EXPLOSIVE! Bryanboy at his rawest: The picture that will CHANGE the way you view Bryanboy

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy At His Rawest

People seem to have this impression that everything about me is fabulous. I don’t blame them because that’s the image I project: my life is fabulous, I love beautiful things, I drool over beautiful people, I go to nice places etc. Flaunt it cause you have it. Show it while you have it. Work it like you own it. Fake it till you make it. I dress like a princess but in reality I’m just a pauper.

In the past few months I’ve received no less than a dozen emails from people (shit, I dropped my cigarette on my crotch as I typed that sentence) with questions like "what does Bryanboy wear when he’s at home?" etc. I also get compliments from many, many people complimenting me about my skin, which I don’t really understand cause I have terrible, terrible awful skin. Hah!

It’s Monday afternoon and I just got up less than an hour ago. I’m dead bored so I figured, why not surprise you lot with what the OTHER SIDE of BRYAN looks like.


Take note of all that excess flesh… now you know why I’m promoting my watermelon diet… oh and all that stubble on my face. You probably don’t see it now but you will, later.

Anyway, all I wear at home is a plain ol tee and boxers. It’s all about comfort clothes here. No juicy couture sweats whatsoever. Sometimes I’d even roam around the house wearing nothing but some y-front briefs on.

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Now, If the image above isn’t shocking enough, the photo you are about to see will HAUNT you for the rest of your life and change the way you think of me — Le Superstar Fabuleux my fuckin asshole.


You see, every time I go to my dermatologist’s clinic for a procedure, whether it be a glycopeel cleaning/extraction facial, powerpeel/microdermabrasion, oxygen treatments whatever, they always pull my file folder and record all of the procedures they’ve done to me. Even all the lipodissolve sessions that I had last year.

Every time my facialist jots down whatever she just did to me, I feel this sense of… I don’t know. I just feel different.


Because a little over 3 years ago, I looked like this.



Isn’t that repulsive? My face back then was revolting and atrocious… It actually wasn’t *that* bad. I had a lot of zits but it got worse when I used that Proactiv shit that all these stars are pulling. My face got all discolored and burned. Proactiv was the worst I ever did to myself.

My dermatologist prescribed me this life-saving skincare regimen called OBAGI. Obagi is the reason why I haven’t committed suicide. Obagi pretty much saved my life!

Even that Melissa girl from MTV’s The Real World whatever did Obagi last year, courtesy of me. Click here to read her blog post called "UGLIEST FACE EVER".


Look Ma… no, makeup!

060506_cleanserRemember how I did that Faggotry in Motion 3 video? Click here to read the blog post. I didn’t wear any makeup whatsoever. Hell, why should I wear makeup when I’m just going to the gas station and my gran’s?

Anyway, to keep my skin in control, here’s what I do TWICE a day.

When I get up and before going to sleep, regardless of the time of the day, I wash my face for 30-45 seconds with Obagi Foaming Gel Cleanser. I love it. The entire bottle lasts for a good 4-6 months, depends on how you use it. It smells soo good and one drop is all you need.


Then I tone my face with Obagi TE-Pads. These little pads contain salicylic acid. It controls skin breakouts, oiliness, smoothes complexion and create that "healthy" glow. I like that "healthy" glow. Some people mistake it as "greasy" or whatever. I don’t use the Obagi Toner because it’s for people with normal skin. My skin gets oily sometimes hence the TE-Pads.


I usually wait for 2-3 minutes until my face dries up then I use Obagi Clear. It’s a rich cream that lightens dark areas such as freckles, acne marks, skin discolorations, age and liver spots. It contains 4% hydroquinone. This is one of the "key" ingredients of the Obagi system. It erased all traces of my atrocious acne-infested past off my face. Literally.


