Food Poisoning and Filming

Written By bryanboy

Food Poisoning and Filming

I don’t even know where to begin. A lot of things happened in the past few days. If I got a dollar every time I said ‘food poisoning’ over the past 72 hours I’d be one heck of a very wealthy faggot by now.

The good news is I lost some weight… and I’m VERY well on my way on losing some more.

That’s David Kempner (left), me and Fenton Bailey (right). Fenton has produced far too many award-winning documentaries, TV shows and films like The RuPaul Show, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, HBO Documentary Monica (Lewinsky) in Black and White, Inside Deep Throat and TransGeneration amongst many others. David, on the other hand… well, I found out early on Wednesday morning that he filmed Paris Hilton before. He also worked on Inside Deep Throat and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

I ate sooo much on Sunday night (everything from fresh oysters, tuna sashimi, unagi, seared foie gras and miso soup from KAI restaurant, fauchon chocolates, salad with Weight Watchers french dressing) to the point where I puked my guts out first thing Monday morning followed by endless rounds of diarrhea. It’s definitely the weight watchers dressing. I’m hyperacidic and I think that pretty much ruined my system.

I’ve been shitting water, foam and bubbles for the past few days I’m practically surviving on diarrhea pills, anti-dehydration pills and water. I’ve completely lost my appetite. In fact, all I had on Monday was a slice of bread. I was bed-ridden the entire day. I ate a little on Tuesday and today, Wednesday, all I had was a cup of tea and a few potato chips. It would be extremely awful of me to eat considering I just had something done to me (I won’t tell you what it is but it’s the reason why my arms look sooo friggin swollen on this photo)… and it’s all on tape… in addition to endless hours of footage of me, me, me and no one but me.

I won’t go into any more specifics because frankly, I have an extremely vague clue of what I’m getting myself into. *wink wink* People like yourself won’t have anything to talk about if I let the cat out of the box. Besides… I know y’all love a little bit of gossip so I’ll leave the speculating to you.


Things would’ve been different if I didn’t contract food poisoning… I’d be in my normal, bubbly, noisy, jolly self but come to think of it, how the fuckin hell can I powermince the streets of this town if I have to worry about farting liquified poo all the time?


In celebration for the city of Chicago’s ban on foie gras, yes assholes, the WINDY CITY made it illegal to SELL foie gras, I had unagi and seared foie gras at KAI over the weekend.


Mmmm!!! Scrumptious!

Who knew foie gras is banned in Chicago? You read that right mother fuckers. My Mexican buddy, Mauricio, told me Chicago has banned foie gras. How can they ban such scrumptious delicacy? Those PETArds have gone wayyyyy too far. I really *hate* them with a passion. Ducks are birds for god’s sake. So what if farm-raised ducks get force-fed? it’s not as if no one eats duck in the first place. Hello!!! Crispy Aromatic Duck is one of my favourite dishes.

Photo credit:


Mmmm Fauchon Foie Gras. Yummy! Photo credit: Getty Images

Moving on…

Meet Jared. He’s 18 years old and lives in Chicago Heights, Illinois. He claims he’s an avid fashion writer, editor, stylist and a buyer for Barneys.


Here’s what he has to say about me, amongst other things…


Bitch got the nerve to call me a hypocrite when he’s got Comme des Garcons and Junya Watanabe (labels, of course) plastered on the top of his homepage.


I really don’t understand this ridiculous aversion to label whores. So what if a girl loves Chanel?

Lookie lookie… Jared is the Nutty Professor incarnate.

Smile for the cameras, asshole!


*sings* Smile, though your heart is aching. Smile, even though it’s breaking. When there are clouds in the sky, you get by if you smile.




I love Sweden. I really do. I love Stockholm, I love Swedish people and I love Swedish design. Swedish labels Cheap Monday and Acne Jeans are some of my most favourite brands ever.

