Faggotry in Motion #2

Written By bryanboy

Faggotry in Motion #2

Bryanboy: Faggotry in Motion #2 on Vimeo

A top semiologist writes: Bryanboy being blown in the Phillippines, with a pearl necklace hanging off him. The message of this video is contradictory; transmits dissonance. Is the seemingly mundane, unstructured montage of images a cry for help, a wry reflection on the shallowness of consumerism, or a crisis of creativity, an example of trying to ‘make a very little go a long, long way’?

Bryanboy says…. there’s nothing wrong with excess!

Click here for more information about my video series, "Faggotry in Motion". Please feel free to pass this around. Show me some love and attention. Hahaha!

You know where to contact me. Email bryan@bryanboy.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all.


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  1. Hey ya. i’m so envy of u ='( to be so fortunate.. btw i love & enjoy reading ur blog.. XD sg s0p <3 BryanBoy! WInks @_@

  2. you are the cutest thing ever!!!!! and i so love your spy, im thinking of getting one but the chocolate one. your servants carry the cutest bags too…lucky bitches!!!

  3. Shidedaion

    i have to ask you, what song is playing in the backgroung for this video?

  4. Inclement weather and all.. no one can stop Faggotry in Motion!
    Thanks sweetie!

  5. Natalia

    I love the song in the video too! Please tell me what it is and where you got it from!!!
    I send you love & expensive kisses from Monaco!

  6. changed

    i used to really enjoy reading your blog, but i’ve had a major revelation today and its not entirely your fault, but its made me so disgusted with materialism, thanks for opening my eyes bryanboy, i’ll probably continue to read every now and then but….i wont really look at it the same way, enjoy your expensive happiness

  7. So Umberto Eco finally wrote back? It’s the first Pinoy blog I’ve seen where I actually went – WHAT THE F#CK?? As Darth Vader said to Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi — IMPRESSIVE! Love your honesty and your self-reflection.

  8. agnes

    you are adorable. can i be your virtual fag-hag?
    btw, what song is that..i love it!

  9. fifi la bouf

    i’m officialy in love with you!:) i’m happy, your gay! you’re my favorite fag in the whole wide world!!! luv the music :) would you happen to have a copy of your anc interview coz i f*ckin missed it.. tata!

  10. brian

    your video makes me dizzy. please improve the camera work. also, sashaying the pavement during a typhoon for 10mins is not interesting at all.
    if i were you, include bits of interviews, show where you hangout, etc.

  11. WTF – a semiologist? I’ll grant you the accidentally brilliant award for that one! Maybe brilliantly accidental ? And definately get a decent wireless body mic for your videos. Tres professional n’est pas?

  12. camie

    hahahha awesome video.
    i recognized the background, love
    you live in alabang don’t you? or at least thats where you were filming. HAH!

  13. You know, this is hilarious. It’s brilliant satire. A stinging commentary on our modern culture’s obsession with pseudo-celebrity a la Paris Hilton and Nicloe Richie. Really, brilliant.

  14. Lloyda

    Must… Know… Title… Of… Song…
    Please tell us, Bryanboy! PLEASE!

  15. I’m laughing my ASS off at that comment from the guy who thinks your SISTERS are your SERVANTS! Hahaha!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  16. Toothy Brit

    Hi, does anyone know what the title of this song is and who the artist is? Please post if you do :)

  17. HAHAHAHAHAH Faggotry in Motion is the most absurd and ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen…..
    AND I FUCKING LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE IT!!! Can’t wait for the next video!!!

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHA… Faggotry in Motion is the most absurd and ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen…
    AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait for the next video…
    P.S. What’s the name of that song >?

  19. florian

    wow in my area their are not so cool and StyLIsh people….i love your page..
    please tell me the name of this beautiful song > pleassse

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