The last step in this skin care regimen is Obagi Exfoderm. This cream is a specially-designed exfoliating lotion which helps smooth and tone rough or damaged skin. This is the hardcore stuff that will peel all your dead skin cells etc. One of the disadvantages of Obagi is the peeling bit… when your face peel all that shit, it means the system is working. If you’ve been using Obagi for a long time (like me), you won’t peel as often anymore. In fact, there are times when I’d use a shitload of exfoderm stuff just to peel. Peeling = skin reborn.


And there you have it!

There’s a separate regimen for night (or before I go to bed). Basically I don’t use Exfoderm anymore and I use another product called Obagi Blender instead. I mix this cream with another cream that my dermatologist gave me, which is retinoin or vitamin-a something something whatever. I swear to god it smells soooo bad, like rotten eggs, but it keeps my skin good. :)

All that effort just to have nice skin eh?

I’ve been using Obagi for a good 3 years now and I have NO complaints. Let me be the one to tell you I wasn’t born with flawless skin. It’s amazing what modern science can do these days.

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And for the life of god don’t believe all that bullshit crap you see at department stores, pharmacies even those Proactiv informercials.

Anyway, there’s still definitely more work that needs to be done on my face, i.e. I need a nose job, a chin implant, cheek implant, buccal fat removal (I want that ‘gaunt’ look) but whatever. It’s just funny how I always get people telling me I have good skin when in reality I don’t. I’m quite flattered though, considering there are other people out there with even better skin than me.

Anyway, it’s knock-knock cliche time.

Inner beauty trumps good skin or bad skin anytime.

Case in point: ME!

When I was a spotty "younger adult", I had so much sex left and right with guys. Whereas now that I’m a "young adult", the last time I saw/touch/felt a real human live cock was back in December 27, 2005 at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris!

Shit, the closest to sex that I get these days are images of love from people in California.


Maybe back then I was a nice and sweet person with tons of "inner beauty" bullshit and now that I’m a tad prettier, I turned into this mean, nasty, devious, vapid, vacuous, shallow, materialistic little son of a bitch.

Well, let’s be honest for god’s sake.

Would you rather be nice but ugly or mean but pretty?

If I were you, I’d pick the latter.

In fact, I have this photo as my desktop wallpaper.


Nobody in this planet deserves to look like that monstrosity.


I get my Obagi here in the Philippines at my dermatologists at Belo but you can also get it online (cheaper, too) by visiting Greatskin.

You decide when to buy the very best in skin care products - save every day! 15% off all the time at Greatskin.com

Free Shipping Upgrade from Ground to USPS Priority on every order - domestic US orders only - click here! GreatSkin.com Skin Care that REALLY Works!

I love you all. Email bryan@bryanboy.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


PS. Discuss this blog post here.


  1. Mariana

    I use Proactive after plowing through expensive prescription and department store stuff, and it works great for me. But I also know a lof of people that not only didn’t it do shit for, but it made their face red, swollen and all kinds of fucked up.
    You really do look a lot better now though.

  2. Wow..
    You know, I have really awful skin before too. So much much worse than yours and I was quite ashamed of it since it was red and it hurt to smile.
    I wanted to try proactiv, thank god I didn’t. It might have been a waste of time if it didn’t work, and oh yeah money as well.
    I did however use Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne Wash. It worked like a dream and pealed the first time I used it.
    I used three bottles and pimples have just disappear. Nice skin though, and it’s good that you take care of it.

  3. hungry

    post more pictures of food! i love seeing the pics of you eating expensive gourmet…let me live vicariously!! :D

  4. thanks BB! you’ve just helped me decide on what skin care products to use. i was on the verge of purchasing proactiv cos the informecials were damn convincing! obagi is the way!

