Bryanboy: OUT!

I really should stop smoking. I’ve been feeling sick over the past several days… since last weekend to be honest. That’s why I didn’t go out. God forbid my lungs give up on me. I think I’m gonna visit my doctor first thing tomorrow afternoon when I wake up.

Also, I’ve been having weird sleeping habits lately. In fact, I slept at 1AM last night, only to wake up at 8:30 in the morning. I had an early lunch then I spent the rest of the day sleeping. I’m currently spending the next few days at my grandma’s – don’t ask. Too much drama involving the familia de horreur. I think it’s best to keep it amongst ourselves (and a handful of my closest friends). I’m on dialup so I’ll do a quick post.

"I exuuuuuuberate fantasticisms"



I’ve been outgayed by this platypus faggot in the Bronx, NY. Here I am thinking I’m the gayest gay that ever gayed… but wait until you see this.

"Where do I put my mink? I’ll put it on the floor even though it’s EXXXXXXXXpennnnnsive!"

Video and more commentary after the jump.


Oh please. Your mink was probably given to you by those nasy PETArds. You know how PETA donates fur to the oldies at the Soup Kitchen? Well, it’s quite obvious that this guy is a homeless person. Only homeless people have fur THAT bad.


"3 words. Fuck you…… exclamation point ‘coz of the three."

God he looks like a fish… and I look like a complete dork, but whatever.

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Remember kids… chinchilla trumps mink any time!


Speaking of excess, I thought I’d share this with you.

Being the pretentious parrot that I am, I like to pretend that I’m wealthy. I spend every dime that I have so that people will think I’m filthy rich when in reality I’m not.

I almost had a cardiac arrest when I saw the following set of pictures.



Switch your blog to Typepad. I’ve been using Typepad since 2004 and I love it.


Get ready for what I consider "electro-shock therapy" delivered via the interweb.


and another one…


All pictures courtesy of purplegirl. Thank you sooo much for indulging me with such decadent things.

Switch your blog to Typepad. I’ve been using Typepad since 2004 and I love it.

In fact, thanks for nullifying my existence in this planet. 


My readers never cease to amaze me. The scope and reach of my blog is fantastic!

I’m gonna go have a petit mal seizure now and cry my guts out for being POOR.

You people better support my upcoming accessories collection. Hah!

And there you have it.

You all know how to get hold of me. Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all.


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PPSS. By the way, what do you think of all these pheromone things? Do they really attract people? If I buy a shitload and fill a tub of it the way Kate Moss did hers with champagne (then bathe myself in it), will I get a ton of gorgeous, wealthy guys swoon over me? Answer me you cunts!