Good Morning Faggots!

Written By bryanboy

Good Morning Faggots!

NICOLAS. That’s hot!. Keep those "I LOVE BRYANBOY" pics coming! Email NO photoshopped photos please!


Moving on….

If you have access to third world television, be sure to watch me
and my nonsexual wife Hannah in about 2 hours’ time. What us make a complete fool out of ourselves at Studio 23’s Breakfast/Morning TV show between 6-7:30AM. TODAY!!!!!


It’s 4:07AM, I’m leaving the house in about an hour to go to the studio and I still don’t know what to wear!


Jacket by Zara, shirt by Kenneth Cole, shoes by Zara, jeans
by Alexander McQueen, belt and bag by Hermès, pearl belt (to be worn as
a necklace) from Chanel. I’m not sure whether I should use a different
pair of shoes (i.e. maybe brown Louis Vuitton)… or whether I should
use my amber + gold chain necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane.

We’ll see.

If you’re gonna watch the show, be sure to get your cameras ready and take pictures of us in the small screen. Email them to Hannah doesn’t have a VCR and I think mine is fucked up. Everyone’s got DVD players these days…Ugh!!!!


See you soon faggots and wish me luck! I’m gonna take hardcore drugs
to keep me calm during the interview. Hahahaha! I’m kidding.

God I’m sooo nervous. Please pray that I don’t look fat on TV.

SEND ME SMS MESSAGES, WISHING ME LUCK! +63.915.785.1492 (if you are in the USA, call me, 011.63.915.785.1492)

I love you all.


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  1. Keihls

    I hate it!!! Im at the office now. My shift will start in about 13 minutes!!! Can you post some pictures of it or video and post it here… too mush to ask for a celebrity like you and hanah… Well anyways, Goodluck and make sure to lool Fab, as always.

  2. Ahh!! We don’t have access to Studio 23 in this stupid dorm.
    I know you’ll be fabulous, though. Go, you!

  3. Helllloooooooo??
    Where did you go? I know you’re hiding in the third world somewhere!!
    I <3 Bryanboy!

  4. Dammit! Didn’t get to see it … Anyone has any picture or much better, a video?

  5. jubie_sparklez

    OMG..when i called your number this afternoon(toronto time) i thought it was going to be your voicemail and i was just gonna leave you a msg…sorry if i totally freaked you out..thanks for talkin to me still…i still haven’t seen it friend said it will be on tommorow morning or something like that but i know you were fantastic =)

  6. Geez, i missed it… hmphtt… slept late washing dishes after a party and woke up too late late to catch you on TV… hey a posted comment made me laugh “your a gay… i see you!” wahehehehe wahehehehe pa ulit! reminds me of a line in Maritess Vs the Super Friends animation “Dat Batman, he’s always with that litel boooy Rubin.. i think he’s a bakla.” *laughter* *laughter*

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