  5. The Proactiv stuff is way too harsh for anybody.
    Wanted to ask if the Obagi creams have SPF. Won’t your skin get discolored due to photosensitivity (due to hydroquinone use)?
    Anyways, I love your skin. :)

  6. fiona

    i used to use obagi & dr’s secret but after awhile the effect just disappears & all the zits and disgusting acne come back!!! but now i’m using this product called DERMATICS and its so totally godsend! its as or more pricey than obagi but it works! have been using it for 6 months now and all my freckles have disappeared. it has hydroquinone in it too. bryanboy u should try switching

  7. Damn damn babe, now your secret’s out, here’s hoping i can find the moolah to fund my skin overhaul (although obagi won’t make me look better after.. skin clearer maybe, but definitely NOT prettier *muwahahaha*)
    You look great dear. Perhaps I need to find a Dan-ah to finance the skin overhaul :D
    Lunch soon babe!

  8. LuvsBryanBoy

    BB you look awesome. That stuff reminds me of the Somme Institute stuff I use….same steps, almost.

  9. jinny

    Think that obagi can give some free samples to the gal with the rubber cock? How about a Pro Bone O from Obagi so I can be beautiful on my face like you bryanboy?????
    I love you bryanboy from sunny CA

  10. Jake Fabulous

    Holy shit I need the whole brand but fuck me it’s expencive. You’ve sold it to me. pretty and mean! My skin is being a slag at the moment I have like the biggest black bags under my eyes EVER!

  11. fucking NOOOOOOOO


  12. Rashaun

    I show this site to people when I want them to feel better about themselves. You are so see-through.

  13. Nelly

    your eyes are gross and your fat, I dont understand why people is stuck in your Blog, your grosssss.

  14. Celine

    Wow your skin is beautiful. I might consider this Obagi now. I tried Proactiv something like 5 years ago and I had the same crappy results, discolored skin (say, red skin), WORSE acne, and my skin was oiler than ever! I’m stuck using Retin-A and drustore face wash, but I still have some bad skin (not as bad as when I used Proactiv though). Yet again great blog, Bryanboy! Love your site! I live vicariously through you! My life is so boring compared to yours, I’m just a biology student. Wah!

  15. Rachel

    I think we all know why whoever the fuck those people are left such rude comments–only ugly and jealous people do that. Too bad Bryanboy is far too fabuleux for them…
    I love your blog, for more reasons than there is room.

  16. Hi Bryanboy I commend you for not being afraid to show a part of yourself which is uglier than now, I mean all of us had those ugly years some had terrible acnes ahile some were fashion victim and Im glad to see a swan now from being a duckling…I am insopired to buy obagi again,used it before and i had great skin afterward so i might consult with belo again. thanks for reminding me that my skin needs a quick make over again.

  17. Alexa

    Byran do you have any suggestions for the stupid bags under my eyes? I look like a god damn racoon!

  18. erika

    I want your skin! Now hurry up and lose that weight so you can be MY thinspiration. I want to be mean and pretty…. and anorexic. And I love how bitchy and shallow you are. I would be just like you if I could only afford it…. TEAM BRYANBOY!!!! Love from Florida! (PS you are pretty) :)

  19. did you know?
    nicole richie is the new face of jimmy choo!!!
    the olsen twins for badgely mishka.

  20. sakura

    A lot of people do swear by Obagi, but its so expensive. it also requires a dermatologist supervision. Once you use it, you don’t go back… or else you’ll end up looking worse!

  21. ihatesissies

    my god, you’re disgusting. You’re a bloody fkn disgrace to the whole of mankind you ugly mo’fo. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??????

  22. i am homophobic

    First of all. You are ugly.
    You have weird eyes and a fugly nose.
    Your mouth isnt that nice to look at either.
    Your skin isnt that great either.
    Why do people think that you are so fabulous. Tell me good reasons. I mean, you are not even a gay who is good looking. If you are like very pretty and stuff then i say ok. but you are a gay that is ugly. But you get popular because you can buy expensive stuff. This is totally disgusting.

  23. Oh god, I lurve Princess Melissa. Her tales of life in semi-famedom, adventures with Coral and the anecdotes of her funky pinoy mum are awesome. She makes me wish that I had mad skillz crapping like a sailor on a girly pink blog.

