Handbags at 10 paces!

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Handbags at 10 paces!

This is absolutely hilarious. Most bag lovers out there will have a ball on what you’re about to see — I almost choked on my coffee when I saw this. I was bloghopping earlier this morning and found this from Mrs. T‘s blog entitled "Inquirer Booboo? A-Z of Fashion’s Big HERMES faux pas!".

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is the Philippines’ top broadsheet. It’s a fantastic newspaper — almost everyone in this country reads it. I even contributed there several times, including their monthly shopping supplement, Just Shop. Overall it’s a great stint.

Photo credit: Tresor Makati

I didn’t read last week’s paper though. Believe it or not, my familia de horreur are major cheapskates. We don’t really buy newspapers because everyone in this household got internet access and we all like to read news online.

One of their features was a nice little "Fashionology A-Z". Naturally (and in any Fashion-related "A-to-Z"), one can expect Hermès’ Birkin bag to be there.

Photo credit: Tresor Makati

I almost had a cardiac arrest when I read Mrs. T’s entry about Hermès’ Kelly bag…

"The former Hollywood star-turned- Monegasque Princess Grace Kelly most certainly did NOT carry a hideous looking bag like that. That bag on that page is a monstrosity. It is atrocious!!! *Gag big time*. And I can’t speak for Hermes here, but I betcha they’d balk at that photo when they see it. It’s just sooo wrong to see that photo."

Photo credit: Tresor Makati

OH MY GOD. That bag is REALLLLY atrocious! It’s sooo wrong in many levels. Hahahahaha!!! I have no idea how on earth they managed to print a photo of a cheap replica and pass it as a real Kelly!

Oh dear. One can only assume it’s another stolen shot from the internet (i.e. eBay). I have no idea where their researcher got that photograph. I wished they looked around for a better photo, or contacted the Press department of Hermès for a picture of what a REAL KELLY looks like instead of publishing that monstrosity of a fake bag. I remember when I wrote something for their monthly shopping supplement and had to include something, i.e. Acne Jeans, I contacted their PR department to get high resolution pics… or I go STRAIGHT to the source i.e shops, etc and made sure my pictures are the real deal — 100% genuine and authentic.

Someone even made a comment on Mrs. T’s blog saying how it wasn’t even real exotic leather but it’s embossed/croc-stamped. Hilarious!


This is what a real Crocodile Kelly bag looks like. Mrs. T sent this to me earlier this year for my birthday. She’s the only person I *personally* know who owns a shitload of croc Kelly bag. I swear to my grandfather’s grave that woman eats Kelly bags for breakfast. I’m kidding. I remember the first time I talked to her, she asked me what I thought of Kelly bags. I told her I hate them cause they’re soo matronic.

HELLO FOOT-IN-MOUTH-DISEASE. I took back whatever it is that I said about Kelly bags because I fell in love with them when Mrs. T sent me this photo back on my birthday. They’re gorgeous, gorgeous bags!

Take note of her bag’s details… handles and all.

Here are photos of other pre-owned Kelly bags from my favourite specialist shop in Paris, Voyages.Fr. They exclusively sell pre-owned Hermes, Vuitton and Goyard bags. I was introduced to them by the General Manager of the hotel I stayed in Paris, the Christian Lacroix-designed Hotel Petit de Moulin.

Photo credit: Voyages.Fr

Photo credit: Voyages.Fr

Perhaps it’s a good idea for them to publish an "errata" of some sort and publish a photo of what a real Kelly looks like? You know how magazines have those small little boxes when they publish wrong information like correction on names, blah blah blah?

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PPPSSS. Bryanboy loves Jessica. That bitch toured Europe and had me in mind in every city that she went to. From the Roman Gardens, Musselini Monument in Rome and Leaning Tower of Pisa to Venice, Italy, Eiffel Tower in Paris and of course, in front of the oldest moral code in the world, the Code of Hammurabi in the Louvre, Jessica posed, posed and posed her way across France and Italy. Ooooooh I’m soooo jealous bitch!!!!! I love you though. Really… you’re the first person to do such amazing act of kindness. =)








  1. Kontradiction, no silly, Mrs T. only gave him the PHOTO of the bag for his birthday! :) oh oh and bryan, did you know Ms Phillipines won Ms Congeniality during the Ms. Universe contest?? And personally i think Japan should have won, Puerto Rico’s choice looked SOO manly, sorta like a panther. And she fainted during the press conference afterwards too! How blah.

  2. maybe they were too lazy to get the photo of a real kelly bag? what they probably did was type in KELLY BAG in google image and printed out the first ‘cute’ (if even you consider that photo cute) Kelly bag.. oh well…
    two thumbs up to jessica. wow. she actually took pictures in every city with the bryanboy pose. cool.
    by the way, i just text messaged you. =]

  3. sillyqitty

    bryanboy, apart from the fact that you luuuuve bags, when are you gonna say that you love me, too???? huh?? huh?? i sent you an email with an I LUV BRYANBOY…reciprocate the luv.. :D hehe!

  4. lostboy

    actually bryanboy honey, that IS a vintage kelly bag in the newspaper.

  5. Those pics of Jessica posing across Europe are awesome. Even Hammurabi stele shouldn’t get in the way of showing off a cute bag…work!

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