I wish you were here to see the look on my face when one of my Swedish gal pals sent me a link to this photo. Click here to view the web page and to see more photos. This is what Caliroots, one of Sweden’s top online stores, have to say: "as we all have heard, the fashion gurus has predicted the comeback of the extremely high waist for some time now. Here is perhaps the ultimate fashion statement of the season for all hardcore fashionistas. Dry blue denim with yellow seams and extremely high-rise waist! The model in the pictures is usually a size 29 but in the pictures she is wearing a waist 27, so we suggest you go down a size or two for that nice, slimfit look on this model."



I know you all missed me because I haven’t updated in the past several days. There’s soo many things going on in my life right now and this bitch has to work.

I’ve got many more stories to tell. Stay tuned. You all know how to get hold of me. Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


PS. Discuss this blog post on my Online Discussion Forum.

PPSS. Many, many thanks to Henry Calayag of H Salon (still the BEST place to get your hair coloured and highlights in the Philippines), M Cafe, Mega Magazine, Viktor Jeans, Katrina Sy of Sykat Couture, the folks at Generation Pink Magazine, People’s Palace Restaurant (I know, I know, I had a reservation for friggin 6:30 and I showed up an hour late… it’s my fault completely… took 32 long years to get a table for 9 cause the restaurant was jampacked on a Tuesday night but the food, as always, is ABSOLUTLY SUPERB), Redbox Karaoke, my favourite clinic in the whole wide world, Belo Medical Group and of course, all the fabulous folks at the World of Wonder.

Oh, if you’re a fag, queer, homo, bulldyke, guy who likes guys or a girl who likes girls, don’t forget to pop by the Manila Pride party next month. You know it’s gonna be a blast when the party is to celebrate gay pride in MANILA, PHILIPPINES but the guy on their ads got blue eyes. It really doesn’t make any sense, does it? I think they should get a friggin Filipino tranny somewhere and use THAT person on their ads, not some blue-eyed, brunette caucasian. HAHAHAHA! I’m kidding.



  1. filipina

    ohmigod, you are trashing another *black* man! you called him an asshole therefore you are saying all black people are assholes.
    you are a racist and an advocate of slavery.
    i can’t wait to see what all the PC people will think of this post. or maybe they won’t say anything because you are not insulting a celebrity? hmm.


    Oh gosh… how stupid are you???why dont you think to yourself, u think u are perfect? i can clearly see you dont. so before judice other take a look of yourself at the mirror, i would be a bit scared in you ;)

  3. whoawhoawhoa.
    those pants are fucking INTIMIDATING.
    i love bryanboy more than my boyfriend!
    <33 Maddison

  4. Male Model

    HAHA I saw his posting about you on his blog WAR OF THE ONLINE FASHIONISTAS!!!
    Im black an sexy as fuck but I dont think you are racist at all. Plus he is just jealous you dress waaayyyy!!!! Better than him any day of the week! Who cares if you love Goyard & Chanel your dollars do what you want. Plus more ppl need to be decked out on daily basis anyway

  5. Bryan, my God why are you so mean? Dont talk like you’re so beautiful coz you’re not. Believe me, some people in Manila think like you’re such a disgrace, “feeling” social climbing biatch. Plus you bitching around abouth other people and talking about your newly gotten wealth makes it even worse. How come you dont have pictures of your friends anymore, I wonder why. You have such a sad life. All I am saying is bryan, you cannot buy class. You cannot buy friends with what you have. Foie gras my ass, I hope in your next lifetime you’ll be a duck, a fugly duck. Hahaha!

  6. To Filipina, damn..u r so stupid!!…
    and to Sugar – do u think u exude class with a post like that? Ur such a loser, refrain from reading Bryan’s blog if you don’t like him…

  7. Hey Bryan:
    First off I want to commend you for attacking an innocent kid. Kudos to you if that inflates your ego. So what he has a different fashion sense, does that give you the right to make a mockery of him on your blog?
    What does his size have to do with anything? I can understand you not having the same viewpoints as he does, but that has absolutely nothing to do with his weight or anything else for that matter.
    You should take a real long good hard look in the mirror and evaluate your life. Talking shit about a defenseless kid who works his ass off in college trying to get by every day makes you look quite shallow and small.
    How the hell do you look in the mirror every day and be content with yourself as a human being?
    Just because you don’t agree with his way of thinking, that doesn’t give you the right to bash him. It’s his right to speak his mind, however it is not your right to attack him on a personal level because you lack balls to do anything else creative and constructive in your life.
    I feel sorry for you. Jared is a very talented and honest hard working man. In my eyes, all I see is a coward here, and I am sure there are many people who will be inclined to agree, that is when I get done with you.

