You better work! Sashay! Shante! Win a Louis Vuitton Pochette!

Written By bryanboy

You better work! Sashay! Shante!

It’s 3:35AM in the third world and my day is about to start. I slept early last night, around 8PM after spending the entire day on the road. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!


Yesterday was quite productive. I left the house before lunchtime, in spite of my face all red and peeling (yep, I restarted again on Obagi…I have to have perfect, flawless skin NEXT MONTH for another upcoming/possible project, that’s another surprise to tell), to meet several suppliers. My first batch of 20-something necklaces are all done… and they’re all GORGEOUS! I’m really proud of myself and my vendors. I’m extremely confident that most of you will react the same way I did when I saw them. It felt really good inside to be able to accomplish something. Unfortunately, there’s still lots of work that needs to be done. 20 pieces isn’t enough to begin with therefore I’m adding another extra week on my ‘calendar’ to create another 20 pieces.

I’m sorry for the lack of pictures because I left my camera’s memory stick at home!!!! UGH!

At the moment, packaging my pieces is a challenge. It’s sooo hard to find boxes! I spent several hours over the past few days researching boxes (from the USA) only to decide I shouldn’t buy them there because of the risk – what if I bought the wrong size? what if I’m not happy with the materials? And then there’s the shipping costs… the more expensive the packaging is, the more I have to charge for my pieces to recoup my expenses.

I went to a shop here that specializes in custom-made boxes and found a chic black box with covered in a linen-like paper. It was love at first sight! It’s funny cause the boxes that I’ve been looking online cost anywhere between US$50-US$80 per 100 pieces plus shipping whereas the box that I saw at the shop cost several dollars APIECE and I have to wait 2-3 weeks for them to create 100 of them! I thought, "fuck it", what’s a couple of dollars when we’re dealing with nice packaging, right? Afterall, it’s all about presentation. Most of us, when we shop, we all look at the entire enchilada, right from the quality of the product down to packaging, promotion and of course, the overall shopping experience.

So… I told the sales staff that I want to order 100 boxes. The lady told me they don’t have enough paper to create 100 boxes and it may take some time. *sigh* I wanted to die right there. I was holding the perfect box in my hands only to be told they can’t do it. I was presented with another option, this time a different kind of paper, in MATTE BLACK. It wasn’t even black as in black black black with a slightly greenish tint. It was black black black like a midnight sky black with a little blue-ish tint.

(You can tell I’m a FLAAAAAAAAMING homosexual with the way I describe colors. Hilarious! LOL)

I told the lady I’ll give it some thought, research my other options and come back once I made my decision.

The good thing is, a friend sent me a text message, whilst I was asleep, with another vendor’s contact details who makes these ‘amazing boxes in various papers’. That was a completely sweet gesture of him and totally unexpected. It’s little things like these that makes me think, wow, I guess there are still people out there who do care one way or another without even asking for their help.

I sent the other lady a text message so hopefully I’ll get a response one way or another.

On other things, I’ve also scheduled a small photo shoot sometime next week to get things going. Afterall, I cannot create a website without product pictures. I don’t want one of those "DIY with camera phone" mediocre product shots. I want professional product photos where people can see the detail of my pieces.

Creating a website should be easy as soon I as have photos. I know I could outsource all the work to all sorts of people but this, to me, is a complete LABOUR OF LOVE. Never in my life I’ve been sooo excited on a venture.

I guess all this lag will give me more time to do more things. For instance, I chatted online the other day with a friend who works for Chanel and he gave me a LOT of helpful tips for my first accessories collection. Thank you, my angel, you know who you are. Well, Chanel is Chanel. Even if it’s the most bare-boned chain and leather necklace with a few faux pearls here and there, a Chanel piece is still a Chanel piece. LOL. If I’m able to save up (hahaha) money in time for the Paris shows, I’ll most definitely take you up on your offer on Coco’s apartment!

Can you tell I’m really, really anxious and excited? Don’t worry, you guys will be the first people to know when I launch my online shop.

Win a Louis Vuitton Pochette!

The ever so generous bag hag Mrs. T. is giving away a free Louis Vuitton Damier Trousse Makeup Pochette to the winner of her "Brag a Bag Collection" contest.

Basically all you need to do is to take a picture (and style-ize, I can’t for the life of god think of a better word) of your designer bag collection. Click here to read all the rules and fine print.

I think that’s all for now. I’m gonna do a Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax post in a bit. I love each and every one of you!

BTW, eLuxury is having a final clearance sale! Time to snap up those designer goodies on the last minute… Did you know they started carrying Roberto Cavalli as well?


As always, you know how to get hold of me. Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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  1. Will you sell your products here in manila? Am so excited!!! Good job….Cant wait to see all the designs!!!! loveyou

  2. Hi!The new LV Damier Azur is so pretty!
    may i know HAVE you see it??as you at the high fashion place!!please post some of the picture for the Damier Azur!!
    thank you!

  3. hello bryan! It’s so cool to know you are gonna have your own accessories line! I can tell you’re sooo excited and so am i! Have fun darling and i wish you all the best in your venture! :)

  4. charlotte

    YOUR ACCESSORIES LINE MUST COME TO SINGAPORE!!! pretty please, bryangorgeousboy? :)

  5. i super love your blog…so funny and unpretentious. where can i check out your necklaces?

  6. where are you selling them?! will you be manning [er…gaying] the register or something? ^_^ heehee cant wait

  7. Ishnar

    honey your accessories line must come to the puerto rico, i’m happy that things are going your way and don’t worry so much about the boxes, because hey mr. your fabulous and things will work out for you…
    have a good one and keep up the goodwork!!!

  8. ooh, are they handmade? i’m from singapore, make jewelry myself too. it got pretty crazy around singapore recently. everywhere you turn you’ll find a jewelry site

  9. Dumeca

    with all those furs, one day you’ll just see PETA people hurling dead raccoons at you while you’re shopping.
    as they say it in new york clubs, “the only wildlife here is human”.

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