(WARNING: PHOTO INTENSIVE) Blistered Feet, Bruised Heart, Madonna, Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax!

Written By bryanboy

Blistered Feet, Bruised Heart, Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax!

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Manchester, UK, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Chattanooga, TN, Dededo, Guam, Leichhardt, NSW Australia, Ithaca, NY, Calgary, AB Canada, Centreville, VA, St.Jean-Rohrbach, France, Shimbashicho, Japan, Iselin, NJ, Berlin, Germany, Shanghai, China, Liding, Sweden and of course, all the fabulous people in Oslo, Norway. Bryanboy loves y’all! Say hi, don’t be shy! Big shout to Martine and her friend Sooommer from Norway. Jeg elsker deg!!!

062606_a_preview #2 – I went to Preview Magazine’s Best Dressed Ball on Saturday night for about an hour or two. Everyone’s all dressed up in fabulous, rock-worthy outfits. It’s one of those VERY rare events where citizens of this little, tiny town in the third world actually put on HIGH VOLTAGE effort in dressing up. Everyone looked good in their ‘rock-chic’ inspired outfits. It’s a shame my camera batteries ran out of juice otherwise I would’ve camwhored the entire night. I can only rely on people who took photos of me. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE SEND ME PHOTOS YA FUCKIN MAGGOTS! I’M BEGGING! Hahahaha!

Ugh, I feel sick to the bone. I’ve got about 6 blisters on my feet all in the name of f-a-s-h-i-o-n (wait, that’s 7), courtesy of my 5-inch or whatever satin Lanvin cone heels and I do not have pictures of myself. Oh well.


(John Galliano S/S06 pinstripe jacket with skull silk-screen print on the back, super old Bernard Wilhelm tank top, metallic skinny Viktor Jeans, Lanvin cone heels, Dolce & Gabbana eel and kid fur bag)

American Express

#3 – More camwhorage…

The Princess and I
Photo credit: Stacy Rodriguez

Me, Anne and Ianne
Photo credit: Ann Bella


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Me and Stacy
Photo credit: Stacy Rodriguez

062606_preview#4 – In spite of all the blisters on my toes, I am happy to report that I did not trip in those heels. Not even once. It hurt like fuck but man, it’s amazing what a pair of heels can do to one’s confidence.

Anyhow, I was gonna have my Galliano jacket altered but I went to 4 different alteration/tailor places and NONE of them wanted to touch it. Apparently there’s a lot of details, from structure, lining and cut, to stitching, the buttons, the "corset-like" thingie detail on the insides of the sleeves. Ugh. John Galliano should make menswear for not-so-fat-but-not-so-skinny boys like me. It’s a size 46 men’s, which is the smallest size for John Galliano and I looked like I could swim inside it. (Photo on the right courtesy of Jenna Genio.)

Whatever though. Fuck clothes. It’s attitude that counts. In this dizzying, pretentious "plastic fantastic" world of fashion and mediadom, big balls, high voltage attitude and "fuck you high heels" are required in order to survive the scene.

Make-up artist Leo Posadas, Viktor Jeans Designer Ino Caluza and moi in Galliano and metallic Viktor Jeans

I had fun that night though. I met lots and lots of people. I even made new acquaintances, bonded with people I never thought I’d hung out with, met people from my past AND people from my not-so-recent past, etc.

For instance, it’s funny how I tried to offer the olive branch to someone who once I considered a "best friend" many, many decades ago. Well, it was a one-way sort of thing. Anyhow, after saying hi and trying to hug her, her response to me was a loud "FUCK YOU! GO TO YOUR PRIENDS!", before turning her back away from me.

Smile for the cameras!
Photo credit: Anne Bella of Preview Magazine

Classic. I somewhat knew it was coming my way and I pretty much expected that to be her response. I only decided to take the risk for old time’s/posterity’s sake. What’s unbelievable was… I somewhat managed a teeny, tiny smirk deep inside me. It was quite apparent that this woman had no intentions of talking to me ever again, her attitude reflected her true colors and it took her THIS long to actually find the balls to tell me to my face.

Drunk, drugged and fucked. In Galliano, of course.