  8. anonymous

    you’re a whore you ugly piece of shit. you have nooo rite to talk about jared. he’s better than you!! you anorexic thing.!!!! YOU ARE A HORRENDOUS HUMAN BEING!!

  9. Hello Brian boy or Brian girl?.
    I think you’re a very disgusting whore.
    You’re a queen without king and without crown.
    Stupid Bitch!!!!!

  10. You are a sick twisted freak!!! Why in the name of Christ would you write that about a kid?! Just because hes different than you doesn’t mean you can write shit about him, everyone is allowed to be different!!!
    You seriously need a reality check!!
    And it’s your own fault you got food poisoning.
    You disgust me.

  11. callen

    it’s a blog for crying out loud. we can say whatever we want to say as long as it’s not slander or libel.
    ok to sugar, you’re an idiot. ur missing the whole point of bryan’s blog. it’s satirical, he’s not to be taken seriously and if you do, then you should probably learn what irony is.
    to filipina, ummm… i really have nothing to say to you. your comment just shows how ignorant you are.
    to all the bryan boy haters. calm the fuck down. take some zoloft or paxil or st johns wart. smoke some fucking weed for christ sake.
    if you all hate him so much, why do you keep comming back and posting your hateful msgs?
    get a fucking life.
    to bryan boy. thanks for the add on myspace sweetie.

  12. He is slandering someone, do you know how to read Callen? And “Label” is spelled just that not Libel. Hooked on Phonics didn’t work for you did it?
    Yea it’s a blog, he’s entitled to his own thoughts, but he is slandering this guy by having pics of him posted and comparing him to eddie murphy in a fat suit.
    Last time I checked that’s slander sweetie, so before you start defending stupid people, perhaps you should learn how to read.

  13. dylan-knows-best

    Why don’t you go to Jared’s blog and see who slandered who first.
    I do feel like displaying a little anger in this blog so lets start. Have you ever been to Sure everyone reads his BS, yet few read my words of actual merit. I cannot stand him!!! Is it because he is a label whore? Is it because he constantly talks about guys, sex and has quasi-nude pictures of himself? Is it because he referred to Pharrell as a “monkey” exuding a racist overtone and idolizes white male models? Is it the fact that he has millions of advertisements on his site that contradict his fake and ill-illusioned label-whoring, I-take-it-back-when-I’m-done expensive tastes.. e.g. Gap, YES! This asshole!
    *Picture taken from his site*
    Point #1)
    How DARE he call black people monkeys! He better hope I do not get a plane ticket to the Philippines and kick his ass!
    Point #2)
    This bastard does not have enough money to buy a REAL Hermes Birkin bag. Who has time for a two year waiting list and $6,000? Does anyone hear “Fake Ebay bag?”
    Point #3)
    He is such a label whore! It bothers us fashion insiders to our bones to hear such hypocrisy! In what way you may ask? Well he always talks about Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton. I refer to this as façade fashion! Ask him who designs for these people or the history of the house and you will receive the typical “I dunno.” One will never hear any deep words about Rochas or Lanvin….just dior Dior DIOR!!!
    Point #5)
    Random Internet porn stars/pedophiles/drag queens/animals send in pictures of themselves in peculiar places with signs saying “I love Bryanboy” Is this Gay, Taboo, and Awkward? Check
    Point #6)
    Remember, if you even try to visit his site you will vomit, but DO NOT EVEN TRY LOOKING AT THE “SEX SELLS” Section…. C’est Horrible est MAL!
    Well that is the end of my rant…it is so sad it had to come to this. Well, I would like everyone to hold their bag up high and smack Bryan Boy in his face! Until then keep reading!

