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1156josh3xWicker Park

You know, I was soo pissed at my sister earlier. I didn’t get to go to Starbucks afterall. I was gonna sleep but I ended up watching Wicker Park (Josh Hartnett, Diane Kruger) on DVD instead.

And boy I cried a shitload.

I’m gonna sleep now. I didn’t wanna wait till I get up later to post this entry.

Please pray to god almighty that I dream about Josh Hartnett later.

I want him to rape me in my dreams like he’s never raped anyone before.

I need sleep god dammit!

OOOOOOOO and I want his babies too.

I’ll update later.


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  1. Ok I never thought I’ll say this but boy, you have good taste in music. <3 are you like, perfect or something? haha.

  2. Ashlee

    Hey Bryanboy,
    I’ve noticed you complain about your weight issue. Why not try Slim Fast? I heard it’s really good. It may help you get rid of those “love handles”. I used to be like you at one point; overweight and shinny. So hit the treadmil. It worked wonders. Just start being healthy, and eat less, because your weight is starting to get out of hand.
    Take care sweety.
    Love always,

  3. Exelent, j’adore ton blog, j’adore ton style j’ai le même mais en un peu moin extravagant lol.
    A bientôt ! See you !
    The french -Cannes-

  4. What’s up, slut? How’s everything in the Philippines? I’m gonna pray that Tom Selleck rapes you instead.
    Stay gay, dude.

  5. hey bryanboy.. i’m really getting hooked up with this. :) saw a pic of you at metro mag may ish… :)

  6. kuntakinte

    hey there,you temperamental, boxer-wearing diva, you sound really sucker-punched this time; get your fix and go back to your old, entertaining, fabo-boosh self

  7. giggly

    bry baby, i’m disappointed in your choice of underwear…i always thought your wore agent provocateur ;)

  8. i’m loving you from what’s written here. come visit singapore? i would love to have a chat with you at starbucks? no whip cream.

  9. Hey Bryan Boy. I am a lurker. Just wanted to let you know that I am working on a fabulous “I Love Bryan Boy” pic..roflmao. Straight from Stn Mountain Ga. Where we rep the Eastside and Swerve on hoes in our Chevy’s…lol. Lot’s of love to you, because you are so cute. Keep doing your thing and forget all the haters. I tried to hate you but my ass fell in love..lol. You are the coolest. Keep it up.
    Dang, I like being different on your site. I’ll comment more often*!

  10. Oh you don’t have to post this but, you are not overweight you look good. Don’t feed into any bullshit. You are so damn skinny. You do not need to be any skinnier. If someone tells you that, you need to tell them to stop hating and then pose on their asses. You are too skinny to be thinking like that. You just be wearing those tight ass pants..lol. Not that it’s a bad thing, I am just saying. If you were a size five and you put on a size three so that they could feel tight ofcourse you are going to feel fat. But regardless of what size you are you are always going to wear tight ass clothes therefore you are always going to feel bigger. But trust me, you are fine. You are the only one that thinks like that. :) hugs*

  11. Just dropping in to comment on u… can i be ur fag hag… heheheh =)
    love ur blog!

  12. *envy* in the words my boyfriend used to describe me, you are profanely sweet.
    keep the profanities coming. haha

  13. perhaps, you can also ask BRANDON ROUTH to rape you… he’s so gorgeous, impeccably gorgeous!!! i swear i’ve swooned, gone ga-ga over superman. :P

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