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Looks like dirty George is back to his old, perverted ways. Isn’t it amazing how this £70,000,000 man (that’s 70 Million British pounds) goes to the park just to have anonymous sex with guys when he can get a good looking person for that much money?


Celebrities… what is it with them? I can’t seem to understand their "eccentricities". Surely it must be lonely (in his case, extremely lonely) when you’re at the top.

More pictures after the jump, including the very dirty (and very old, ugly) man he got caught having sex with…

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Hahahahhaa! OMG. Hampstead Heath. One of London’s most famous cruising grounds. Cruising, btw, to those of you who aren’t in the know, is the act of going around the park/gardens/woods/etc and have sex with random guys.


Personally speaking I don’t like Hampstead Heath. It’s too far out. I prefer Russell Square and Bloomsbury Square Gardens. At least the people there are younger. Hahahahaha! I’m kidding.

I’ve only been to Russell Square a few times with friends… and no, I didn’t have sex with anyone. Do you want me to fuckin catch AIDS? Eeeek! I went there because I was curious. Shit, I’ll never forget the time I went to Russell Square with some of my friends from the Philippines. We’d go there just to laugh at people. It was crazzzzzzeeeeeeee! HAHAHAHHAHAH! This was like many, many, many years ago.



I also remember going to Hamsptead Heath with a British friend and I’ll never forget he’d strip me naked and spank my ass so loud that all the boys in the park can hear us. Once they gathered around us, we’d pack up and put our clothes on and tell all the men "sorry boys, show is over". We’d do that several times a night just to tease faggots because we’re the prettiest queers in the park. They can look but they can’t touch. Hahahahaha!

But man… George Michael is something else.

How can he possibly have sex with THIS disgusting man?


How can George Michael trade his long-term lover, Kenny Goss, to that yucky man?

I wonder who fucks who? LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!


More details at News of the World.


I’m sorry. I simply cannot stop laughing at this story.


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EXCLUSIVE: Caught ‘cruising’ in woods


By Neville Thurlbeck

MEGA-RICH pop superstar George Michael this week sank to new levels of depravity—trawling for illegal gay sex thrills in a London park.

News of the World investigators caught the singer red-handed and red-faced as he emerged from the bushes after cavorting with a pot-bellied, 58-year-old, jobless van driver.

When challenged George, 43, was wild-eyed and trembling. Trying to hide his face under a baseball cap, he screamed:

"I don’t believe it! F*** off! If you put those pictures in the paper I’ll sue!"

Minutes earlier the one-time heart-throb had been lurking in the shadows at the notorious homosexual pick-up spot on Hampstead Heath.

George is a man with the world at his feet. He’s on the brink of a lucrative 50-concert comeback tour, which sold out in half an hour.

Yet he ignored all the risks and dangers to pull seedy Norman Kirtland.

The pair kissed and groped each other before going even further. It was all in a public place and totally illegal — just like the day in 1998 when George flashed at an undercover cop in a California park toilet.

After the shock of being confronted by us, George stumbled to his flash Mercedes coupe, retrieved his keys from their hiding place on top of the rear wheel and roared off into the night — back to his world of showbiz, celebs and glitz.


Meanwhile his new buddy Kirtland crept from the undergrowth looking sheepish and rushed to his Ford Transit van. As he opened the door a grubby, stained mattress was clearly visible in the back.

We later tracked him to his home 60 miles away—a squalid flat in Brighton, East Sussex.

Looking gross and dishevelled, Kirtland answered the door naked — pulling on grimy shorts as he invited us in.

The contrast with George Michael’s opulent, high-roller rock lifestyle was stark.

George, whose family is Greek-Cypriot, has amassed a £70million fortune from sales of records including I Want Your Sex and Careless Whisper. He owns a £5million London town house and a £4million Beverly Hills mansion.

Kirtland’s dingy place just off Brighton seafront, was littered with rubbish, dirty crockery and filthy laundry. His only companion is a 20-year-old cat.

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He told us: "I don’t even like George Michael. And I didn’t recognise him immediately.

"He sort of came up and got close. He looked kind of brown so I said to him, ‘You’re not totally English, are you?’

"I told him I’d come all the way up from Brighton and he said, ‘What? Isn’t Brighton good enough for this sort of thing?’

"I told him it’s highly dangerous at 2am. You’d get your throat cut.

"He told me I could contact him on the Gaydar website and we just started kissing.

