BIGGEST PICTIONARY EVAR: Backpacker Culture vs Bryanboy Culture

Written By bryanboy

Backpacker Culture vs Bryanboy Culture

My oh my. I must have received at least 80 emails (84 emails to be exact) in the past few hours telling me **NOT** to go backpacking. Jesse from San Diego was "disgusted with the whole idea of backpacking" and I’m just putting myself "at risk".

Hmmm. The more people who tell me NOT to go backpacking the more I want to do it. I don’t know why y’all hate the thought. I mean, surely it can’t be THAT bad. I’ll let the following pictionary speak for itself. I found a shitload of backpacker pictures online and I’ll compare them to some of my old travel pictures.

For instance, meet Han of Singapore. Han is 24 years old and he’s currently finishing his law degree. He went backpacking to a lot of places all over the world. Here’s a photo of him in Turkey.

The biggest pictionary EVAR is waiting for you after the jump. If you’re on dialup, don’t click the link below because this post is overloaded with photos.

Here’s a picture of him with Eithan from Mexico and Mikhael from Ukraine. This photo was taken in Stockholm, Sweden.


Some random backpackers on top of whatever it is they are riding. Take note of the white woman right in the middle of these 2 white guys and their excessive amount of facial hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if that woman’s got hairy pits. Eeeek! Hahahaha! I’m kidding. This photo was taken in the country of Laos. I don’t even know where that is. I know it’s in Asia, right?

I think I’d rather commit suicide…. or hire my own elephant than ride that thing.


Here’s a group of random backpackers enjoying a meal in Morocco.


Oh my god. Look at those 2 backpacks those Danish backpackers have. How on earth can they fit their essentials in just 1 bag? I know my toiletries alone take up 1 bag already and I need another bag for my shoes and only shoes…


Oh. my. god. Is this a concentration camp? Looking at those beds remind me of the film Schindler’s List. I wonder if there’s hot gay sex going on in one of those things…


Lookie lookie.. even mommy and daddy goes backpacking, too.

Photo credit:

Remember that song from the dark ages called "Orinoco Flow" by Enya? It goes "sail away, sail away, sail away!". That’s the first thing that came to my head when I saw this photo. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Harajuku backpacker girls on their day off. Everyone fuckin sing with me — oh yes, it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right. Oh yes, it’s ladies night oh what a night (oooh what a night)!!!!

Photo credit:

Can you imagine me drinking beer with this young man?

Photo credit: Tranquilo Backpackers of San Jose, Costa Rica

Oh look it’s the White Nationalists in their vintage Camp Beverly Hills t-shirt and Jordache jeans. Imagine me being the only brown-assed gook in that crowd.

Photo credit: Tranquilo Backpackers of San Jose, Costa Rica

Anyone fancy some gay sex? These boys are the types that would send you to a third world prison, Clare Danes and Bridget Jones-style.

Photo credit:

You read that right. Third world prison with big hairy back papa joe right there…

Photo credit:

I’ll give $10 if you can guess how many days these boys didn’t take a shower.

Photo credit:

"Hotel Ritz is right over there!"

Photo credit:

Now that you’ve seen what they all look like, let me show you some of my old travel pictures.

It’s depressing being the only person in first class lounges…


… and the best way to pass time is to camwhore galore.


Business class is lovely for short flights… save first class for super long haul flights… ahhhh the luxury of having peace, serenity and tranquility 35,000 feet above ground. No screaming babies and nagging parents.


I have this tendency of having all my shit scattered on the floor. Photo taken at my suite at the St. Regis in Beijing.


Gotta love room service at weird hours of the day…


… and the ability to bring guys back to the hotel. HAHAHAHA JAKOB MY SWEDISH LOVERBOY I LOVE YOUR YELLOW PRADA CASHMERE TOP YOU ASSHOLE. Photo taken at Radisson SAS Copenhagen.


I love turning straight boys gay… fur, sunglasses, handbags and all.


How can I go backpacking when I usually carry AT LEAST 100 KILOS (MINIMUM) with me every time I travel? Rule of thumb in packing: your luggage must weigh at least twice your weight.


Shop till you drop…


… and I mean shop till you drop. Don’t worry about luggage, even if you have clothes overflowing your suitcase.


Because there’s always FedEx to rescue you.


Travelling allows us to meet new people…


yes, I said meeting new people…


(that includes people from Iceland)


go to fantastic places…


experience new things…

or sit on boys’ laps…

in some of our finery.