In this life, I’ve learned to forgive… and most of the time, forget. I’m not the type of person who will hold grudges until the day I get cremated on a vintage, custom Goyard steamer trunk that my future husband will buy me and use as a coffin.

There are times when you just wanna let bygones be bygones and try to mend previously broken relationships in order to to be save/relish whatever good memories that you’ve had in the past. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case with this one.

Whoever said all that "time heals" bollocks should be shot in the head. Fine. time is essential because it allows people to mull things over before coming up with a resolution, but really, how much time does one need in order to decide whether to salvage one heck of a dysfunctional-a-rama, find reconciliation or worse, put a closure on the relationship? In most cases though, I find this whole whole "time heals" bullshit as an excuse used by people who can’t be straightforward with their decisions.

Besides, one can only do as much effort in order to restore diplomacy between two parties. But hey… it takes two to tango. If the other person would rather live in the past, there’s not much the other person can do.

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Different people have different ways in handling situations like these. Everyone is unique… which makes the world a beautiful and colourful place. I guess it all boils down to the extent what kind of damage was done. Arguments only go for the worst as a result of miscommunication… or lack of thereof. To most, an apology would suffice. On the other hand, some people can mend broken relationships after a night’s worth of sleep… some may take weeks, months even years, while others require at least 3 generations of reincarnation, from man to monkey to Madonna.  Some even pretend "everything is ok/fine/forgotten" but in reality, one party would stab the other person in the back. Heck, for all you know, they’re probably even backstabbing each other.

And then, of course, there are relationships that are simply not worth saving any longer. After last night’s incident, I realized that after making a fool out of myself (over time) by exhausting all options and opportunities available to me, perhaps saving a broken friendship isn’t what I was actually looking for… but a closure.

On that profound note (and since it was Gay Pride weekend in Manila last week), here’s an old video for those of you who are fans of Madonna. It’s one of my favourite, favourite tracks EVAR.

#5 – Bryanboy loves real, hard men. Right from the beginning, I’ve always tell teenage boys who court me that I want a man with a plan not a boy with a toy. It’s one thing to be admired by a lot of 16-18 year old European teenage boys but really, what I need is a hardcore British daddy to spank me from time to time. Allow me to present you Howard… and the coterie of zombies.



Visit his blog and read what he has to say. http://www.zombiecoterie.com 

#6 – Bryanboy loves these girls. Thank you so much for the kind words. Y’all look good. I looked like a drunken, sweaty old mess. LOL. Big shout out to my fans lex, hanna, claud and rosanna.



Gosh, I even saw some of my younger sister’s friends at the club. Crazy!


#7 – I was blog hopping earlier and came across these photos on my little TV appearance. So THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE ON TV. I look as if I’ve just  risen up after heavy sedation! Hahahahaha! Cut me some slack… it was 6 in the morning and I’ve been up for at least 14 hours! HAHAHAHHAHA


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God dammit! I think I should be on TV more often. I think I looked ugly but my fans still love me! Hahahahaha! I need a nose job though. And a chin implant. And a liposuction.


Shit, I should have my OWN TV show.

If there are any agents and publicists out there who wants to make a faggot like me even famous famous (FOR FREE THOUGH CAUSE I AIN’T GOT ANYTHING TO PAY YOU CAUSE I’M POOR) then shoot me an email at bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492. Hahahahaha!

#8 – Random Cheesemax on the net…

  • The boys are back and the menswear shows in Milan are in full swing! Antonio Berardi reports from Milan. [British Vogue]
  • Eva Mendes is having a footwear issue. Yuck! [Socialite Life]
  • Is Paris Hilton’s bag Prada? [Celebworld]
  • Congrats to Mr & Mrs. Keith Urban for tying the knot. [The Superficial]
  • Hollywood legend Aaron Spelling dead at 83. [US Weekly]
  • Kate Hudson looks pretty on the July issue of Vogue. Funny how I haven’t read a copy of American Vogue this year. Nevertheless, I really, really love the Balenciaga hats. TO.DIE.FOR. [Style.com]

#9 – If you are in the Philippines, do you still have a copy of June 24th’s Philippine Daily Inquirer? If you do, will you look up the "Super!" section and scan my mugshot there for my archive purposes? I took a pic on my camera phone when I went to Starbucks over the weekend and it would be very, very wrong of me to borrow a copy of the paper, go to the toilet and rip the page off and keep it. You all know my email address.

