Party Season Finally Over…

Written By bryanboy

Party Season Finally Over…

… or has it only just begun?

I’m terribly, terribly exhausted. It’s 10PM and I just got up an hour or two ago feeling like a zombie. There’s no doubt that alcohol and tranquilizers are still running through my bloodstream and I urgently need to detoxify myself as soon as possible. I have a shitload of cigarette burns on my fingers and arms in addition to all the blisters on my toes from wearing 5-inch Lanvin cone heels last night at the Preview Best Dressed Ball. Why oh why am I doing this to myself all for the sake of partying?

This week has been the craziest week ever… too many parties, too many events, so little time to recuperate.

I’ll start with Friday night. I went to Mega Magazine’s 10 Most Beautiful Women event and the party, sponsored by Mercedes Benz and Moet & Chandon, was a smashing success. Champagne and cognac overflowed and so did Manila’s finest. It was my first time to go to a "Mega" event and it was held at my favourite museum in Manila, the Ayala Museum.


Jacket by Zara, white shirt by Kenneth Cole, pearl belt used as a necklace by Chanel, necktie by Dior Homme, brooch I got at a department store for like US$15, fabulous snakeskin bag from Tesoro’s, gray jeans from Neil Barrett, shoes by Dior Homme.

A lot of people complimented me because of my "new look". Oh I don’t know. Maybe I should wear jackets and shirts often? I think I may have to say goodbye to tanks and tees when I go out at night, considering I’m not really a jacket-and-shirt person. Nevertheless, it’s about time, don’t you think?

I went to the Museum on my own as some of my friends were late and the first person who greeted me was Filipina supermodel-cum-photographer Joan. I love this girl. She’s always painfully chic every time I see her.

062406_joan / Firenze Seta srl

Mega Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Carla Sibal initiating the ceremony. This woman is something else. She’s AMAZING! I love her! Everywhere I go, everyone always whisper how beautiful and chic she is… oh and how fabulous her hair is ALL THE FUCKING TIME! She’s one fierce woman you’ll never caught dead with bad hair. I love her. She’s really really nice and she’s always got this glow on her face the few times I’ve seen her.


Who doesn’t want fabulous, healthy, flawless skin?



I have absolutely no idea who this gorgeous girl is but man, she’s sooo fucking tall and I look like a midget. I think she’s like 6-foot-4 or something… and she wore like flats! She sorta reminds me of Karolina Kurkova. No?


Who doesn’t want fabulous, healthy, flawless skin?

Hannah and me…


Philippine Tatler’s Fashion Editor Karla A, designer/artist Mitch Dulce, who I haven’t seen in ages and moi.


Handbags at 10 paces galore! Do the infamous Bryanboy pose bag hags!


Tina and Tessa, fab girls of L’Oreal and Shu Uemura, who recently sponsored my survey…


More pictures of people….




Après-Mega, we went to our usual haunt, Cusine at La Embajada for more boozeing and cruising. Even saw designer Ino Caluza, créateur of the best custom-made jeans (Viktor Jeans) in the Philippines. I even went to his shop yesterday, bought 2 pairs of jeans and 2 custom-made jackets. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!



Please touch my fat fanny… the last time someone grabbed my bum was EXACTLY 6 months ago.


I should come with a warning label. I’m pretty much like a bomb that can explode anytime, without notice, no wonder people stay away from me so it’s best to stay away from me.


Work it like you own it. Fake it till you make it. I have one thing to say. Sashay, shante, shante, shante!


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Why is my head chopped off on this photo?



If you’re a fan of Filipino, third world showbiz, these faces are prolly familiar to you.


Please support my sponsors. My site won’t exist without them., Inc.
Linens N' Things / Firenze Seta srl


Ooh lala. I must have a photo with this guy, too. Whatever, right?


… he’s that guy in that Big Brother show… and of course… the photo below… Oh. My. God. Mama Mia here we go again…


Today’s Obligatory Paparazzi Shot

062606_papa / Firenze Seta srl

Enough party pictures for now. More updates to follow… stay tuned for Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax.

As always, I love each and every one of you. Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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  1. That guy is sooo hot! lol! I soo want a party week like that. sigh. U do seem like u’ve got it all

  2. mokmok

    the gorgeous lady is GWEN RAUIS! She’s French mestiza … Richard Gutierrez is yummy but that PBB guy looks gusgusin! Hideous! har har
    Kisses from DC!

  3. That designer, Mitch, looks really familiar. She looks like someone who went to college with me in Texas.
    Nonetheless, you look fabulous, babe. Hannah is hot!!!

  4. Me♥Bryanboy

    that’s Raymond Guttierez not Richard diba?
    Bryannnn! you are friggin’ HOT! love your jeans! :D

  5. cecilia dean gdorf

    Mokmok, its not GWEN RAUIS. IT’S R-U-A-I-S. Her name is Gwenaelle Ruais. She was on the cover of Mega Magazine 2 years old. Her actual height is 6 feet and 2 inches. I don’t she can make it here in Asia. Her frame is quite big, and she cannot fit the standard fitting form. She is better off in Paris following the footsteps of “giants” like Sophie Dahl and Kimora Lee.

