Let me delude myself into thinking the world loves me.

Written By bryanboy

Let me delude myself into thinking the whole world loves me.

Hah! Ego boost.

Let the photos speak for themselves. Why bother indulging with comfort food when imagery of your love will suffice (not to mention calorie-free)?

Meet Joey and friend from Singapore.


Marie’s pussy from Montreal, Canada…


… and then of course, there’s Edd from the UK…


And Brian from Texas.


Who could forget Sha from Canada?


and Christian from Manchester/Milan? (I think I posted this photo before…)


Last but not the least, I love Luke from the UK!


I think that’s all for now. My sleeping pills are finally kicking in.

I’ll update as soon as I get up tomorrow. I’m off to bed,

As always, I love you all. SMS +63.915.785.1492 or email bryanboy@gmail.com.


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  1. Hi BB, thanks for imortalising me on your blog, i only wish i’d smiled now, or alteast pouted a little.
    Your last post about friendship really stuck a chord. I know only too well what its like being the social blacksheep. All the good friends I have had ive mannaged to chase away. I’M one of the few people who everyone knows of, but no one really knows/wants to know. Everyone knows what I drink (JD&Coke or Bolli) and what brand I smoke (Marlboro) but not what makes me tick. Ive learnt that partial solitary confinement isnt all that bad any more. ALthough I dont have a best friend to moan to I now have my blog (sad but true) to vent my feelings.
    GGC Rules (Gay Geek Chic), keep ut the great work.

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