll was racist against blacks. wtf right??
    Obviously the person who is seeing a painting of a monkey doll and thinking it has to be a slur against blacks has the issue not the artist.
    Also, you are not only a minority yourself but a gay minority who has clearly made fans by being irreverent and making fun of anyone and everything including yourself…so don’t you dare kow-tow to these ultra pc stick-up-their-ass party poops.

  42. kontrabida

    you fuckers are tying to make an issue out of this because he’s black? don’t none of you bitches go off that someone’s being racist just because some guy that happens to be black sort of looks like a monkey (which pharrell sort of does). it doesn’t say anything about his talent as a performer or how he is as a person, just that he friggin looks like a chimp. he could be blue for all i care and he’d still look like a friggin primate. get with the program bitches, it’s not about the skin color! i mean, check out that german goalkeeper god, oliver kahn – he’s white and he looks like a friggin gorilla. and the olsen twins! do none of you remember how they used to look like baby orangutans??!?!!?
    some people just really look like animals. and that’s that.

  43. Elina

    My god, people..
    First of all, we ALL have recemblence from monkeys. And why? Because we have 90% the same DNA as they!
    And as a white female, I don’t care if someone calls me snowball, whitey, vanilla, ivory or bleachy. And, I get called that alot. And, it’s okay, because it’s accepted. No one cares if someone calls a white person whitey. But if someone calls a black person monkey.. They go nuts.
    You are all overreacting. Have you stopped to think that maybe you are the ones with racist thoughts?
    You can be a racist against white/hispanic/asians aswell. I’m not saying racism is okay, but I can’t imagine that you think that saying that someone who looks like a animal, is racisim.
    I look like a monkey also, and I’ve heard it. And I haven’t cared.
    Maybe you care beacuse you think you look like a monkey.
    And Bryanboy, you rule :) Hottiehottie on the beach there! Love from Sweden

  44. ok i know this is irrelevant, but Nigo started bathing ape by himself, not with Pharrell Williams, who only came into the scene recently. i love Pharrell and i don’t think he looks like a monkey, he’s hot!
    i don’t think you meant for your monkey comment to be a racist one, but i think we all should understand that it does offend certain people. it’s all about making it clear..

  45. janice dickinson said it best…models should be on magazine covers, not celebrities (especially D-list ones like pharrell)…same thing goes with high fashion ads…he is *NOT* what i think when i hear louis vuitton…put some emaciated european guy/girl in that photo instead.

  46. First of all, Pharell doesn’t look anything like a monkey. He has very sharp Asian features. In fact, if not for his color, he could be Philipino–oh wait –theoriginal Philipinos are black people, but that’s another post.

  47. Jasmine

    First of all, as a black woman, I can say that Pharell doesn’t even have “typical” black features…so I don’t know why everyone is trying to link the whole monkey thing with black features. Bryan, I know you’re not racist. ;)

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