Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax: "I'M QUEEN OF THE JEWS"

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Eschborn, Germany, Foss, OK, marseille, France, Wiesbaden, Germany, Bellville, South Africa, Santa Maria di Sala, Veneto Italy, Kristiansand, Norway, Tel Aviv, Israel (hey, that’s a new one), Cieneguilla, Zacatecas Mexico, Parow, South Africa, Bromma Kyrka, Sweden, Rozenburg, Netherlands, Vanves, France and of course, all the lovely people from Seattle, WA. Say hi, mother fuckers!

#2 – I simply can’t wait for THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA movie. It’s my most ‘highly-anticipated’ film of the year.

I’m disappointed at Patricia Field for **NOT** styling Meryl Streep ala Nuclear Wintour with a full-on bob and trademark sunglasses. Meryl looks like Cruella de Ville!!!


What’s up with the Yoko Ono sunglasses? Yuck!


Oooooh… look at all that Chanel! It’s interesting how her necklace got gold tones while her handbag’s hardware has silver tones.


Even Gisele Bundchen has a cameo. Apparently Valentino will join the fun, too. Rumor has it that Anna Wintour will blacklist any fashion designer/model/etc who gets involved in the movie.


Take note of the similarity in their offices.



Thank god the devils don’t wear Prada here in the third world.

They can’t afford it.



#3 – I pulled up my latest stats from sitemeter and I’m shocked to learn that LESS THAN 1% of my readers come from my homeland, the fabulous land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives aka Philippines. It could only mean two things – a) my Filipino readership is diminishing and/or b) my global readership is expanding.

Either way it’s fantastic. I’m becoming the international playgirl superstar I’ve always wanted to be. United Colors of Benetton galore. Ugh! HAHAHAHAHA!


#4 –  OMG I LOOOOVE DIVINE!!! Watch her video, "I’m So Beautiful".

*sings* I’m so beautiful. You’ve gotta believe it I am beautiful. I’m so beautiful. Can’t you see? Look at me! I said I’m so beautiful. Well, everybody’s welcome to this point of view. We’re all beautiful. Can’t you see?

#5 – I have absolutely NO idea where Tahiti is but I’m glad to know that there are gay people coming out from that country and this is what a gay Tahiti person looks like. Seriously, where’s Tahiti anyway? I’m too lazy to search it on google.


#6 – Pickett versus Hermès. You decide. I came across Pickett months and months ago and now I read an article by Hillary Alexander on the Daily Telegraph that Queen Elizabeth bags are from Launer, which is available at Pickett.

I went to Pickett’s website, and found a KELLY look-a-like bag called "Alice". My oh my!


#7 – This is what happens if a fat person starts wearing Nicole Richie’s clothes. Bah. I shouldn’t bitch about J. Lo cause I’m sure I’m just as fat as her.


#8 – Boys and girls, I’m telling you, it’s time to get those Luxury by Chanel bowling bags. Strike em while they’re hot! The black one is only US$2,160 and they’re available at Chanel boutiques worldwide.


#9 – Here’s the latest chat session with my Mexican buddy Mauricio who is now in Madrid.


BryanBoy says: where’s Cieneguilla, Zacatecas Mexico ???

mauricio says: in zacatecas. haha. near my town

BryanBoy says: lol. ok. is it a nice town or no?

mauricio says: i don’t know

BryanBoy says: k

mauricio says: i just know that zacatecas is near


BryanBoy says: it sounds oh so exotic HAHAHA

mauricio says: dude, those are nothing towns

BryanBoy says: like middle of nowhere towns???

mauricio says: the cities are monterrey, guadalajara and mexico city

mauricio says: yes

BryanBoy says: k. i like middle of nowhere towns. hot sex with naughty boy next door type of boys

BryanBoy says: ughhhhh orgasm. city boys are usually herpes and hiv-infested

mauricio says: except they’re probably all brown

mauricio says: and aboriginal

BryanBoy says: i don’t mind brown. i’m queen of the jews. i’ve got INRI stamped on my forehead

mauricio says: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

BryanBoy says:  :)

mauricio says: oh my god. i almost took a shit

BryanBoy says: why?

mauricio says: from laughing so hard

#10 – I know I wrote about J.P. ages ago but I came across yet another picture of him a few minutes ago. This time, with La Lohan and Marc.