  14. I retract my last statement, i forgot “Libel” is another term of slander, but again it doesn’t matter anyways, it’s still slander any way you look at it.
    So obviously, it still applies.
    Another thing, why you hating on black people when you are a cross dresser?
    Just curious?

  15. emily from glasgow

    Jen said: so before you start defending stupid people, perhaps you should learn how to read.
    have a dose of your own medicine?

  16. Dylan?
    Where in that post does it refer to him as a person?
    All I see is him speaking on his taste in fashion?
    And also commenting on Bryan’s statement made about “Pharrell” which was racist and bigoted.
    Where do I see Jared calling him “a homo, crossdressing fag?” nope don’t see it.
    How about A “Anorexic wanna be bitch boy?”
    Nope, nuff said.
    Thank you. =)

  17. callen

    jen lol. libel not label you idot.
    libel is false and defamatory statement concerning another or the unprivileged publication of the statement to a third party.
    lets examine the elements of libel shall we?
    was there harm? perhaps.
    was there intent? yes.
    was there damages? no, because everything that bryan had said is true. so there was no defamation of character. therefore libel (in this case it is libel since it is published, slander is only spoken) does not exist. there has to intent to harm and there has to be damages. all elements has to present before you can claim that slander or libel has occured. idiot!!!

  18. whatever your diseased wretched minds want to believe the true meaning of “Libel” or “Slander” defaming someone’s personal character applies.
    You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Following what some “fag hag” says is hardly being individualistic.
    You all attack something or someone just because their views, style, taste and personal image is different.
    You put labels on people just because they aren’t a size 0 and look like a crack addict.
    This is what society boils down to, and it’s disgusting.
    I am disgusted to even share the same air you people breathe.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it’s when people “Slander” someone just because they are different.
    Bryan should know that from being a cross dressing gay man. Shame on you.
    With that, I am done wasting enough on my time on such mindless business.
    When Jared’s clothing line is on the runway, you’ll all be eating your designer handbags. No worries.

  19. marie schwarz

    get your facts straight jen. bryan should sue jared for LIBEL because jared is the one who said bryanboy’s birkin is a ‘fake ebay bag’. is he blind or are you blind? there’s pictures of bryanboy INSIDE THE HERMES STORE ffs
    by the way my psychic called and she said jen and jared are the same person.

  20. LOL run my IP I am not Jared laffin.
    Sue for Libel over a comment about a bag that’s ugly anyways?
    laffin, you guys are a trip this is funny, let me get my popcorn.

  21. callen

    i agree, bryan should sue for libel. since jared alleged that bryan’s bags are fakes. it damages his reputation as “fashionista”. and undoubtedly it’s causing him some emotional anguish.
    jared’s accusations were intended to dicredit bryan. so intent is present.
    and it’s on his blog, so the element that it’s published is present. and there was definite harm from his action.
    i could even argue that there is strict liability in jareds part as is immenent that such public out cry would occur when he posted his libelious comments.

  22. Landon

    ok…first of all, bashing on one black person doesnt mean he’s bashing every black person on earth.
    You guys are prototyping.
    I mean. if jared was white/asian/latin I dont think you guys would say “why you gotta bash white/asian/latin people”.
    So I would reconsider who your calling “racist” if i were you.

  23. I could say that Jared is being Bigoted because he calls bryan a “fag, homo or queer”
    oh wait, that’s because he didn’t =)
    but yet bryan called “pharrell” a monkey.
    hmmmmm. interesting.

  24. callen

    ok. i’m over it. i was fun though. thanks for playing!
    peace to everyone.

  25. dylan-knows-best

    Ok first of all, Hermes doesnt just sell a birkin bag, up front! There is a 2 year waiting list plus $6,500 starting.
    The Birkin/Kelly waitlist is a myth… to retain their “exclusivity”. The waitlist only applies to mortals and not VIP customers of Hermes.

