General Hospital

Don’t ask me why I went to the hospital (again) on Wednesday morning. I had to do more tests and x-ray shots. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best. I wanna live old till I’m 75 and wear Oscar de la Renta… or Zoran for god’s sake.

Good goofy god lord almighty, when will it ever end?!?!?!?!?


At this point, all I can say is that I’m a walking, talking, Balenciaga bag-wearing Chernobyl victim with all the radiation I got exposed to over the past few days.

Sunglasses by Gucci, deconstructed denim jacket from Alexander McQueen, ‘Salt N Pepa’ t-shirt from Dsquared,  bag from Balenciaga, shorts from this cheap store in the Philippines called "Details", shoes from Zara.

Isn’t it amazing how I’m usually awake during the day and how the hospital became my new sanctuary instead of the vip room of the nightclubs?

Shit, I got up sooo early in the morning I even managed to eat breakfast… at the dead and sick people headquarters aka THE HOSPITAL, of all places.


My transformation is now complete… I’m officially a normal person! A majority of the people I’ve been in contact with over the past week or two are perfectly normal bastards who live perfectly normal lives. Whenever I sent people text messages at 7, 8 or 9AM about various things, almost all of them replied with messages along the tunes of "why are you awake at this hour?" or "I didn’t know you’re a morning person." It’s absolutely hilarious… and believe it or not, it’s refreshing!


But then again, the only reason why I’m awake during the day is because of the fact that I now go to bed before midnight.

I did my last hospital tests yesterday and so far so good. My spine looks alright according the x-ray results. I still don’t understand where my lower back pain is coming from. It really feels as if my back is gonna snap but my doctor told me I’m alright and all I need to do is to exercise and take a bunch of pills.



After my little trip to the sick and dead people place, we went to Seattle’s Best for some coffee and cigarettes, only to end up with this disgusting "iced mocha" drink. I will never, ever, ever buy that drink again. It wasn’t iced mocha, it was friggin water mixed with mud and bile! I took one sip before chucking it out to the bin. Good thing they have free water in those mini papercups.



Can you tell by now that I reaaally love gas stations? There’s just something about oil and gas that is soooooo attractive. Hopefully one day I’ll get married to a fabulously wealthy oil and gas baron. I want to be the new Mouna Al-Ayoub, haute couture dresses and all.


Today’s Obligatory Paparazzi Shot


More updates later. I’ve got a huge Bryanboy loves… and random cheesemax coming up.

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