Mariah sang a song for me, Can't Say No to Nokia,

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042706_hatMariah sang a song for me

Oh. my. fucking. god.

You people have got to listen to this voicemail I got a few days ago. Mariah called in and sang a song especially for me. I was gonna put it on a new podcast but I’m too friggin lazy and I can’t be bothered.

Click here to download the voice message.

I’m not really a Mariah fan but after listening to that voiceclip, I realized damn, I should love her too!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

You, too, can call in my voicemail line and leave me messages. In fact, you can even call in and ask me questions. I’ll answer them on my next podcast.

Pick up the phone and dial +1.206.339.3479.

That number is located in Seattle, USA. If you’re calling from outside the USA/Canada, you’ll need to add your international dialling code before calling this number. Don’t forget to say your name, where you’re calling from, whether you love me or not and of course, you gotta say the magic word BABOOSH!.


Hat by Chanel, short-sleeve cropped hoodie by Norma Kamali for Everlast, oversized tank top by Karoo (Mark Eisen), jeans from Cheap Monday (Sweden), B-Bag from Fendi and boots from Dior Homme.

Can’t Say No to Nokia

The fabulous folks at Nokia recently invited me to join one of their campaigns for their phones. They’re going to launch the new NOKIA 3250, a phone that allows you to listen to play tracks, listen to music, take photos with the 2-megapixel camera etc. It’s a lovely phone. I got mine in… PINK!!!


The shoot went well. I got there in time. I thought I was gonna be late but the traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought. It took no more than 25 minutes from my house to the big city… on a rush hour!

I guess I’m an easy subject. Hahahaha! ‘styling’ me was effortless. HAHA! I hope so. In fact, all I had to do was bring my own clothes and accessories. Make-up didn’t take more than 5-10 minutes. It was piss easy.


Eunice is such a pig. I gave her my leftover pizza and the bitch smothered pizza oil on my camera hence the blurry pictures. Argh!!

There’s absolutely NO excuse for my bovine-sized love handles.


BTW, that’s Karla, fab stylist galore… she’s also the Fashion Editor of Philippine Tatler magazine.

I also met Lourd of Emphasis salon. He’s my nonsexual wife anorexic daughter Hannah’s stylist. He’s the guy who did my makeup. I need a tan pronto!!! Standing next to him makes me feel caucasian. I’m soooo pale I hate it!!!


I guess y’all have to wait until the campaign goes out on the papers to see the end result. I’m SOOO excited! I feel like a model. Hahahha! YUCK. My faggotry is finally paying off!!!

I can’t wait to have my own billboard one day!!!

HAHAHAH! :) You all know how I’ve always fantasized about having my own billboard. Someone just please fulfill my dream pronto. I’m not getting any younger these days.

Ok.. well.. it’s either a billboard or a crocodile birkin bag.


After the shoot, I went to the cash machine to take out cash. It’s been ages since I last went to McDonald’s and I had a weird chicken craving, thanks to my Mexican buddy Mauricio. I know I LOOOVEEEEE Jollibee Chickenjoy but I can’t, for the life of god, find a Jollibee drive through at the place I went.

Did you know that my motherland, the Philippines (aka land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives), is probably THE only place in the world where McDonald’s sell fried chicken?


Oh dear. My bum looks big on this photo. Hello J.Lo!


Work it like you own it.


Mmmmm yummmy!!! I loooove McDonald’s fries. Take note how nobody wanted to fall in line behind me. I guess that’s how scary I am.


My favourite New York Queen Bee socialite once said that being on a wheelchair at the airport is like flying FIRST CLASS +++ PLUS. You automatically get in front of the line!

Screw the wheelchair. I’d rather be a fag! I LOOOOOOVE being a fag cause I get to have all this space around me. Let’s face it, it really is fun when nobody wants to go near your initimidating flaming ass for the fear of catching the homosexuality bug.

Even Nicky Hilton and our Fendi B-Bag will agree with me.


This just in… courtesy of Perez Hilton.

It’s official. Kate really sobered up her act and stayed away from cocaine. Oh no!!!!!!! She looks like a fat woman!!!!!! I hate it!!!!! What did this woman do to the legendary Kate Moss?


I guess this whole sobering up/weight gain/domestication thing is VERY trendy these days. All the fabulous people in the world are domesticating themselves and fattening up.