  26. everybody here needs to get a life…really…
    i’d rather get cancer than read everyone’s bitching and moaning about a weblog…

  27. RE: the hermes issue
    when a customer cancels an order or just never comes back to claim it, the boutique keeps the bag and offers it to anyone willing to pay for it…done deal…

  28. marshie

    Oh, if the bag is real it makes a whole lotta difference. The handiwork, the value, the list goes on. Yes, it’s just a bag, but if it’s so damn plain, why is there a friggin waitlist?! And this waitlist business doesn’t apply to certain categories, I think it all depends on luck. From what I know and have seen/heard, people who want certain custom details have to go on the waitlist, but if you’re looking for ‘just a Birkin’, and if you’re lucky, you can get one up front. My mom was never put on a waitlist. I ask you now, how else did she get her 9 Birkins?
    That’s all I have to say, I really don’t mean to cause any other trouble (:

  29. oh my god filipina! i cant believe how stupid you are! just bcoz bryanboy called one black man an asshole doesnt mean he considers all black people assholes! stupid stupid girl! its sad that you’re a filipina! DUMBASS!!! and to jen, just so you know, that ugly negro trashed on bryanboy first! and if you hate bryanboy so much, then get outta here bitch!
    i still LURVE YOU BRAYNBOY!!! you’re way HOTTER than that negro! and yes… i called him a negro!

  30. I love that ur with Fenton & Bailey. I simply could not live without their contributions to television and film. Living Dolls is so disturbingly good, but would somebody please sodomize those brats on My Sweet 16.

  31. dont u do that to my friend u stupid ass gay faggot dont try to do him thats my buddy i dont like u for wat u did u mean ass fuckin gay boi

  32. slurpyjoe

    What a delusional fuck ass he is….. look at him? Do you think that face is a fashion editor/insider/barney’s buyer? OMG!!! Such taste! look at his bed. its sooooooo …. er.. enuf said.

  33. Hugo @ the office, Makati City, Manila

    whatever…Get a life people… is purely a blog…it’s all PURELY ENTERTAINMENT…that’s why we keep coming back…It’s weird some people here are paranoid…black, white, asian…who cares? Criticism is good…have an open mind…just laugh off haters…you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone if you’re confident that you’re doing something right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but it’s best that you keep it to yourself…R-E-S-P-E-C-T…for me… I LOVE Bryanboy…
    +++I take my coffee while reading his blog in the office…it takes my worries away…=)

  34. Bryanboy…I thought the local Gay scene isn’t your thing? Just wondering why you posted the Manila Pride event ad. Anyway…keep on Gaying…hehehe…I love you NEXT to my BF

  35. i think you just had a lipo suction done.. or some lipolite or something.. you’re backgroup on that pic with those two caucasian men says belo.. nag pa lipo ka noh?! haha

  36. Josh, I never said I had class because I know talk trash, idiot. I’m just saying that with all Bryan’s notations like: “Bag by like this, top by like that..” — whatever he wears, even if its worth a million dollars he would still not fit in because on how he treats people. Try to go to M and Cuisine and see how he is when hes absolutely drunk or the way he talk about other people – I’m pretty sure youll feel the same way. AND I’m SO fucking sure when its your face on his blog saying how fugly and gay you are – you’d feel the same way like what hes been doing to these people. It just makes us sick how he is really, the social climbing has got to stop. Life is not all about bags and shoes and putting people down- its about true friends. What happend to him, hannah and gucci group? I dont know.. But one thing is for sure hes being hated.
    To Jen: I hear ya deary! You go girl
    Thats all.

  37. Oh and by the way, I do find some of his entries a bit interesting thats why I keep reading his blog. When he updates about fashion, clubs and travelling. Bashing other people is a different story.


  39. BB! hahahahaha reading the posts here today made me laugh so hard, i needed my ventolin! Good or bad publicity is still publicity, so I guess the ‘unknowns’ in the webworld wanna steal the limelight. Something they cannot do anyway. Cheers!

  40. don’t be mad because jared kicks serious ass and all you can do is get fucked in yours….
    jared has more class than you ever will in your insignificant pinky finger….

  41. slander is committed only when the defamation is ORAL. pretentious jerks! and to the one whose mom has 9 birkins, whatever. keep your bragging to yourself!

