Exercise is a very ugly word…

Written By bryanboy

Exercise is a very ugly word…

Indeed it is. But according to my Mexican friend Mauricio, I have to exercise a lot in order to truly shed off some unwanted pounds. Here’s a photo of my hideous batwings in full force — disgusting, innit?


Photoshop fun after the jump…

I think it’s high time for me to integrate some sort of an exercise routine into my life. The last time I went to the gym was back in the dark ages and the home gym equipment we bought are rotting and rusting away in our backyard. We should’ve gotten a bloody threadmill, not those ridiculous home gym equipment from home TV shopping.

I went to one of my favourite websites, Pro-Ana-Nation and found lots of nice exercise techniques. I decided I’m gonna go jogging at least once a day, even for 15-30 minutes — I finally have a reason to resurrect my candy-coloured Juicy Couture sweats. Hahahahaha! Yuck. But yeah, I’m definitely gonna start tomorrow. The laziness has got to stop and I need to get my fat ass into shape.

Do you think I should check-in for another lipo-dissolve session? I mean, take a look at the following photos below. I don’t have Adobe Photoshop on my computer and I don’t know how to make my arms look thinner (using my graphic software) so I asked my friend to do the last pic before sending it to me for the captions.


Fuckin hell, it’s like the blind leading the blind… she can’t photoshop my arm properly. Oh well… at least the photo will give you an idea of how skinny I want to look.

I’ll stop all this ludicrous (and ridiculous) incessant whining on how fucking "fat" I am when I get arms like that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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PPSS. I normally hate child molesters but this one gets an exception. The look on that lovely kid’s face is priceless. HAHAHAHA! That’s Andrew, btw, and his god-brother.


  1. LOL, you’re soooo funny dear bryan, I love you, see baby, if you want to get that kind of arms you have to eat water melon, smoke as hell and drink TONS of coke, everytime, breakfast, dinner, lunch, everytime!
    You see results in 2 weeks.

  2. Anonymous

    Bryan I love ya but this talk about pro-ana and fat arms is scaring me. You’re arms are great and we really don’t need someone promoting those terrible websites to people. Just remember how many people look up to you…please be responsible. And think about getting help for yourself too because I am concerned.

  3. Ishnar

    if your @$$ is the size of an hipopotamo then j.lo’s ass is the size of a whale, you look fine although you need a tan asap, because if wear makeup your foundation is way to white for your skin color…

  4. Sharon

    Yu are already skinny! Will you stop with the “I want to be anorexic schtick? Like the other poster said above, you are scaring me too.
    You are gorgeous, man and you will not carry your clothes right on your body. You will only end up looking like a walking coat hanger with a little kids body and that is SO NOT SEXY!
    When I saw how thin you want ot be in that photoshopped pic, that’s when I know you walked off the deep end of planet Plato!
    You need to concentrate on getting your fashion accessories launch so we can make you rich, bytche!!!

  5. lizette

    Why are you doing this to yourself? Your time is better spent doing things other than constantly worrying about your weight. All your posts in the past few weeks talk about anorexia. You need to get professional help P-R-O-N-T-O!

  6. if you don’t stop this ana/mia nonsense i will personally fly to the phillipenes and force feed you a brick of lard!
    danny <3's bryanboy

  7. Running

    I am in agreement with everyone that says you need to stop the anorexia talk. Your arms are fine, if anything you need to lift some weights to tone those puppies up. Your ass is not big, it resembles a pancake more than anything else. Anorexia is a horrific disease and you should not wish it upon yourself. All kinds of fucked up things occur with anorexia! For example, feeling cold even when it’s hot, unusual hair growth, heart damage, tooth damage, hair loss, and so on. My sister-in-law has been anorexic for many years and she looks like death walking. It has destroyed her physically and her family as well. Stop with nonsense! Eat healthy and be happy!

  8. why don’t you try muay thai with a personal trainer or some form of intense cardio? even if surgery does produce quicker results, exercise really defines shape and gives you a natural, anti-aging high. or do the ultimate slimming thing – go vegan/raw foods and do yoga.
    oh bryan, do stay away from those pro-ana sites. starving actually packs on the pounds later on. the best thing is small, healthy meals. quick weight loss means you just gain more when you eat later on. you should find a nutritionist to create a menu for you, to cater to your body goals.
    no problem with skinny – just be skinny and HEALTHY!!! your skin, hair, eyes – EVERYTHING will thank you for taking care of the internal, as well as the external.

  9. Running

    Just for your information, the term batwings is usually reserved for describing when sweaty testicles stick to the inner part of the thighs! Love you, Bryan. I thorougly enjoy reading your thoughts!

  10. congrats on the D-Listed Slut Of the day!!!
    I will vote for you at the end of the month.
    He shoulda used the piccie of you with the bottle of veuve…babooooosh!
    ps- the photoshopped arm looks like a cricket’s wing ready to snap right off. YIKES.

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