Boxing Day

Written By bryanboy

Boxing Day

After several weeks of hard work, research, phone calls, meetings and waiting, I finally have boxes for my upcoming accessories line. They’re quite lovely and nice… wayyy better than the cheap-ass kraft boxes.


Now all I need to worry about is the merchandise, photo shoots and the website. Ugh! Most of my pieces are already finished. We’re on the final stages of ‘quality control’… and we’re also adding a few last minute changes here and there.

My god, hiring professional photographers are fucking expensive! One photographer even wanted to charge us a "per product" fee. Oi vey! The amount he wants to charge us PER PRODUCT (It’s a 40-piece collection) is more expensive than some of the pieces I’m selling!!!!!!!!!!!

I really wanna have nice photos, like the ones you see on eLuxury, against a super super bright white background… *sigh*

Photo credit: eLuxury

I guess I have to keep on looking for a photographer who is willing to work for cheap or what the heck, for FREE in exchange for exposure on my sites hahaha! I really want nice photos and not just tacky DIY photos. I want it reallly professional for my little online shop.

Oh well.. there’s a lot of work to do. I just can’t wait for this baby to take off!

I’m gonna crawl back to bed. I love you all!

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  1. pay for my airfare and I’ll do it for you, plus you have to donate me your couch for a few nights, unless you can hook me up in a hotel ofcourse, pull some strings

  2. hi bryan, i am an art director at a global beauty concern and i shoot products nonstop. the product photography style you like, as in the eluxury images, is dead simple for any professional photographer to do. no props, no environment, no complicated lighting situation. even our salesbook shots which the customer never sees have got more going on with a minimal reflection from sitting on a glass shelf. you should be able to find someone reasonably affordable who could handle this. you don’t need raymond meier at 20k USD a day. and most photographers i work with charge a day rate, not per item. looking forward to seeing the results. RJR

  3. try contacting indie photographers…they’re a lot more reasonable and just as good….are you familiar with jena genio….but i think she’s a little more expensive than most of indie photographers

  4. how much would your fab accessories costs? like the price range and stuff??

  5. anonymous

    hey! uhm! juicy couture has some awesome ipod cases.. and cute bags!

  6. I know you don’t want DIY but it’s really simple to do product shoots especially if you just want a plain white background, no art direction props whatsoever. And they’re usually retouched in photoshop anyways.

  7. photoshop is nice, but do as much in-camera as possible. there are sets out there with white slanted background, lighting etc for about 100-200$. you’ll be shocked about the difference (if you use a good camera)

  8. dear bryanboy,
    I’m a photographer, or at least that’s what I’m paying 45,000 a year to tell people. You should just let me do it by sending over samples and giving me a week to set everything up. I promise to be very cheap :* seriously shoot me an email and maybe we can work something out. I’m leaving you my email address that doesn’t have my name but I swear it’s valid.

  9. i’m a local (manila) amateur photog and can do exactly that “super white” background. it’s easy, actually. hehehe. interested? shoot me an email and i’ll send you back a quote pronto!

  10. U got a cute site. However, there is nothing new about (hmm)people who shadows Boy George & Nicole Ritchie’s fashion. 30yrs retro is a breath of fresh air, but a week old style from In Touch is so yesterday. Also transsexuals are men in dresses and carrying purses already. In other words, it seems to me you are lack of love and desperately seeking for attention. Unfortunately, everything you are trying build especially your image is already been done. Remember: unique, individuality, talented, creative,and trendsetter=iconic. Not copycat!

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