You know what I realized a couple of days ago?

Thousands upon thousands of you visit my website on a regular basis. From Sydney and Osaka, Hamburg, Arkansas and Malmo, Sweden to Buenos Aires, Argentina down to my homies in Los Angeles, CA and Jakarta, Indonesia, millions of you have visited my site since October 2004. It’s amazing how a shitload of people all over the world found my little corner of the interweb and the numbers are still growing. You’ve read all my stories, you’ve seen and laughed at what seemed to be tens of thousands of my hilarious (and often ridiculous) photographs.

(That’s me at Shu Uemura’s latest party)

Now that you’ve seen a (small) part of my life on my blog after all this time, it’s my turn to know more about you, my dear reader.

I’ve always been curious on who reads my website. I mean, it’s quite obvious from the hundreds of "I LOVE BRYANBOY" and "INFAMOUS BRYANBOY POSE" photos that you have sent me, but I believe that’s only a very small percentage of the people who read (and/or visit) my blog religiously.

The fabulous and generous folks at SHU UEMURA, one of the word’s most famous cosmetic and skincare brands sent me 3 goodie bags filled with lovely Shu goodies to give out to lucky participants of my survey.


One of these fantastic black boxes can be yours by answering no more than 11 questions, which shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. The questions are quite simple really and ANONYMITY is guaranteed. I won’t even ask your name for god’s sake unless you provide it to me.

Some of the questions (and MOST of them are optional) include: are you biologically a male or a female, which continent/country do you live, what do you like best about my site, what do you hate most about my site, etc.

To win 1 out of 3 goodie bags, all I need is your email address. Again, any PERSONAL information that you provide to me is 100% confidential and won’t be sold, shared or rented out to anyone. If you don’t want to win the goodie bag or if you don’t want to provide your email address, that’s ok too.

The goal of my survey is for me to know CONCRETE information about my readers.

This way, I’ll be able to tweak my site or make my site even more fun, fun, fun for the larger majority.

What’s inside the goodie bag? Well, you’re in for a surprise. Shu has been gracious enough to give me GENEROUS SAMPLE SIZES of their White Recovery Ex line and one of their star products, the High Performance Balance cleansing oil, which everyone swears by.


Each box contains:

  • White Recovery EX Whitening Lotion Refresh
  • White Recovery EX Whitening Lotion Enriched
  • White Recovery EX Essence
  • White Recovery EX Emulsion
  • White Recovery Cream
  • High Performance Balance Cleansing Oil/Skin Purifier (Fresh)

I bet a majority of you are frigging caucasians who are already white. I’m sure a ton of you spend thousands of dollars on self-tan products, trips to the tanning salon and of course, embarking on vacations just to get the tan… oh the wonderful tan… that brown people like me have. Case in point: my perennial swedish boy toy Jakob is going to Cyprus for a week.

I spoke to him yesterday and sent me this photo. I have NO idea why they’re doing this to themselves, but whatever. Those Swedes are definitely CRAZY… but I love them. The Kingdom of Sweden should make me a honorary Swede.


Anyway. Let me tell you this – Shu’s whitening line is perfect for everyone regardless of their skin color. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Asian, Black, White, Middle Eastern, Latino, Mixed-raced mongrel, Mixed-raced "wannabe", it just doesn’t matter at all. Shu’s fabulous products won’t make you pale, I guarantee you. Instead, it will leave your skin truly moisturized and translucent. It will even out discolorations. posisbly get rid of spots and even make your skin radiant more than ever.

BTW, Shu Uemura is available online at eLuxury and Sephora. In the Philippines, Shu Uemura is available exclusively at Rustan’s, which is my favourite department store in Manila.


I know, I know, I already sound like a fucking infomercial because I’ve gone so commercial but whatever, I loooooooooooooooooooove Shu Uemura.


I know I only have 3 goodie bags to give away but for those of you want something for their time, I’m available to give sexual favours in exchange for your participation. Shit, I’m even willing to sell my soul (again) to satan, which I already have many, many times in the past.

So there… all you need to do is to click the banner below and it will point you to my survey.

If you have a website, I encourage you to copy that banner and link to http://www.bryanboy.com so people can read about this post. In fact, tell all your girl friends about this fabulous Shu Uemura giveaway.

Just because you’re already beautiful it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spread the love to others.

I’m sure there are a lot of beauty junkies out there who want to get their hands on these fabulous Shu Uemura goodies.

Whew. That’s all for now. YOU BETTER participate in my survey or else I’d be very, very disappointed.

Moving on…

Krakow, Poland Suicides: Death by Bryanboy

Those lovely people from Krakow are truly something else. These pictures have got to be the BEST "I LOVE BRYANBOY" pics I’ve received in the longest time. Everyone loves creativity and spontaneity.


I can’t believe they commited suicide just because of me… they LOOK fabulous! How I wish those psychotic suicidal building jumpers look good as them!

Shit, I wish those suicidal freaks do the infamous bryanboy pose when they commit suicide. They would be doing me… and the world… a huge favour. It’s the ultimate salute to faggotry.

They emailed me a lot of photos and I think they’re sooo gorgeous it would be a waste if I don’t post them here. Unfortunately, these photos are best viewed in high resolution because of the detail. What you’ll need to do is to click on the photo and the large version will pop up. I LOVE IT!







(and I want more Polish people on my website. hahaha!)

I love you all! I’ll update later with another entry. But for now, please, for the life of god, fill out my survey and pass this blog entry to everyone that you know. Tell them to go to www.bryanboy.com.

You know how to get a hold of me. Email bryan@bryanboy.com *AND* bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


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