Here's one for the road…

Written By bryanboy

Here’s one for the road…

This photo is dedicated to all of you out there who stuck by me through thick and thin over the past two-and-a-half years of my ‘blogging’ career.

When it comes to the scary and icky factor, this photo bites the dust. It really is amazing how an innocent, harmless little boy like this one turned into the evil bitch troll that I am today.


I get the creeps every time I look at that photo… and I’m not joking!

You know you love me. All you have to do is tell me.


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  1. lol…u look adorable in that pic bryanboy…
    hahaha..ang cute..parang insosente…^____^

  2. In that photo, there’s a definite hint of things to come, so to speak.
    All the best from Helsingborg, Sweden.

  3. Awwww. So cute — even with the lazy eye/wink. Most of us look so pure innocent when young. It takes a while to turn into the whores we eventually become. But I’m sure you have a photo you look at and think, “yeah, that was taken during the transformation…”
    I love you Bryanboy!

  4. Ahaa! It seems to be an anergy drink that I see in the picture, yap, BACCHUS! BACCHUS! Yes, its for building up energy after rounds & and rounds of sexual performance. Hahahaha!
    Hey honey,it’s fattening too coz it’s got a lot of sugar in it! Very very sweeeeeeeeeet!

  5. Wow
    You were so cute.
    That chubby face suit you :)
    You should not be a wannabe anorexia. I think you would be the most gorgeous with some fat on.

  6. ilovebryanboy

    you look straight there. so when did you decide you were gay? love you bryanboy.

  7. Erin Jude

    Bryanboy’s such a cutie! haha! Kahit na nung bata pa. I bet, Bryanboy’s a mean kid.

  8. curious

    hey, i noticed you’ve been wearing a lot of viktor jeans lately.. i’m just wondering, how much do the pants usually cost? like what’s the usual price range? i wanna have some pairs made din. thanks so much.

  9. hahahahahahah i can tell so much from that wink alone! you were a naughty boy since then!

  10. papichulo168

    I bet the first time your dad saw that picture, he thought: “Looks like my son’s gonna be skirt chaser when he grows up…”

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