Bryanboy loves SINGAPORE!

If you’re Singaporean and you know it, clap your hands!

Words cannot express how much I feel at the moment. I know I have a shitload of people out there reading my blog and it’s high time I dedicate an entire post to all my Singaporean readers. You all ain’t bad as what I thought. If anything, you’re all LUVERLY!!!!!!

It’s 6:03AM here on a Wednesday here in the third world and I’m trying to finish my article for a local magazine. It’s long overdue and I’m having a mental block — I can’t, for the life of god, get my mind off Singaaaaaaapooooooore!

I’ve been planning to go to Singapore for FUCKING ages but it’s only until this week that I decided "shit, I *really* have to go to Singapore!!!!".

I don’t want it to be just like any other trip. When I go there, I want to be mobbed by a shitload of screaming teenage fans, complete with cameras and cellphones, all of them screaming "BRYANBOY IS A FAGGGGGG BABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!". I’ll then pose in front of their cameras with my infamous Bryanboy pose and everyone will cheer me etc. Hahahahahaha!

It’s free to dream….

So yeah… I’m definitely coming to Singapore. When? I don’t know. Definitely soon. Probably next month? I really don’t know. Soon though, soon. Within the next few weeks, I promise. It won’t be a long trip, I’d say give or take 2 or 3 days max. Perhaps a weekend? Not sure.

BTW, my bag hag Mrs. T., saw a PLUM-COLOURED Chanel 2.55 lambskin size medium bag at Chanel in Hong Kong. I wonder if they have that in Singapore. Isn’t it GORGEOUS?

Photo credit: Mrs. T

Anyway, I definitely want to do a little "meet and greet" session where I can meet some of my readers. I wanna give out my "I LOVE BRYANBOY" sticker, sign autographs, take pictures, etc. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Can you guys recommend a perfect cafe/restaurant to do this? I mean, it has to be planned, right? I can’t just show up in Singapore and then post on my blog where I want to meet y’all.

A friend recommended that I do a little thing at River Cafe at Robertson Quay. What do you think? I’ve never been to River Cafe but based on the website it looks like a nice place. Yes?

Otherwise, can y’all recommend a place? I want it to be informal. You know, everyone buys their own drink/snack/whatever (hahaha!!) and then I’ll just show up and greet everyone!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What do you all think? Is that a good idea or no?

If you’re a member of the Singaporean press and would like to interview/feature me, please feel free to email me. My email address is I PROMISE I’ll respond to you soon. I know, I know, I have a huge backlog but I promise I’ll get back to you when you can. All I want to do is spread my faggotry to all corners of the globe. KEEP THE FAGGOTRY ALIVE ASSHOLES!

And if you’re a Singaporean blogger, feel free to blog about me, me, me and NO ONE BUT ME. Bryanboy is coming to town!

I love you all, as always. I’ll see you soon, if you’re from Singapore!

Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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