Salivate Mother Fuckers

Written By bryanboy

051806_preggersSalivate Mother Fuckers

Fuck billionaires at this point. I take back what I said on how money speaks louder that bone structure. In my books, love and muscles trump money anytime baby.

Remember how at one point I said that I am the gayest gay that ever gayed, I sweat glitter and I am so gay that even gay people hate me because I give gay people a bad name? I cannot help but ask… who the fucking hell are these "gay people"?

Well guess what faggots and maggots… screw being gay…who’s having the last laugh now?

I fucking found the father of my first born child!!!!

*I’m kidding*


I’ve travelled the world and back, met British chavs, Icelandic jailbait, Russian sailors and Swedish twinks, but nothing beats a good ol’ American jock.

I know y’all come here every so often for that daily dose of glittery fairy dust and my world-renowned faggotry. Today however, I’m giving you pure testosterone.

Meet Ethan of the Brat Boy School.


I’m sure you’ve recognized him somewhere. He even snagged the cover of this gay magazine called XY which I used to read back in the dark ages, before I discovered V and Wallpaper*. HAHAHAHA!

I’ve been reading his website recently (to compensate for my lack of masculinity AND BRAINS) and this guy is such a hoot! I love his blog entries, especially his "cooking" posts!!!! This is a guy who’s got brains (unlike me… I only have 2 brain cells) and makes perfect sense. Personally though I couldn’t care less about politics, the price of gas or religion but he makes all of that stuff interesting. There are more important things in my life like worrying about my nails when there’s a category 1 hurricane where I live.

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Ok… I’m really at a loss on what to say.


I don’t wanna be an anorexic princess anymore… I wanna be a muscle mary too!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! That means I have to ditch my love for Chanel though… ick!

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Well, now that I gave y’all a touch of butch, let’s go back to what you came for… faggotry at its finest!

I sent Bratboy a couple of pictures of my unconditional love. In pink!!!!! His website is soooo butch I just have to gay it up a little bit and sprinkle some fairy dust.


Shit, I have to resurrect my super old NEON PINK Juicy Couture sweats (and you know how I’m totally allergic to Juicy Couture) with the word JUICY emblazoned on my butt cheeks to celebrate my newfound love for daddy.

Hat by Stephen Jones for John Galliano, wristband by Chanel, sunglasses by Dior (and Gucci), t-shirt by Fake London, sweatpants by Juicy Couture

My god, believe it or not, I’m still hyperventilating! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my fucking god! *kidding*

What are you waiting for? Stop drooling over our pictures…. get your camera and start snapping photos! I’m still waiting for my wish to be granted — men in uniform holding the "I LOVE BRYANBOY" sign.

But for now, I’m happy with Bratboy. Bryanboy loves Bratboy!


I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


PS. Discuss this blog post here.


  1. I was gonna photo myself, but how can I compete with bradboy, I going to have to use a comedy angle.
    love you as always bryanboy (though I may have an illustrious affair with bradboy)

  2. djade04

    Another proof that all hot guys are gay! (and that includes our beloved Bryanboy…) *sigh*

  3. I'm embarrassed

    Just when I thought there wasn’t a website out there more ridiculous than
    You guys are too funny. You really do deserve each other.

  4. Mrs. T

    Babe, all i can say about your pinky pink photo is : PLUSH PLUSH PLUSH PALM BEACH PLUSH!!

  5. allie

    I will have 1000 of bratboys babies too. he is a hottie. I loves it!!! thanks for showing me that eyecandy bryan

  6. lukin reloaded

    having fun visiting this blog har har har
    (bloghopped from vemsan’s blog)

  7. Bryanboy, you are my guilty pleasure. Thanks to my company’s poorly maintained firewall, i can indulge myself to Pure egotistic homosexual superficiality to its maximum, and I’M LOVING IT :)
    Sending my love from New York/Hong Kong

  8. ishle

    bryanboy.. ever been at the Gardermoen airport, Norway by chance around the second week of december last year? i think i saw you then.. actually, i am pretty sure it was you. the blue goyard..
    i feel so high haha.
    you are my new addiction.

  9. tsismis: “paris hilton of the philippines was caught stealing”

  10. this comment is soooh much funnier than the blog itself …
    “Bryan- I think that Bratboy guy might be gay. Thought I’d let you know.”
    you think?????

  11. bratboy is delicious. you two should hook up. y’all would make a cute couple.

  12. bratboy is delicious. i don’t know what is taking so long for you all to hook up.

  13. Has anyone actually read anything bratboy posted? None of it is good, nevermind intelligent. It’s horribly rehashed ideas other people have.

  14. the pink outfit gives me nightmares. gah. you look like a cupcake in it! noooo

  15. Caramel

    Hey byranboy, never thought i’d say this but u got me hooked, i check ur webblog almost everyday now to see if anything is new. too damn bad u r gay,but still got mad love for u,mabe we can chat

  16. WOW!!! Im tottaly new at this and Im fucking shreeking with pure hardness

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