#10 – The HOUSE THAT MONOGRAM built (Louis Vuitton) is throwing a party this coming Thursday. Remember how I vowed to stay away from LV this year? I think I might pop by the party… if I find something to wear.


Well, an angel from the fashion industry in NYC emailed me "real-life" photos of the F/W bags and I thought I’d share it with you… how can I fucking avoid Vuitton when they came out with this gorgeous, gorgeous, alligator bag? Same with those gorgeous clutches! Shit… I NEED TO MAKE MAJOR MOOLAH soon! I want that bag and if I have to sell my ass to an ageing old man on viagra for a night of roompah roompah then so be it. I DON’T LIKE THE METALLIC bags. AT ALL. They look like the usual, run of the mill LV bags covered in aluminum foil then stamped with the famous LV patterns.






#10 – I have a new best friend and her name is Zolpidem. She’s also known as "stilnox" or "ambien" in some cultures. My god, these pills are lovely! I popped one around 4 in the afternoon and I got up 5 hours later. I think I might have found the solution to my extreme weight gain problem. I’ll just pop a 10mg pill when I’m feeling hungry and doze off to neverland ranch! Fuck diet pills and eating. Set it in stone bitches… I’M GONNA BE EMACIATED AND I WILL LOSE MY PREGNANT TUMMY!

#11 – LINK ME ON YOUR WEBSITE! Here are several cheeky and cheesy images that you can use to promote my faggotry to the world. Feel free to grab them and link to http://www.bryanboy.com. DO NOT USE MY TYPEPAD ADDRESS and use http://www.bryanboy.com instead.

060706_babooshblue  052906_baboosh 

060706_baboosh  042006_faggotry

Gayestgay Faggotry

#12 – I’m going to a publishing house sometime next week to discuss the possibility of me having a new day job! Yay! I’m keeping my mouth shut for now. Gossip and rumors spread faster than the speed of light in this teeny tiny town.

#13 – My Shu Uemura-sponsored survey results should be ready tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all 2,087 people who responded. The results are astounding. WHERE THE FUCKING HELL ARE THOSE 176 PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FUCK ME WITH THEIR PENIS/VIBRATOR?


I think that’s all for now. I’ve got a lot of work to do. It’s been a crazy week y’all but it’s all cool and good.

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I think I’m gonna indulge myself with an apple and some tea. I’m starving.

As always, I love each and every one of you. Fuck the drama and everything else. There’s always someone out there in the world who loves me for being… me!

Email bryanboy@gmail.com AND bryan@bryanboy.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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  1. hope u’re not closing ur blog as your non-sexual wife has…why, oh, why?

  2. isabelle

    love the post! and oh, thank you for being bryanboy through and through.

  3. Belgian Intellectual Chic

    Pourquoi pas.
    Ne touche pas. Ca ne me gêne pas. Dans tes rêves tout le monde est à toi.
    Pourquoi pas.

  4. Hey, I read an article in the New York Times a few months ago about Ambien users sleep-eating! Like they’d get up in the middle of the night, totally unconscious, sleepwalk into the kitchen, clean out the pantry, and go back to bed. They had no memory of this and the only ways by which they found out what was going on was the subsequent weight gain from all the intense midnight snacking, the fact that all their junk food had gone AWOL, and when they oftentimes would wake up surrounded by junk food wrappers.
    So yeah, I’d think twice before incorporating Ambien into any sort of weight loss program. :)

  5. who’s martine and sooommer? why am i not mentioned? ha ha ha.. yes, i am demanding. come visit us soon luv. love from osloooo.

  6. Im loving the DG razor, is on my current must have will have list, im just gutted you beat me to buying it…..although im not at all surprised
    Ive gone a little crazy with the links trying to spread your gospel, take a look,

  7. anonymous

    You did the right thing by saying goodbye that bitch celine and her gang of crook friends. Kudos to ya sister

  8. jerena teo

    “I want a man with a plan not a boy with a toy”
    can’t deny this!!! gosh bryan…you are amazing…

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