Bryanboy is only 17…

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy is only 17…

Well, that’s the headline and the fabulous folks at the Manila Bulletin (the Philippines’ #3 newspaper)  dedicated half a page to my glory and my gospel.


Some asshole on Yahoo asked how old I was and some random wanker replied back, saying I’m in my 30s. What a cunt! I’m only 17 god dammit!!!!!


I have to admit I was kinda shocked on the photo that showed up on the paper. I asked the reporter what picture they’re going to use. I was originally gonna send them my PR picture: a photo of me wearing nothing but a fur coat, holding a bottle of clicquot and a shitload of powder on my nose. She said they’re gonna use a screenshot of my blog. I thought "hmm.. ok… not bad at all." so I didn’t send this photo.

They ended up using my “bryanboy trashed american preppy + channeling Tai from Clueless” photo.

Well, at least the Chanel interlocking CC is prominent on that thing.

Hahahahahaha! I’m kidding.

Annalyn you whore, thanks for featuring me! I love, love, love you you!

Click here to read the interview.

I love it when publications feature me… it’s a great way of keeping the faggotry alive.


Sunglasses by Linda Farrow Gallery, ruffled shirt from CK Calvin
Klein, blue and white pinstripe shorts from a little shop here in
Manila called "Details", belt from Hermès, shoes from Zara and this super super fabulous and chic snakeskin bag from Tesoro’s.

More weekend photos coming soon!

If you would like to interview me for a publication, email me: *AND* I don’t care whether you write for a university newspaper in Australia, a fashion magazine in Thailand (*hint hint*) or a newspaper in the heartlands of bible belt America. It’s a slow climb to worldwide domination but what the heck, I’d be more than happy to be interviewed. Though I have to admit, I really look forward to the day when Larry King of CNN wants to interview me over the phone with my website flashing on millions of TV screens worldwide. One can only dream eh? Hahahaha!

I’ll update later when I get up. I promise!! I have to go to the tailors later today to get a jacket altered, it’s 7:08AM and I haven’t even slept yet!!!! I’ve been up all night working!

I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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  1. OH MY GOD!
    yua it me Dakota again leh! lol !
    I usually am not online this early,
    And the time difference and all,
    Can you please finally add me to msn!
    I’m desperate to say hi to you,
    Please, I beg you!
    Dakota hehehe.

  2. i just laughed so fucking hard at that pic of you in the fur coat with all that powder caked around your nose.

  3. gheaghea

    making Pinoy hos fabulous one brown-assed bitch at a time! haha. :)
    kaya pala all is quiet on the homefront these past few days, bigmomma beeeyotch has been hatching a world-domination plan. sige, i’m all for it! drag me along, baby! :)
    i heart bryanboy! :)

  4. your imitation of tai looks waaaaay better than the real one- brittany murphy was heinous looking (but slightly lovable) in clueless… i am so damn addicted to this site- third world asian countries rock!

  5. Firdaus

    Hello? Is Bryanboy 30 to me? HELL NO!
    Is that person who claimed Bryanboy 30 blind or what? He/she needs to dig their eyeballs and clean them up!
    But of course, a youth looking face can lie your real age. But please! HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE 30! More like 16 to me though. Haha!
    Fab love and keep the faggotory alive!

  6. speaking of publications… how did the pics of the ad for the nokia 3250 work out?

  7. 17? Why you’re just a baby! You need a big strong hairy father figure to mentor you and spank you when you’ve been a bad, bad little boy.

  8. bryan is not 17. its obvious. well if your’e really 17 then let me tell you that you look 25. :) love you bryan!

  9. What the heck???? 17???? i was sure that you were in your twenties…. and why do you always talk about High School like it was a looong loong time ago???

  10. BRYANBOY is Love!!ü
    You’re my favorite!! ;p I’m asking my mom to buy me at least 2 copies of that newspaper!! haha :)) I LOVE YOU! :*

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