I’ve Been FARKED… and you too.

First things first, I’d like to give a big shout out to more than 15,914 (and growing) individuals who visited my website in the past 18 hours coming from Fark.com. I love each and every one of you.

All ya gotta do is fall in line and wait for your turn… sloppy seconds galore.

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Meet FOPHEY, aka Chris Chapman from Richmond, Virginia.


"Fophey" also knows as "Fopher" in other cultures emailed me sometime today telling me how much he loves me.


It’s been quite awhile since I bashed someone on my website and now is the perfect time to unleash some good ol vitriol that’s running through my veins.


Click here to view his MySpace account.

I have to give him props for for having the balls to send me such lovely email. It’s refreshing and different from all the usual ass-licking and sugarcoating crap that I get on a daily basis.


But boy he’s got some nerve. It never ceases to amaze how some of these geeks from Pluto talk as if they’re hot shit Adonis from Greece. Heck, I’m a geek myself but you certainly won’t see me trash it up on a trailer park. I’m ugly alright. But this guy is wayyyyyy uglier than me.

Like Anna Wintour said, the best way to keep your influence is by exercising it.

I told Fophey on my response earlier…. it’s ok to be envious. It’s ok for him jealous of me. I was BORN to make you feel absolutely bad about himself and that’s exactly what I have achieved, looking at his email.

Besides, what’s wrong with Vanity anyway?

Vanity exists so we won’t wear long-sleeved tie-dyed t-shirts circa 1970s with frayed white denim jeans and pose like a faggot in some bumfuck forest in middle of nowhere North America.

Bitch, learn how to pay your respect to the QUEEN BEE OF FAGGOTRY




I swear to god, I am soooo gonna get gay bashed by my fellow fags at one point in my life. This is exactly why gay people hate me… I give them a bad name!! It’s not my fault though. They’re the ones who are bad themselves.

I’m kidding. When shit hits the fan, all you gotta do is fight back.

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