There are soooo many things that’s wrong with in that picture!!

Jealous much, you say? Hell no! Why should I be jealous when I’ve got Uncle Karl?


042406_mj #11 – I LOOOOVE Marc Jacobs’ Cracked Leather Metallic Sneaker. Available online at They even have a size 40 and 41! My shoe size!!!

#12 – Oh dear god. I had hardcore spanish lessons earlier, courtesy of Gay Caballeros and my buddy Mauricio.

Who would have thought I’d learn words such as buga, locotrona, fatala, joto, puñal, perra, ramera, suripanta, callejera, mujeres sucias, chilango, regio, mayaton and my favorite word of them all: MAYETE. HAHAHAHAHAH! I looooooooove it.

#13 – Big shout out to Nicole of Saskatoon, Canada.


#14 – Remember kids, Podcast #004 is out now. I’ll post the tracklist later on the forums. Click here for more information about Podcast #004 and for download instructions.


#15 – I don’t understand why I’m constantly being hounded by European jailbait. This time it’s a 17 year old Dutch boy. For the life of god, I’m too damn young to be a dirty old man!!!!!!! Someone please rescue me! I need a dirty old man of my own. Please be under 35 though cause I don’t sleep with viagra users.

#16 – if you have a blog, please feel free to link my site. The correct link to use is DO NOT USE because I’m planning to migrate to a different platform/server sometime this year! I LOOOOVE incoming links so yeah, feel free to link to my blog!

That’s all for now. More updates later. It’s 10:02AM and I’ve been up all night. I need to catch up with my beauty sleep.

I love you all as always. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492.


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  1. mutya_ng_bayan

    Bad ka!!!! I burst out laughing at the office when the Karl Lagerfeld pic came up. Hahaha! Good one.

  2. Oh my God, J-Lo looks almost as bizarre as when Mariah Carey tried going couture in all Louis Vuitton. Don’t these ladies know that high fashion and healthy weight don’t mix?! Emancipation is NOT the same thing as emaciation, Mimi!

  3. i was so excited when i heard they’ll be turning the book into a movie. but was a bit disappointed when i read it’ll be Meryl Streep playing Miranda Priestly. Anjelica Houston would’ve been a better choice. and i don’t even want to get started with their choice to play Andrea Sachs. wouldn’t it be great if they made into a TV show to replace Sex and the City? oh well….

  4. lallalal

    Hey bryan boy
    I am big fan of urs. Just some qustions for ya, are all ur designer bags real? Or are they the fake ones? If so, how can u afford all of em. Lemme guess, ur parents are rich?

  5. WooHoo! Singapore readership is up! We even pwnd Sweden & Spain’s ass..And my favourite, “unknown country.” I’d like to visit it one day.
    What happened to Malaysia? I think they banned you there, Bryan. You’ve been selling too much sexks.
    Hmm, for a country so small, Singapore has a lot of crazy psychotic materialistic brown-loving fans, huh?
    Rock on, Poreans.

  6. Hey Bryanboy!I cant get over how abso-fucking-lutely fabulous you are. I’m from Jamaica, not gay but love gay culture your Fab. Loving it! I love Trent(pinkisthenewblog),Ted Casablanca and you your my daily reads.(I’m such a celebrity whore it’s disturbing!)

  7. Not sure but I believe Tahiti is somewhere in the South Pacific, French Polynesia, perhaps? Where do you meet all these cute guys you chat to on MSN? GB

  8. are you kidding me with that jlo comment? nicole richie body is DISGUSTING & jlo at least has a good shape to her. Men who wanna look like nicole richie…wats next?? damn… you seem cool & all but are you serious? & you sure aint fat you skinny as hell

  9. jewelofrussia

    OMG, meryl streep’s/anna wintour’s desk is my dining table! that is a Four table from Kartell!!!

  10. Tahiti’s part of the French Polynesia. It’s somewhere in south Pacific I think? Like Hawai’i only more gorgeous perhaps.

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