49,108 Reasons Why I Love Tyra Banks

Written By bryanboy

49,108 Reasons Why I Love Tyra Banks

I love Tyra. I really do. I mean, fine, she’s got America’s Next Top Model but frankly, I’d rather watch Fashion TV any day.

I’ve seen the Tyra Banks show a couple of times before and I thought her show is just ‘another American talkshow’. I was wrong. I got hooked after watching her "Girls Gone Wild" and "Guys Gone Wild" episode. There’s something about her that I love and I don’t know what that is. Maybe it’s the way she talks, her facial expressions and her constant eyelash battering. You have to watch THIS video. She’s sooo hilarious.






Oh my god, I am soooo addicted to Tyra Banks it’s not even funny. I know many of you find her exaggerated and over the top but I love that woman. She’s got a good heart in spite all of her eccentricities.

I know this is old news but you have to see how Naomi and Tyra made peace after 14 years of fighting. I love the look on Naomi’s face. AND I LOVE HOW supermodel NAOMI FARTED AT THE END OF THIS CLIP. YOU HAVE TO TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS.


Proof that Tyra’s got a good heart…

Even these kids will agree with me… WE LOVE Tyra…

Everybody raise your hand if you love Tyra Banks.

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  1. so great to cu
    im from shanghai,china
    its so big surprise to me
    though ur not a chinese.

  2. maricris

    I want to see the rest of that video w/ Tyra & Naomi! What happened? Did they brawl? TEAM NAOMI!

  3. lisalisa

    OMG!!!! that is gonna be a CLASSIC! tyra vs naomi, trying to clear things up…..oh yah

  4. Check out the E True Hollywood Story program either on Top Model. That clip where she read whatsherface apparantley was more a reaction to sheer exhaustion, a little breakdown caught on Cam. As Adrian Curry and several other Top Model casters tell it she’s not really the nicest person in the world.

  5. i LOVEEEE tyra… she’s one of the supermodel that i find smart as a person.. she’s tall, she’s unique, she’s not super skinny, she’s humble, and she’s so honest.. she’s not fake.. lotsa models try to have the cool image stamped on them, but tyra? no no no.. she doesnt care..

  6. Hey Samuel. I found the videos after hours upon hours of searching **EVERYTHING** about Tyra banks online! HAHA!

  7. Wow! I love Tyra Banks too! She’s actually bold and very encouraging. I love her attitude! Especially towards some audiences during shooting of her shows.
    Overall, we should be able to tell that she is actually doing alot of those shows to help other women. That’s what I feel!

  8. I love Tyra before i’ll ever love Naomi Campbell. Naomi is a bitch with too much power take and strip that hoe of everything she’s got and what do you have just the average bitch.
    Tyra she rocks!!!!!!!!!!She’s positive and productive and very charming and that’s my idol Victoria secret model not Naomi aka Na Na some bitch from down the street it’s time to grow up and like Diddy make this money.

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