"He did it very well. That was one of his major points. Then it was fondling and mutual pleasuring. It wasn’t full sex but it was fantastic."

Kirtland’s confession then took a bizarre twist as he bragged: "There’s a secret that I have which no one knows about. It’s a personal thing.

"Most people pull away from it. But George actually seemed to respond.

"When we’d finished he said, ‘I’ve got to go. I’ve got to go somewhere and chill out.’ And that was that.

"OK, I admit I was there for sex. But I’m astonished a man as famous as George should even think about doing it. It’s potentially so dangerous."

George’s night of shame began just after midnight on Tuesday when he took a short drive from his Highgate house to the Hampstead home of long-term lover Kenny Goss.

Five minutes later he drove to the nearby heath and spent two hours prowling around before hooking up with Kirtland.

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When confronted by our team, a shaken George desperately tried to justify his sordid secret quest for cheap, risky thrills, which friends fear is spiralling out of control and threatening his destruction.

In a sweat, the ashen-faced singer declared: "Are you gay? No? Then f*** off! This is my culture!"

Then he claimed: "I’m not doing anything illegal. The police don’t even come up here any more.

"I’m a free man, I can do whatever I want. I’m not harming anyone."

But George’s worried pals say the former Wham! frontman is the one being harmed.

After the California cottaging scandal, George escaped a six-month jail term but was sentenced to community service plus sex therapy to curb his habits.

It obviously hasn’t worked. In February this year he was cautioned by police for possessing cannabis after being found slumped in his car by London’s Hyde Park Corner at 1.50am.

Weeks later we snapped him driving erratically and he appeared to fall asleep at traffic lights.

One friend said last night: "We’re really concerned. It’s long been known he’s a heavy cannabis user but we’re beginning to fear the pot may have affected his mind. He’s lost his judgment. He must seek professional help or things could end very badly for him.

"He’s just asking for serious trouble. One day he’ll be attacked in one of these dodgy late-night encounters.

"It’s so sad to see a talented guy wasting himself like this."

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  1. george is adult enough to make his own decisions and hence, we’re adult enought to laugh our asses off at him!! bwah ha ha….

  2. Antonio

    mmm you bitch don’t be ridiculous you can get AIDS anywhere from having sex in a park or having sex in a bed on the Ritz
    Go and make cirgury on your nose

  3. I love this bit: “One friend said last night: “We’re really concerned. It’s long been known he’s a heavy cannabis user but we’re beginning to fear the pot may have affected his mind.” I’m so sure, pot makes you insane, thats why it was downgraded by the Home Office to essentially decriminalized in the UK.

  4. Ishnar

    omg that guy he is so old yuck gross, please with all the money i’d be fucking the chippendales…

  5. sillyqitty

    this is one helluva thing bryanboy shouldnt even engage in..it’s useless carnal pleasure at its dirtiest form. the least you can do is be bumfucked by a bunch of alcoholics but never even think about getting into the bushes or whatever and have stupid anonymous sex with some dirty old wanker. id personally prefer to be ASEXUAL than do what george did. *lol*

  6. jonathan

    I agree with G.M. I was his business and it sounds to me that he was being hounded by the London Press. What were THEY doing there? Except to embarass him and sell papers………
    George obviously likes the thrill of the hunt so let the poor man do what he likes. I´m not scandalized at ALL! Now if it was Miss Elton that would be a story but don´t we expect this sort of thing now from George?

  7. Ben T.

    Phone sex is the thing. There are no ppl with cameras lurking around.

  8. lol
    I think it’s a scream too :)
    Nice blog Bryan, I’m a regular reader but never commented to date….

  9. Lesley

    George Michael said Cliff Richard is vile and vulgar(I don’t know why he said that because Cliff never has been vile or vulgar). But it seems to me that George is the one who is vile and vulgar. Cliff can have hte last laugh.

  10. Damn George why him? CHOOSE ME!! GODAMMIT! I should start drinking loads of beer to get that kinda belly *kidding*. Well it is his life afterall

  11. Cherry

    “please with all the money i’d be fucking the chippendales…Ishnar”
    I don’t think the Chippendales have genitals, do they? Just a plastic crotch like Barbie’s Ken. And do they even bend at the hips?

  12. olander badaso from ph

    i dont like george michael that much but i LOVE to think his millions so it is definitely the most disgusting thing to if ur a rich and famous man.

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