It doesn’t matter whether we’re sober or drunk…


because we’ll always be FAT at the end of the trip with all that good food that we ate…


all the amazing times that we’ve had in big cities…


or far flung remote islands in the middle of nowhere…



even if we have bad hair days…


bad shoes…


or the time we got busted for doing a late night booty call… (HAHAHAHA)


all of these memories are going to be cherished for the rest of our life.


At the end of the day, the most important thing when travelling is to have plain ol’ fun!


Ok.. that photo is nasty. I can’t believe I posted that. LOL.Hahahahah!






and lots of FUN!!!!!!!!




As always, you all know how to get hold of me. Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


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  1. kaseladang

    don’t go backpacking please.. i just know you cannot be seen anywhere wearing ordinary clothes and no accesories. you can’t risk it.. you’ll end up getting mugged, or something even worse if people sees your branded stuff..
    yes it’s cheap and probably exciting to go backpacking but i’ll rather spend more and have the comfort, security and services that a great hotel can offer..
    we are not stopping you to challenge you dear, we just care about you..

  2. oh my god!!! FUN!!!!
    backpacking aint for me either.
    whats the point of a holiday then..
    5 stars the way to go.. thats fun.. !!!

  3. La ragazza con la valigia

    Hey, congrats bryan, you’re personal photoalbum looks all too glamourous. You are so channelling Claudia Cardinale in La ragazza con la valigia! And you really were skinnier when you were younger, not that you’re fat now but you did look very… different, did you have surgery? Omg, I’m so indiscreet.
    Congratulations also for your site, when I read some of the nastier commens sometimes I think you’re being really brave. I for one would take it personally, all that hate, but it doesn’t seem to affect you and it shouldn’t. And hey, you’re site was a true eye opener to me. I believed that such careless faggotry as on display here could only exist in the western world but I was wrong. In fact you’re more carefree than most of us I’m sure. C’est fantastique!

  4. shellabellah


  5. absolut

    what cities have u visited?. where the hell do u get ur money? dang.

  6. Trista

    Ooo.. it seems you are overcome by wanderlust!
    Well you don’t have to actually go backpacking to enjoy different cultures and visit different cities.. You can just have a loooooong holiday and visit all the places you want!
    Of course, backpacking usually entails going off the beaten track to visit little-known places which you wouldn’t normally find in Lonely Planet guidebooks, but at the same time, DANGER lurks in these remote locations as well. Think muggers, scammers, gypsies, vagrants, thieves, psycho killers, rapists… And the worse thing is, there’d be noone to come to your rescue because THERE IS NOONE AROUND.

  7. youre so funny. only you can go from riding a camel (you love big dick), and then referencing shilndler’s list and gay orgy sex in one breathe. nice.

  8. hi bryanboy,
    i like your style… you are superstar fabuleux.. i’m one of your fans..
    greetings from mindanao island

  9. /me dumbfounded.
    if it was really you who left a message on my blog, thank you. well appreciated.
    thanks bryanboy, you rock! =)
    and oh yeah, i changed the addy already.


  11. shella bellah’s correct though…
    singapore is really easy for backpacking cos its all round safe and small..public transportation is excellent as well..
    and u can stay at hotel 81 which is like pretty clean and nice for a budget hotel..
    only $49 SGD a night which is like dirt cheap..
    haha though u might be disturbed by the night ppl romping around..haha.. :P
    but yeah check out the website…

  12. Petro_vich

    Oh my god Bryanboy! You are dlisted’s Hot Slut of the Week!

  13. Cool entry! Haha, ‘meeting new people’. Is that security officer topless for real? Unbelievably hilarious, Bryanboy. Still enjoying reading your site, as always ^_^
    Greetings from Dasmarinas, Cavite

  14. Hi Bryanboy! I’ve been reading your blog even before I moved to Germany and I wish I could’ve spotted you in Manila! You are D listed’s Hot Slut! COngrats!!
    -A transplanted Makati girl in bumfuck Germany

  15. backpacking is fun. prepare to be drunk every night. we went backpacking on our 10th grade classtrip and it was the funniest thing ever.