  24. it seem to have done well for jessica simpson..well, atleast that’s what she says…good move though…showing ur ugly side is a great sign of confidence and strenght…long live faggotry…
    [tetet,18, third world faggot, manila,PH]

  25. Roche

    For people with stubborn acne, just consult your dermatologist about putting you in a Roaccuate program. Its a prescription drug for acne. IT REALLY REALLY WORKS!
    Don’t take it though if you have suicidal tendencies, or if you’re a girl and wants to have a baby within a year during or taking the drug.
    Great site Bryanboy!

  26. Natzie

    My mum swears by Obagi. She has been using it for years, back when we were in Jakarta. Damn they’re so expensive in the US!

  27. you ugly butt.

    Bryan, i hope you know that all these people who “like” and “idolize” you are stupid, shallow human beings. Stop trying to flatter yourself with their comments, becausei know YOU KNOW deep inside, it’s getting you NOWHERE.
    What a pity.

  28. Manbag

    Oh man…I used to used Proactiv too…it didn’t do shit for me. Tried Biotherme Homme which wasn’t bad but now im on Tend Skin…so far so good…but Obagi is next if these fail!
    Thanks for the tip man!

  29. Manbag

    Oh man…I used to used Proactiv too…it didn’t do shit for me. Tried Biotherme Homme which wasn’t bad but now im on Tend Skin…so far so good…but Obagi is next if these fail!
    Thanks for the tip man!

  30. pare (kasi u look so butch!), you look so eerily masculine- almost, gasp, boyishly good-looking, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  31. HENRY


  32. lynne sunga

    bryan, i love you to death!!! whether you are being your ultimately fabulous self or you are being the selfless, humble human being i just saw…you keep it up..i think you should organize an event for a cause..you know to make, human beings like me, feel appreciated..iloveyou more and more!!!

  33. Karen

    Your skin IS GRReat and bloody Obiga should sign you as their spokeperson!!I am so tempted to switch to Obiga now but am taken aback by their strong message that DERMATOLOGIST SUPERVISION is required.(I checked and as yet Hong Kong still has no listed salon using obiga.)Enlighten me Bryanboy!

  34. ur cool…don’t understand why acerbic people leave negative comments here, and still read ur blog..such losers..u are what u are, take it or leave it…ur cool, man!

  35. I’m impressed, as usual, with your ability to stay shallow, fabulous and fun while actually saying something unique, worthwhile, and from the heart.
    Which makes you beautiful, inside and out, as far as I’m concerned. Stop obsessing over your weight, though, I work with beauty magazine bitches in Manhattan and they worry less than you do about their weight, and they have more reason to worry.

  36. I’ve noticed that you’re blog has been hawking products lately.Just like those pseudo-news on morning TV where the hosts interviews some people on some herbal supplements with the small “Paid Advertisements” posted on the side of the screen.

  37. Noel: that’s how one makes money off their blog. I have a responsibility to my sponsors, affiliates and advertisers. Without their support, I won’t have shopping money! Hahahaha

  38. Mysti

    Youre lovely! Dont let the haters get ya. Youre too fableaux for them anyhow.
    smooches from San Francisco!

  39. im using proactiv now.. and it hasnt worked shit.. so im gonna stop and try to find this obagi stuff.. proactiv sucks!

  40. krangsquared

    good sales pitch for Obagi. Have my doubts about the salicylic acid though. I remember using it years ago when I used to get buni(ringworm) around my sideburns area… burns your skin like hell! I’ve only started thinking of skincare and only use this Nivea face washing stuff and this Shishiedo moisturiser, but my mom would be responsible for my skin mostly – bless her genes!

  41. hello bryanboy, i’m from nj, where can i buy the te-pads here?

  42. hello bryanboy! i’m from new jersey, where can i buy the te-pads here?

