I believe in REINCARNATION!!

Written By bryanboy

I believe in REINCARNATION!!

You read that right maggots! What I am about to tell you is really spooky.

One of my readers recently emailed me saying he visited his friend last week and found a picture of his friend’s mother on the wall.


The above photo was taken in 1933 somewhere in Mission Beach, North Queensland, Australia. Her name is Tippy and she’s Estonian.

Is that me in my previous life?

Oh dear.


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  1. OMG!!! that’s sooo coool!!! yeah who knows it might be you. freaky. cool. spooky. omg. so cool.

  2. Cherryskin

    Holy shit — that means you have readers who are in their 60’s-70’s, or readers with friends in their 60’s-70’s. Get ’em to send “I love Bryanboy” pix in!!!

  3. hmmm could be existing in parallel universes and lateral timelines? or could it be that that famous pose is the universal statement for “fabulous”? ;-)

    That’s true gold that photo! I love your blog man. Greatest thing on the internet ever! One day you will be so famous haha.

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