Camwhore's worst nightmare

Written By bryanboy

Camwhore’s worst nightmare

I used to hate photos with a passion. I did my very best to avoid the camera ever since I hit puberty. Looking at some of my old pictures, there’s a "gap" between the first day pubic hair started to appear on my crotch right up to my mid teens. I guess as soon as I got hair on my legs, I came into terms with myself and accepted the fact that I’m not the prettiest knife in the drawer.

My looks won’t kill… they only scare people away! Hahaha!


Hat by "Blue Seahorse" from Firma (Manila), short-sleeve white shirt from Neil Barrett, striped vest from Zara, chain and leather belt used as necklace from Firma, patent leather belt from Topshop, skinny jeans from Viktor Jeans (Manila), snakeskin clutch from Tyler (Manila), shoes from Jil Sander.

Things changed though when my dad bought me my first digital camera several decades ago. If I’m not mistaken, it was a "Sony Mavica"… or something like that. It was massive! It was heavy, like a brick, and I had to put one of those icky floppy disks in order to store photos. It wasn’t a fancy camera but it was the start of something… I fell in love with my ugly self.

Sadly, I dropped the said camera on a swimming pool a few months later. It didn’t stop me though from posing (and snapping) away. I’d buy disposable cameras whenever I had the opportunity, just to get my photo taken. It didn’t matter how hideous or disgusting I was. The most important thing at that time is the mere fact that I felt as if I was the prettiest human being on earth.

But we all know that’s not true. I’m Romy and Michele combined in one person.

Case in point: some of my old photos that I found earlier.

What on earth are those leather pants and that blue crop top? Eeeeew!


Gone are the days when I weighed under 90 pounds. Man, I *REALLY* miss being emaciated.


Going back to my story… so yeah, back then I didn’t care how I look in photos. I’d just get pics done even if I looked shitty. I wasn’t as obsessed about photos as I do now. I really don’t know why or how I turned into this extremely vain person. I guess we all strive for "perfection" (whatever it may be) and we all have a mental vision of how we want to look like.


These days, I have to take at least 500 photos of me (no kidding) before I pick a little less than a handful and post it on my blog. It’s nice to have a selection. All that time spent on preening and posing is worth it.

Enough of all this photo and vanity bollocks. I’ll cut to chase.

I went out on Friday night for a little Hodgkin’s Disease benefit/fundraising party before going to the club for a little bit of debauchery.


When I got in, several lovely people came up to me and asked to take photos. I love it. I feel like I’m a celebrity (d-list) even though I’m just a nobody. Hahahahahaha! Hey, it’s not every day people come up to me and ask to take photos. Who would want to take a picture of fugly, sweaty, fat me?

LOL. It’s all fun and good though. There was also this pretty girl who nudged her friends to come up to me and they’re all shy. Finally this cute guy came up to me (it was his birthday) and we took pics etc.

Happy birthday to you, I belong to the zoo, happy birthday, happy birthday… Happy birthday to you!


People taking photos of me are soo surreal, again, it doesn’t happen on a day-to-day basis, so I thought I’d take photos of the ones who took my photos. You know, for posterity’s sake. =)




To this day I still don’t know why people are soo shy coming up to me… Helllooooooo assholes! It’s a lonely planet and it’s nice to meeting new people and make acquaintances. If ya wanna talk or chat to me just come up and say hi! I never had attention when I was a child no wonder I’m seeking it online on a worldwide scale. Hahahahaha!


Anyway, I bet you a million dollars I look like SHIT on my photos in their cameras and they’re all laughing at me. LOL. God knows how many people have already seen them but I have this feeling my face looks like Paris Hilton’s vagina.

What’s a camwhore’s worst nightmare? Not being born pretty.

*sigh* Oh well.


I’m gonna buy lottery tickets soon hoping I’d win a couple of million. I already know what I want. I wanna get eyes fixed, a nose job, a chin implant, some fat removed on my face and a full-body liposuction.

Oh and veneers. We all need fantastic veneers for that billion-dollar smile.

Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492 and tell me you love me.

I love you all! Keep the faggotry alive!


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  1. That guy’s from Ateneo, I think. Haha
    I have the same predicament, I feel you.

  2. i fucking love you, you camwhore. your beautiful. tell hannah i miss her :) and sina stacy na rin. hope to meet you soon.

  3. Oh please BryanBoy… You are sexy. You are hot. You are… You are YOU!!! Heelllllooooooo!!! Please camhore stop beating yourself! YOU ARE NOT UGLY! Wannna see something uggly, just see how FAT I am! I’m 120 freaking pounds overweight and no matter what diet I do my pudgy self keep hounting me all the time!!!
    WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE ME YOUR WATERMELON DIET? I’m waiting for it. Please post it, send it to me, or comment it in my blog. These is a life or death situation!!! Please, please, please give me your diet. Will you?
    Anyway… If you ever come to Puerto Rico I’ll go take a picture with you in a blink! You seem like a really nice person.
    Take Care!

  4. Bryan, you look tooo sexy in those python jeans!! Luvs ya..muahhh!!

  5. Think about getting a mac just so you can use ‘Aperture’ for stacking and sorting photos… it’s beyond awesome. Do the demo and don’t look back. Really.

  6. Jelly Belly

    I’ve been wanting to ask the same question as the comment below. Hannah is a pretty girl, and I miss seeing pictures of her!

  7. jerena

    you are perfect as who you are!!!
    come on~ bryan is like the greatest…fashionista!!!make another fashion statement …

  8. Darling, I too struggle qwith weight and would simply KILL for your jeans-size. Please put up the Watermelon Diet, I and many other Fans are waitign to try this miracle!

  9. BryanBoy…i think i saw you in Town Center (Rustans) i dunno if you can still remember but im the “lanky” guy…anyway, i really wanted to approach you and say hi but apparently im too scared to do it…you kinda look scary! haha!…cheers! =o)

  10. Rivers

    that cute (vomit) you saw, hehe is from ateneo and he’s been in the closet for quite some time… wow, hehe look elsewhere bryanboy you fashionista you! laters

  11. katrina

    i know that guy, he had a thing with my gal pal before. He’s cute. Bryanboy, i know how you feel but shit, YOU ARE A GODDESS! remember that,k? luv yah

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