Is it "Donna Karan" or "Donna Karen"?

Written By bryanboy

Is it "Donna Karan" or "Donna Karen"?

Breaking news… The Devil wore Donna Karen.

The fabulous folks at "The Devil Wears Prada" donated a "Donna Karan" outfit to a charity called "Dress for Success". The outfit is currently up for bidding on eBay.


Click here to view the auction.


According to the auction, the outfit comes with "Meryl Streep’s Donna Karen 2-piece black crepe top & skirt". The "Donna Karen" top features a shoulder drape neckline with dual clip closures and the "Donna Karen" skirt has a zip up back and a false hip pocket.

Oh dear. Poor Donna Karan.

062906_certificateNO SIZE IS INDICATED ON EITHER PIECE OF OUTFIT and it even includes a costume department wardrobe tag!

The outfit also comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" signed by Premiere Props and an authorized representative of 20th Century Fox.

Take note how the certificate of authenticity reflects the one of my favourite Gwyneth Paltrow films, "View From the Top". Hahahahahaha!

Is it "Donna Karen" or "Donna Karan"? You decide.

All I can say is…


I guess it doesn’t really matter what dress it is or what people are paying for. The proceeds go to charity anyway!


Big shout out to Kristina from Toronto, who recently took a picture of herself doing the Infamous Bryanboy Pose.


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  1. Carrisse

    If the dress is fake, then how sure are you that the money is going to charity. People who does this normally lie so I won’t even bid a cent on this stupid dress.
    Donna Karan, Premier Props and 20th Century should sue these motherfuckers.

  2. It sounds like a fake auction! but if it’s real then good for them since all the proceeds are going to charity!.
    Keep on shining BB!!!!

  3. The first hint that “Devil” may go over the top arrives in the form of a wardrobe montage in which Miranda stalks into the office on a series of mornings, flinging onto her assistant’s desk enough status bags and lavish furs to clean out the Bronx Zoo. They are just the beginning of a brazen outpouring of $12,000 handbags, $30,000 furs and $1,000 over-the-knee boots assembled by Ms. Field with a budget of $100,000 and a little help from designers and friends who, she said, provided access to about $1 million worth of clothes.
    So sez the NY Times…

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