  43. Amen with you, Proactive is one of the biggest bullshit ever.
    I also used Obagi blender before given to my by my derma mixed with this creme she gave me. Results are nice tho I still get the usual breakouts specially during the “time of the month”
    I switched to another derma and I’ve been loyal to her for more than a year already. She prescribed me Avene Diacneal and results are amazing! No more huge cystic acne, I still get 1-2 pimples but they disappear in a matter of 2 days I just put panoxyl on it.
    Even on MUA a lot of people are raving about Avene and I’m not really surprised at all since I’ve seen the effects on my skin =)
    And, I think almost 90% of the human race suffer from severe acne just like us and we all have our “feel ugly” days. But hey I really think you look good and carry yourself pretty well. =)

  44. Lecall

    hey!!where can I buy this OBAGI products in Europe??In some drogery or mail order selling?? thx :):)

  45. Hi! speaking of zit-ocide, my numerous yet bearable zits on the back, chest and face disappeared when I started taking Diane 35. That pill, used for regulating my period, also improved my skin like magic. Ittamed my oil glands, literally. That Diane 35 by Schering complemented the derma treatment I had. Plus they say that it someohow increases one’s voluptuous-ness.
    Btw Bryanboy, I heart you and your sincerity! You entertain me so much. WE all have the right to say “WE’RE POOR” even if we’re capable of pigging out, splurging and flying wherever. Stay outspoken. Your opinion matters. Hope to meet you soon :p

  46. I Luv that you can make fun of yourself and still be comfortable. Not a lot of ppl are capable of doing that. :) I admire that quality. Anyways, i used proactiv and in the begining its good but then it made my face a living shit hole :( i stopped and im using nothing now lol i think i’ll give my skin a break after pro-shit, ill wait till september and if i see no improvement i’ll start the obagi thingy. I’m so unlucky im the only gay guy in our family (mom&dad side) and the one with the ugliest nose and the one with the ugliest skin!! while both sides of my family have perfect features and skin :(

  47. Brady Wardlaw

    Very Very Very brave of you BryanBoy !!!!!!!!!!!! You do have a heart and a soul. Reaching out to the acne prone youth of the world ….BRAVO….Kudos…BRADY

  48. Catie

    Anyone know where I can buy the Obagi TE-Pads ONLINE? Thanks!

  49. lynne

    bryan, my boyfriend’s face looks like the one you had before obagi, how much would it cost him to get an entire set??pls, email me back..thanks!!!

  50. hibryan! i just heard about you from a friend this morning, and now i am stuck reading your blog :D u seem to have a very interesting personality. :D may i know your zodiac?
    anyway, i know somebody who’s tried obagi but unfortunately it didn’t work for him. what could have gone wrong? for one, our work requires us to be under the sun more often than the rest of the people i know would. could that be a factor? am asking because i wanna try it myself too.
    let me know.
    keep on loving ;)

  51. hey dude, how goes it?
    I was wondering how the shopping in the philipines was like? Is it amazing? I might be going there later on this summer so telling me the hottest shopping spots would be greatly appreciated. Also how does it compare to Malaysia/Singapore?

  52. hi! i’m using obagi for a month already. does it really take around 3 months for the scars to disappeaR? cos the meds are kinda expensive :(

  53. olander badaso from ph

    i have used PROACTIV when i was 2nd yr in high school. God knows how terrible my condition was. when i saw the ad i thought it was a MESSAGE FROM GOD, answer to all my problems. HELL NO!!! people, including me, who bought that product must have been BAMBOOZLED. the already worse have gotten worst.
    THANKs bryanboy for this blog. im not going to buy Obagi though ‘coz its expensive. well, not for the mean time (i’ll list all prods u’ve mentioned). i don’t have a luxury like that unlike you have. for that, i luv and hate u at the same time!!!
    lots’a luvin