  6. Zaaaanjjooooooeee, have my baby!
    Bryanboy, love your fat ass!

  7. u and hannah would make an awesome couple if u swung that way.. nice pics! makes me feel like partyin!

  8. i don’t get it, in the obligatory paparazzi shoot in this entry, why is your bag different from the previous bag you were carrying?

  9. Abdul: I took off my white shirt (wore a white tank instead) and changed bags inside the car before going back to the club again.

  10. kscandal

    Love the Zara jacket!
    Too bad I can’t fit into anything here at local Zara stores, i’m too much of a skinny mini.
    Ugh, that Zanjoe creature is disgusting.

  11. Yea, I think thats Raymond. Not that I watch those filipino shows a lot…ok, obviously I did. Keep the pics coming!!!

  12. denver

    honey, where the HECK are photos of your purrtteehh lanvin heelies?!

  13. adrian

    you’re a fucking faggot !! stop parading around like a gay lunatic you loser cunt. and no surprise what will happen next aye !! your going to blog about how you encountered a comment and start having a little bitch fit .. close your stupid pathetic site faggot

  14. adrian

    close your stupid lame ass site fucking prick !! hope one day your house catches on fire and all your ” so called designer ” belongings burns and along with you too

  15. adrian

    if your not effected by the comments i have left you, then you’ll hold your faggot pride and accept them there and let them be viewed by your ” so called ” fans of your ugly ass site. you fucking faggot

  16. adrian

    you fucking crying or something ? you fucking having a sook ? or maybe you just too busy to accept these atm because you’re too busy getting your shit pushed in !! fucking SHIT PUSHER .. go suck on a fucking pussy you dumb ass disgrace to filo’s you fucking ugly ass fucking bitch

  17. adrian

    just reminding you !! if you havn’t been effected by those comments cause you hold too much faggot pride, then accept them and let them be viewed fuck-wit !!

  18. dami celeb ha! even took a pic with denlau aka denise laurel. she was my classmate in 7th grade ;)

  19. Bryanboy. Even though I don’t have the same interests as you (high fashion, crazy partying, men :P), after seeing your link posted on a few different sites I had to take a look.
    Let me just say, Kudos! You have the right look and the attitude for what you’re doing here, and you’re definitely able to captivate your audience. Even though this stuff isn’t my cup of tea, I’ve STILL been back a few times in the past week to see what antics you’ve been up to.
    Keep up the good work you crazy bitch! haha

  20. Shut the f*ck up Adrian! Just becoz you’ve got sand in your vagina, doesn’t mean we all have.
    Bboy, you fab fag, don’t ever change. My sister loving your Channel bag.

  21. renair

    mich was in big brother too. with zanjoe. i lurve this blog. :)

  22. catherine

    why is adrian so mad with bryan? jealous?
    someone pls donate a designer bag to the poor kitty!oooppsss… i think this is a blog not charity!!

  23. frenchlaceballoon

    You look smashing with the jacket-look, makes you look slimmer (when you’re already a skinny bitch!). *envy*
    Love the Chanel 2.55. ;)

  24. I LOVE HANNAH!!! I can’t believe she’s closing down her blog… =(
    this may sound weird, i’m no pervert or lesbian or anything, but i absofuckinglutely love your wife’s underarms!! what does she do with them?? they look so smoooooooth!!!
    you look FABULOUS!!! as always… =)

  25. kim ha

    the tall girl is Gwenaelle Ruais
    model & Bb. Pilipinas 2005 entree.
    she is 6’1

  26. what happened to your matronic wife’s journal? why did she kill her site all of a sudden? too bad, we really enjoyed reading her entries.

  27. Oh God, Gerrick (my boyfriend, and the big white guy you and Stacy are climbing onto) told me about you last June. I just remembered to look at you site now. You are so funny, I might love you!!! Hahahaha! I didn’t think your site was this big! Ger told me that you thought he was gay for a while, until he told you he had to pick me up from the airport. Heeheehee! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s made that mistake. He’s a total gay magnet. I constantly have to argue why he must spend time with me instead of wrestling with his boyfriend (whose name I shall not mention). So many people must feel like they know you. I do, after reading all your posts. It’s like “making chika” with a girlfriend. Oh geez, this post can now be categorized under fan mail. Hahahahaha! Whatever. I’m in such a kikay mood now, coz of you. Hahaha! You’re ab-so-lutely, utterleh infectious! I don’t know if you still read comments to your old posts, but if you’ve read this, say hi to me through Stacy or Hannah. (“OH. my GOD. I have a connection to BRYANBOY!”) Heeheehee! Besides being in a kikay mood, I am also bangag; hence, the random chatter. :-P Bye, sugar! (Haha..’sugar’?) No hard feelings for secretly(?) lusting after my boyfriend. (Do you do anything ‘secretly’?)Hahahaha! He’s going to laugh so hard when he reads this!

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