  42. ::chuckle::
    If this thread gets any more exciting, I wouldn’t be surprised to catch it on fandom_wank. Amazing stuff.
    To Bryan — food poisoning is the pits. At least it wasn’t bad oysters, those can really give your digestive system the shaft. Plus, you got to lose weight, which is one of your main goals in life, right? ^__^
    Secret projects are fun! Good luck with them!

  43. Harsh with the Nutty Professor thing, but the pictures of his were meant to be teased. Since I know Jared, it was a little bit funny and rough at the same time.

  44. maricris

    Can someone post a link to Jared’s blog, please? This is so stupid, it is entertaining. I love bryanboy, but we all know he thinks he is the shit and I’m sure Jared thinks of himself as the shit too. Let’s just remember that these 2 “fashionistas” are just bloggers originally. I’ll take this shit seriously when I see either of them Vogue.
    Changing the subject…those pants are horrid. As is the foie gras.

  45. strokeslove

    Shame on you for this pathetic attack on an awesome person like this Jared guy. I do love reading his very interesting blogs, and in fact what the hell were you doing reading his stuff, since obviously you think he is below you!? I think you need a reality check, you are no more important than last year’s Chanel collection. Your act is only a temporary mental state, you will soon deminish, like a cheap maxmara bag. And stop bitching about Chicago not serving your precious foie gras. We did that on purpose because we don’t want you here anyways. In closing, stop bitching, NOBODY LIKES YOU, and its so fun to redicule you. Thanks for the smile i got in writing this lovely comment to you. Peace out.

  46. Jared is not a buyer for Barneys! LOL I know several buyers at Barneys and I just confirmed that he is NOT one of them!
    As for you, Ms. Bryanboy, why do you only showcase the unattractive Black people? You never did finish talking about Tyra Banks! I’m waiting!

  47. i work as a buyer for barney’s new york for the east coast. we meet regularly with all the buyers of each region. i have never seen this jared fellow. bryan boy i love you!

  48. passerby

    My goodness people.. What has racism got to do with all this? Come on it’s just a coincidence that Jared happened to be black. And what I see is, Jared started the bashing first. Ask that Jared guy to shut his mouth if he doesn’t his face being critisize in the open for everyone to see. It’s only fair. He did it to Bryan. Why cant Bryan do the same thing?
    All of you are so narrow minded!

  49. FashionVictim

    Oh boo hoo,someone’s prolly jealous of Bryan boy becoz he’s sooo rad.Besides it’s bryan’s blog,i don’t know why you people are complaining so much.
    My goshh,and i Love Comme des Garcons.It’s a pity he had to spoil it all.Wait, what does he know about fashion anyway?

  50. for those who hate bryanboy, stop reading his blog! if he’s such a “sick twisted freak”, then why do u bother reading it? ADMIT IT, U LOVE IT! bwahahahah
    i love ur blog bryanboy! pls continue entertaining us. me thinks JARED DISSED U so he can get FREE PUBLICITY. how pathetic.
    and jared did start it.

  51. seriously, if you hate bryanboy that much, stop coming back here- idiots. jared started it. go team bryanboy!

  52. Rallexe

    so when you say something bad to a black person that’s called racism??? GEEZ
    it just happens that the jared guy is black..stupid people…
    BE-fucking-SIDES it’s HIS blog okay?
    so QUIT it..LOSERS….
    i <3 bryanboy

  53. jared is an ugly monkey-faced has-been who doesn’t have an iota of creativity in his testicle. he’s black and he’s ugly.
    i’m a white guy from iowa and i say that nigger is way too butt-ugly! his clothes probably sweat BO!!

  54. catherine

    I still think that jared just wants some publicity… coz his blog simply sucks and it doesn’t match how he looks.. he is nothing but a gay hiding in an ugly body!! hahahaha!!! get a life jared!!! and spend some time polishing yourself coz ur armpits are darn dark! just looking at ur picture, i can smell ur fat sweat!!
    I just love you bryanboy!!!

  55. well if you ask me Jared was askin for it. He dissed Bryanboy first, he should know better than to do that. And I really dont think its a racial thing guys, Jared was being a bitch, not to mention pretentious and smug.