  54. Prince Neferti

    My face was a lot worse than yours some six years ago. Countless nights crying myself to sleep. I couldn’t afford Obagi so my dermatologist recommended NEOSTRATA – Solution for Acne-Prone Skin [whose active ingredient is Alpha Hydroxi-Acid (AHA)]. I’ve never had a pimple since. One side-effect: people kept asking me what make-up I use – upto this day! “Rosy glow” kasi. Instead of being insulted, I just take is a compliment. P600 a bottle which lasts for a month or two (Yes, six hundred pesos). My skin is not as fabulous as Bryanboy’s, but hey, it’s not bad at all. :-)


  56. i had a terrible acne problem earlier this year. i couldn’t even go out without people looking at me like some kind of dotted monster. i have tried, proactive last year and guess what?EEEHHHK acne got worse. i now call proactive as “proacne”in my case.sad but true. Thanks to accutane i’m getting better. i need something for the scaring though,any suggestions.where can i find this obagi thing in canada,BB?

  57. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… youre so a wannabe of my blog pinkisthenewblog.com F off! ewwww trying hard 3rd world bit chz. haha

  58. It costs a bloody fortune!
    But WHAT you must remember is that your worth it XX

  59. gabreille

    hahahaha…taking about face regimen..nothing can beat to a chin chun su cream…i swear…its a miracle in a cheap price..i had an amazing result in a 45 php price…

  60. You are an inspiration to us third-world fags. I understand why so many people love to hate you, but hey, not all of them are beautiful, and not all of them are as fabulous as you are. Blessed with good genes or not, you are the type of person that keeps us striving for more more more perfection and beauty in life. You are such the SUperstar Fableaux that you are. (“,)

  61. i use The Body Shop tea tree oil product and they’re good enough for me. anyway, love the progress of yor appearance. great look!

  62. Here’s the best anti-acne treatment I discovered so far in 13 years that I got acne & pimples – APPLE CIDER VINEGAR it’s a suka na galing sa apple, you apply it on your face. Diet plays big role too. Minimal dairy (cheese, ice cream, milk etc.), no junk food. Helathy eating.

  63. HI!!!!Korean Fanatics..Been through ugly days im one of those.but im not into expensive produts.im not advertising this product i bought in supermarket but believe me works for me in 5 days but ask your derma before using it.For only 18.50 pesos my skin looks good because of iWhite Whitening Pack.

  64. eunicelle

    ei bryanboy…just saw you sa Mel and Joey. Naging curious ako WHO YOU ARE. cgro,im the last person to know you. I just like the way you have right now, I mean…your life. Nasa bookmark ko na ang site mo and I add you sa friendster acoount ko…To know everything about you.

  65. Got to try oBagi as well…
    PROACTIVE SUCKS!!!! I already consumed 4 sets but nothng happend!!!

  66. hi bryanboy!!!^_^
    i see you in television
    im only twelve years old
    but i like ure website and pictures
    tagalog n po to ha!!!!!!!
    kua or ate1^_^
    masaya kasama ang mga katulad u!!
    gusto kong magkaroon ng mga barkada
    kayalang sbi nila masungit daw ako
    pero ok lang yon kc boys ang nag sasabi non eh
    sana magkaroon k pa ng maramingmaraming fans like
    d ko lang alam kung ako ang no.1 fan mu!!!!
    pero idol n idol kita mga pictures u ganda super sana may time n mag ka chattau or anything
    uhm pls add me nga pala sa friendster
    para makita u naman pic ko doon db ge next time nalang ulit me mag cococment sau
    l n me time kung marami me coment eh d ko n makikita uiba pang websites u eh!!!!!!
    always take care and keep up the goodwork bye!!!hhhhMMMMMmUUUUUAAAAAAHHH

  67. shilanlee ng

    ei just wana know how much it cost the whole set of obagi.. i may not have pimples on my face but i want to have whiter skin… i also want to know how could i be thin within the span of 3 months..? wud you suggest something..? plz do email me.. bb.. thanx

  68. ou knw wat? i will really try this thing youve said caled obagi. cause i,ve been really wanting to have a flawless and clear skin. thanks for the advise bryan! i love ou na rin! mwah!

