The British Royal Family farts, too.

Written By bryanboy

The British Royal Family farts, too.

Hahahahaha! I highly doubt this ever got published in any UK media but the following set of photos are hi-fucking-larious.

The following photos were taken at the Queen’s Birthday celebrations where members of the British Royal family are in full force. Take note the sequence of events.


All prim and proper. God I want Prince Harry to rape me. He’s wayyy cuter than Prince William, who’s got awful teeth and a bald patch. Prince Philipp, on the other hand, sent out a loud and smelly fart…


see Prince Harry and Prince Philipp unable to control their laughter.


Prince Charles to Prince Harry: "we’ve got a shitload of people staring at us so watch it, bitch."


Take note of the look on the Queen’s face. Priceless.


I love you all!

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  1. Hahaha. That’s too funny!
    Man, I love Prince Harry! :)
    The Princess Royal looks like a dyke in costume for Halloween.

  2. jubie_sparklez

    that’s jokes….
    prince harry is soo hot…
    it’s all about the bad boys..

  3. omg! too funny! bryan, where did you find this? i have to see!

  4. Jlorin Vex

    HAHA. Gosh, that was sure downright hilarious! Ohh and Prince Harry is so god damn hot!!!!!

  5. Mariana

    Prince Harry probably just smoked a big ‘ol fatty before heading out on that balcony. He’s a well known pothead. I’d still do him!

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