  56. well if you ask me Jared was askin for it. He dissed Bryanboy first, he should know better than to do that. And I really dont think its a racial thing guys, Jared was being a bitch, not to mention pretentious and smug.

  57. You Bryanboy should first think about what YOU do here… Your blog sucks cuz you talkin shit. Come on, moderate yourself. A man who likes fashion should know how to be “gentle” even if he wants to hurt someone. Come down!!!

  58. we are all varying shades of brown. funny how people use one brown group to fight another. when a person has to use racial stereotypes to describe a person it just shows a lack of vocabulary.

  59. Seriously guys,stop talking about jared – look at his pics, he doesn’t even merit being mentioned in this blog..
    Note to Jared:
    Get ur fatass up to the gym and start exercising…LOL!

  60. Carley

    I dont think it’s fair to take sides in this issue.
    Jared should have just minded his own business (i.e. hauling his ass to the gym)
    Bryanboy should have just shut his mouth since he knows he’s better than that.

  61. Ianastar

    How can you take someone seriously when he’s wearing a wifebeater??

  62. fifi la bouf

    to Jen, the self-righteous english teacher, go check and look for libel, you idiot! and that boy your defending, c’mon. he just play with words, read between the lines. don’t be so naive, he sure aint. trying to ride on somebody coz his sad pathetic blog aint as popular. tsk, tsk, tsk.. and who is he to judge people’s fashion sense. HE SURE DOESN’T HAVE ONE!
    if you’re so holy, don’t read bb’s blog you dumb ass! and if your ashamed to breathe the air we breathe, go shoot yourself (please :p) same goes for eveybody who posts hatred for bb here, go make your own blogs freeloa

  63. marshie

    Uh, oops, I mean, uh, oops, I mean, I didn’t mean to brag about the birkins, I was just using the figures to further prove my point, that it’s not just a one off or anything. Sorry if I sounded like I was bragging! Hehe xx
    Bryanboy I swear you’re so hot and I have nothing to say about Jared because… None of my business?

  64. Wow, are you people that pathetic to still be talking shit about me 2 days later? I am flattered! =)
    I don’t have a blog on this stupid thing for the simple fact that I have “real” friends to talk to and don’t have time to bash someone because they are African-American and different.
    If you read my earlier posts “fifi la bouf” (lol what a name haha) I said that I corrected myself about the meaning of the word Libel.
    I don’t give responding to blogs such amazing thought as you all do. I don’t have the time to sit on my ass in front of a computer screen and think of sarcastic and crass ways to demoralize other people.
    So sorry to burst your bubble. As far as going to the gym, it’s so funny how people love to also attack Jared’s larger stature. What? Just because he doesn’t stick his finger down his throat to induce vomiting or shoving an 8 Ball up his nose, sticking the heroin needle in his arm etc. he’s not part of your “elite” band of fag loving superheroes?
    Get a grip on reality haters.
    The reasons why Bryan Boy posted all that shit about Jared in the first place are simple:
    1. He’s an attention whore who disgusts even himself so he must target innocent young adults following their dreams to satisfy his lack for creativity and imagination
    2. He’s the worst looking man in woman’s clothing ever.
    I mean come on, if you were him, wouldn’t you be just as vindictive and spiteful? I myself for one, don’t give a fucking shit about fashion and what’s sooooo “hip” or “in” I don’t give a flying rats ass.
    I wear what I want because I like it.
    And i don’t give a flying fuck what any of you little attention starved heathens think of me.
    Have a Nice Day!
    *p.s.* Oh and by the way? If this post insinuates to you that I am a gay basher or a homophobe, I am openly bi-sexual and have a best friend that’s a gay man who has very sophisticated fashion sense being an interior designer.
    There is a difference between a gay man and a homo, he’s told me! =)
    Thank you have a nice day.

  65. Daniel Dawson

    Dude, you look like a fairy and your site is a joke… It’s only a matter of time before you get your @$$ beat for looking like that in public.

  66. Daniel Dawson

    Dude, you look like a fairy and your site is a joke… It’s only a matter of time before you get your @$$ beat for looking like you do in public.

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