  69. hey bryan, great forum, anyway im already in my late twenties and I still have traces of my bad skin during my early years, although im still having breakouts once in a while but very minimal.. any tips or suggestions will be apreciated. Tnx

  70. ei just wana know how much it cost the whole set of obagi..’cuz my skin is getting worse-ish though, i’m 22, college student. ur response will be well appreciated! =)

  71. jocel peñales

    how much is that product (obagi) that your using?pls. e-mail me back.tnx a lot

  72. hi bryanboy, i just wanna share this to you guys OBAGI and other skin care products wont be effecting good if you guys doesnt have a sufficient sleep. try sleping 8 hours or more, you’ll notice the glow.. ty..

  73. gosh! ur sensational! even i got hooked up! see? jejeje…u seem 2 be a great sexy naughty and luv-to-hate biatch! lotsa luv! godbles! =)

  74. Aldrick Z. Agpaoa

    ..ei.. aldrick here! pareho tayo! pa-join naman sa ”third world” mo! as in ang chuva ever! i wanna meet you! pero grabe, unbelieveable ah, ang dami mong fans and i’m of them…. Tsaka nakakainspire yung mga sinabi mo sa homepage mo!!!!! Grabe ang baklah natin!!!! yehey!!!! I wanna be your fwend if you wish to…. un lang… thanks!;)

  75. rachelle lontabo

    you are really!!!kinda something,,it was my first time to read your blog..and I find it interesting…maybe one of this day I will have time to read more of your infos,,,anyway keep it up..ur so sozzy gay…maybe you have lots of bf..hehhehe!!!kie bye

  76. Hey. what helps me is pretty cheap Garnier PureA complex care. Give it a try, it helps.

  77. hi! I attended a seminar and it so happened that one of the speakers is a big fan of yours.
    i read and see the transfrormation of your skin. well, my skin is not prone to acne. however, i’m bothered with the slightly enlarge pores on my nose. can you give me advise on this?
    thanks in advance…

  78. wow.. i just have to tell you how gorgeous you look
    your skin is amazing &has that beautiful healthy glow. love it!
    i dont have bad acne, but im seriously debating on getting some of that Obagi. Cause i seriously cherise my face more than anything.. thank you!

  79. Thjordave

    Hi! Just wanna ask where am i gonna be able to buy that obagi TE-Pads? I was searching for that in amazon.com, skin-etc.com, and greatskin.com but i was’nt able to find it! Is it possible to buy it online?

  80. Oi, gumanda nga ang face mo. Ill try this obagi, if it will suit my sensitive skin. maybe, try also releaves herbs product. It’s extracted from natural herbs ingredient. If you have time, visit my site:
    Thank you and more power!

  81. who the fuk told you you’re beautiful? i mean, i can see your appeal to middle-aged queers with a 12-year old boy fantasy, but attractive you’re not. your look is common and boring.

  82. i love so much bryanboy … u rock !
    i will quick using shit proactive …. i’ll try obagy.
    thank u so much


  84. reimon

    hi,,,it’s an interesting subject…can you do me a little favor ,, can i ask you where i could buy those OBAGI PRODUCTS???? i want my skin to be perfect look like you..can you email it to me???please…
    thanks and more power friend!

  85. jenny

    hi, i am in u.s, OBAGI really works for acnes, i want to keep using it for life to maintain, but i heard it’ll cause skin cancer, is it true????????

  86. Hmmmmm.. Now that i know that there is a perfect product for me ill get my OBAGI… But the question is, Where can i get on the Cagayan de Oro City, Phils?

  87. joe joe joe

    this is too gay. God bless your soul.
    Whats been happening to this generation… My goodness…

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