Yes, I know, I know. I haven’t paid ANY attention to my baby in the past few months. Please don’t be mad at me. I decided I’m gonna resurrect that site and update it with your submissions.


PLEASE send me a picture of what’s inside your handbag. Email Give me a couple of hours and I’ll start with the first set of updates.

I’d truly appreciate it if you spread the word about that site to everyone that you know.

I **PROMISE** I’m gonna do everything that I can to update that website often.

I know I fucking look like a stroke victim on this photo. One of my eyes look weird but what the hell. All I can say at this point is…..



More updates later. I promise.

Enough faggotry for now. You know how I close my blog entries, right?

I love you all. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492.


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  1. Tinkerbell

    You are a god…dess. Haha.
    Ooh, modelling? You are truly faaab.
    I shall send you what’s inside my bag. Hee.

  2. Hannah, Always.


  3. ABA HANNAH MATRONIC, I’m impressed! kakaupdate ko lang ng website comments galore ka na.
    THANKS for massafying me all the way from bronxville, ny.
    i loveeeeee cherie jil and wheel of palm!!!! hahaha

  4. Hannah, Always.

    hey you know what, i really miss the days when you’d post things like na-o-ospital ka o natakot yung magulang mo na dinalaw ka ni tita aida…
    o yung denim speedy mo na puro naka-roll kung salapi (SALAPI! SALAPI!) mo tas may rivotril ka pa…
    parang asal thundercats ka na ngayon. ‘day bata ka pa… wag ka munang magpa-trona.
    where’s your youth b?

  5. I have never been so embarassed. I had no idea that MY voice was so LOUD in that voicemail. X_X I’ve never been so embarassed!

  6. hey~ cheryl from singapore~~
    mcdonalds in singapore does sell fried chicken!! it’s called McWings.. 4 pieces of lardy wings.. tastes great but so sinful..
    loving ur site!! :D

  7. Omg, you’re sucha nerd with that Mariah trick. That was like, the worst thing my ears have heard since Kevin Federline.

  8. Did you know that my motherland, the Philippines (aka land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives), is probably THE only place in the world where McDonald’s sell fried chicken?
    in malaysia too, mcdonalds does sell Fried Chicken.. and in many flavours i think.. such as normal, spicy, tom yam, tooHot and many more..
    I’m in Ukraine right now, I was in Latvia… Riga last week.. i took Air Baltic too.. and of course, business class too.. and i stayed at ur hotel too.. hahaha
    Im going back to Paris this Saturday, one night transit at Riga again.. and flight at 7am, so, i must be in the airport RIX at 5am.. how much you paid for then taxi before at 5 am in the morning??

  9. wheelchair users are like first class in more than just the airport. they get first seats at everything. trust, my husband is in a wheelchair and i’m loving the life of freebies and skips..

  10. jezzzzzzz

    as in mariah carey? or curry? well gotta raid the larder, I got hungry laughing at ur entry today, imagine u scared the customers with ur looks…

  11. anonymous

    we have fried chickens in malaysia too…we even have fish and chicken porridge and chicken rice…

  12. to add to the mc-fricken list, indonesia also have them on the menu. they are so yummy!
    i live in NY now and i never go to mc-donalds anymore because they don’t have the fried chicken boooh
    and by never i mean only when im trashed drunk haha
    bryan you are so fab!
    much love xo

  13. just got to know u through a friend but I think u are absolutely fab! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Fendi Purse…and now I have inspiration to get one just like it.
    tons of love

  14. other countries may have fried chicken on their mcdonald’s, but us l’exotique sure got something else to be proud of mcdo: McSPAGHETTI.
    i hope you’re motorola doesn’t cry out for attention. hey, nokia is better IMO.

  15. jerena teo

    love bryanboy!!!
    man that fendi bag of yours will be my next gotta to have item!!! geezeeee!!!
    honestly the way you carry fendi bag and that pose of yours is soooo totally linsay lohan!!
    btw….u should appear in the glamour magazine as the fasionista dood!!
    the way you pull it off as if…there are no efforts put in at all..simply gorgeous!!
    love your blog!!
    lotsa huggs* n kisses

  16. I went on google and I typed in, “bryanboy”. I got:
    Results 1 – 10 of about 242,000 for bryanboy. (0.10 seconds)
    I love your fabulous exotic ass.
    :-) Love it.

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