Why do I have this feeling…

Written By bryanboy

Why do I have this feeling…

I have to get this out of my system or else I’m gonna be insane. Just browsing the net, as always, and came across a picture of Hilary Duff over at Hollywood Rag.


Why do I have this disgusting feeling at the pit of my stomach that Hilary Duff and I have some sort of a (twisted) connection? Please tell me I’m not evolving BACKWARDS and Hilary isn’t the indicator of what my future would be and to think, I’m twelvehundred centuries older than her.

Let’s look at the facts…

  • we both LOVE Evian except she likes to drink it whereas I use it to douche my ass before anal sex
  • Hilary and I are just as fat especially now that she gained weight.
  • we both like skinny jeans and we’re not even skinny
  • she’s got the Marc Jacobs bag that I was just eyeing on a few hours ago.
  • we have an awful lot of things in common (i.e. we’re both fat)
  • I loooooove that "wake up wake up on a saturday night could be new york maybe hollywood and vine" song. Hahahahaha!

Click here to read what Duff has to say and for more pictures. Take note of her arms. I swear to god I’m just as fat as her. No?

God I hate being fat. This excessive weight gain has to stop! I’m already having a shitload of stretchmarks thinking about it. There’s a skinny, little, skeletriplet person hidden inside me, begging to come out of from all this excess flesh that I have!

You guys have got to watch World of Wonder’s latest videocast. Absolutely hilarious! Lots of quotable quotes from "it’s fabulous to watch Barbara destroy Starr" to "you don’t fuckkkk with Barbara." Click here to watch the video.

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  1. Give her five years and she’s going to look EXACTLY like Joan Cusack.

  2. You forgot one more fact, to make you contected to the Duffster… when you are photographed you have grown men lusting and staring at you, too! Do you see the way that guy is leering at her? And what’s with that smirk? UGH!
    I love you Bryan!!!

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