  16. i love this entry! ha haha hahahaha :)sweetie, you just made my day – i meant night.
    oslo is waiting for you.
    i swear, i’ll go backpacking with you even if it kills me …and you.
    the horrible stories..
    people washing their hair at those stinky gas station toilets (lather, flush, wait 5 minutes and, voila final rinse. *FLUSH*
    dry bathing anyone? *shudder*

  17. Do it, darling….if I had had that chance in My lost Youth, I would’ve taken it. You’re most likely to have the most amazing experiences of your life..if you can remain “okay” with the fact that you’re gonna get kinda dirty and sweaty along the way…

  18. hi bryanboy! i’m a sucker for travelling so i really enjoyed this entry of yours…take me with you? :D hehehe. even if you stuff me in your vuitton trunk, i won’t mind, just as long as i get to some place exotic like fiji where nicole kidman and the travoltas go for summer vacation ;p
    btw, that picture taken in laos, they are riding on a jeep kaya! parang dito sa pinas, hangga’t kakayanin ng sasakyan, magpapasakay sila ng magpapasakay! hahaha! and yes, laos is in asia darling, near cambodia, thailand, vietnam..that part of asia.
    one more thing, try and look up bobby trendy. he’s an interior desisnger somewhere in LA and he is giving you a run for your furs and fashion sense! don’t let him beat you!!!
    (hope you post this)

  19. i think it’s kinda annoying that you want us to submit pictures of your pose and never post/give us a shout out :-/ what a waste of time…

  20. Bryan, honey…you are just too fabulous to backpack! U are CRAZY!

  21. hoobie

    B Please be very careful backpacking, you might encounter close minded biggots that cant apreciate your fabolousity and get your stinky ass murdered. Dont want to see a picture of you on K?
    Love ya…. miss that ass ‘)
    you know who

  22. Found you Through DLISTED and you are bloody Fagtastic. As I don’t know you personally I am unsure if Backpacking would be for you but FUCK IT life is Short.You may do it and it may not be for you but at least you can say you tried. But Judging by your First Class Travel and suites in Hotels I think you may struggle to come down to BackPackers Level of Basic requirements. Love your Blog! Karen (Scotland)

  23. Mallory Nakamura

    DO IT, but be safe about it. Do your research, visit safe places (AND DON’T WATCH HOSTEL). It’ll be something you’ll never forget. You’re an artist, you need experience and trials.
    I think you can do it. Despite appearances, you’re a smart boy :p It’ll build character. PROVE ALL THESE PEOPLE WRONG.

  24. hahahahaha fuck bryanboy, i almost shit my pants at the “bad shoes” “bad hair” pics. hahaha fugllllly!
    i still love you though.

  25. riffraff2000

    (English translation: You’re a goddess!)

  26. oh honey i feel ya i’ve been all over the globe, i travel business class i’ve stayed in expensive hotels, but that’s what fun about it, when i was living in spain getting my bba and mba i used to go backpacking a lot, and it was a lot of fun, oh my my the good old days…

  27. Craig Andrew Gibbon

    you tend to have your things scattered on the hotel room floor? of course that will happen if you don’t take Eunice with you silly!
    Craig from New Zealand xxx

  28. Jose Luis

    This is one of ur funniest post ever bitch, all those creepy pics of you just made it, we gotta be proud of what we were in the past no matter what. I guess it could be kinda interesting to see u try backpackin with glamour LOL

  29. Jourdane

    hehehe.. i had fun reading this page. bryan, you are so funny and fun! :)

  30. The picture of the Birkin w/the rubber chicken in it is priceless. You rock!

  31. eunicelle

    why can’t i have those branded clothes and bags and perfume and shoes and everything in you?!
    i think it’s time save money and have those THINGS you have….i envy u BB!huhu…

  32. with all those bags, the posh hotel suites, all the travelling.. how did you ever became so bloody, fuckin rich?!

  33. shet ka, nakakainis ka, ang dami mong bags. question, how do you do ur make up/

  34. Jesus Christ….ur soooooo fucking faboulous! What gives I thought I was the flyyest bitch in the world…I see I have some competition! Bryanboy you are indeed a worthy adversary you faboulous queen!

  35. OHHH MY GOD!!! HOW DID U GET TO TRAVEL LIKE THAT HUH!??? are u a king or something!?? do u sleep on a king size bed made up of piles of dollars!?? I SO LOVE YOU BRYAN BOY!!!

  36. markcabos

    you made me so inspired about travelling. I thought gays always wanted to be at thier comfort zone. Your one of the kind bryan boy!

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